How to improve your communication

Everyone has already had this experience. We want to discuss something important, but the conversation escalates. Sometimes completely surprising. Right now, when it comes to a lot, we want to have a proper dialogue. But we just do not succeed. Why are so many conversations failing? And what can you do?

Why communication fails so often

Over 90% of our behavior over the course of a day is not driven by rational considerations. It usually runs on "autopilot". The autopilot steers our behavior in a few hundredths of a second, based on emotional assessments, on established behaviors, on our self-image, or our social affiliation with a particular group (e.g., "acting like a cop").

To stay in control of a conversation and have a good dialogue, we need to know the traps.

Improve communication through self-esteem

Whenever there is a lot going on, when there is a lot at stake, we run the risk of getting out of hand. Because we or our conversation partner are afraid to lose a lot. Often the emotions boil up. One of the participants in the conversation feels attacked, unfairly treated or offended.

And of course, opinions often diverge. Everyone wants to be right. If a speaker is convinced that he knows the best solution, he will want to convince the other participants by all means. If all three conditions meet – it's about a lot, the emotions boil up, you have different opinions – the failure of the conversation is almost inevitable. Matchstick and jerrycans!

Fear plays a big role in the breakdown of communication. This can be the fear of losing something important: money, possessions, cherished habits. But also reputation, respect, status or self-esteem. Fear leads to the release of adrenaline. This provides the body with a signal to equip the arms, legs and muscles with additional blood if at risk.

The body switches to fight, flight or rigor (to kill oneself). In this condition, there is not enough blood left in the brain. Rational decisions and intelligent conversations are no longer possible. If you or one of the other callers shows signs of anxiety, stop the call.

There are no reasonable results to be expected. Eliminate the reason of fear. Restore the trust or the respect.

Improve communication through looseness

When it comes to a lot, the inclination to stiffen positions is great. You want a holiday on the beach, your partner wants to go to the mountains. Every millimeter that you or your correspondent should deviate from your position means loss. In such a situation, you are closer to struggle than to dialogue.

Procedure: First, find a common goal of your conversation. Where are you together (Common Ground)? In the example, you both want to spend a holiday together in order to recover from everyday life. Whether you better relax on the beach or hiking is not a matter of destination.

It's just different strategies to reach the common goal. If you can agree on that, all you need to do is to be creative and to find solutions that will do both. But congratulations! From now on you are already back in dialogue. So: Find a common goal. Never talk about positions, but about possible strategies.

Improve communication and avoid quarrels

Disagreements are the most common reason why conversations slip into contention. Everybody knows that he is right. You just have to convince the other one. But that's exactly where the mistake lies. Who wins in a disagreement, which generates a loser. Since no one likes to lose, the dialogue fails.

Maybe one of them gives in more easily, but only to have his rest. The "lawyer" may be right, but he worsens the relationship with the interlocutor. Often not even the opinion wins, which also corresponds to the end of the reality. But the one who can best express his opinion wins. But that is not a measure of the truth.

Constructivists say, "There is no truth. Everyone lives in their own world. "And Einstein once said," If another person, who also has a brain, disagrees with me, then I have to find out why. "The dialogue is:" Represent your opinion as if you knew you truth. But listen, as if you did not know anything. "

Improve communication through common goals

The goal of dialogue is for everyone to equally share their opinions in the common pot of information. Because the more information in the pot, and the more experts contribute your assessment, the better the solutions will be later. Effective communication and dialogue, that is to say, deal with each other in such a way that in the end the relationship with each other is better than before, with better results.

What will help you to get through difficult, emotional situations, back to self-control, rational dialogue and dialogue, you will learn in the next post.

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How to find your yoga style

It is popular and everyone has heard about it: Yoga is on everyone's lips. Someone who does not do yoga is now almost a minority. How do you find the right yoga direction, if you want to start with yoga or z. B. is new to the city? Here are some tips on how to find your yoga style.

Yoga can mean something completely different for everyone. There are
many different styles of yoga – sometimes with their teachings even contrary
to stand by each other.

How do you like the style of yoga that suits you?

1. Choose the right yoga style

Although Hatha Yoga is the basis for all modern yoga styles
(This is mainly about poses, stretching, breathing exercises and relaxation), but also Hatha Yoga exists in many different orientations, with different goals and target groups. Choose the right yoga style (s) for you. Ask yourself what you expect from yoga and what it should bring you.

Here is a brief insight:

  • Bikram Yoga: For people who want to sweat at 40 degrees through a set sequence of exercises.
  • Aerial Yoga: for people who want to combine yoga in the air with acrobatics. It's fun and awakens the inner child.
  • Restorative Yoga: for people who want more relaxation or z. B. are injured and want to practice a safe Yogaform
  • Pregnancy Yoga: Are you pregnant?
  • Ashtanga Yoga: for people who want to discipline their body. It is physically demanding and demanding.
  • Jivamukti Yoga: for people who are interested in vegetarianism, yoga philosophy and mantras in addition to a fluent yoga style.

In the studio or at home?

After finding a suitable yoga style, ask
Whether you prefer to train in the studio or a practice on your own
want to develop at home.

Do it yourself

If you are more independent, you may become one
develop your own practice for the home. Maybe you do not have time to
to follow the schedules of a yoga studio. It works
but only if you already have yoga experience and know what you are
get involved. Then you can practice the yoga style that you enjoy.

Buy books, CDs and DVDs. Take a look at the yoga sections of bookstores or the Internet. If you do not have yoga experience yet, it helps to start working with a personal yoga coach who comes to your home.

What you need to think about when choosing a yoga studio that suits you

When the right yoga shape is found and you are
have decided to do yoga in a studio, then comes the question: which studio suits you. The atmosphere in the yoga studio and inspiring yoga teachers are crucial to staying there. Exaggerated: Do you want yoga with "upscale class" or reach a stone floor in the factory building.

The right yoga teacher

Each teacher brings his life story and experiences. One was introduced to yoga as a child with hippie parents, traveled the world as a teenager, and completed yoga in India with various masters. Another yoga teacher may have worked as a bank clerk for the last few years, and besides his job, gives yoga classes just for fun. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Which variation suits you?

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Is Warren Buffett’s 90/10 Asset Allocation Sound?

When most people challenge deeply ingrained wisdom about finances, they’re greeted with eye rolls. When one of the world’s most successful financial gurus is the contrarian, people listen.

While Berkshire Hathaway guru Warren Buffett said that he wanted his wife’s inheritance to be invested 90% in stocks and 10% in bonds, he didn’t say that the 90/10 split makes sense for every investor.

Against the Norm

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Why you should provide your employees with workwear

In some industries, wearing work wear is not only on the agenda, but also provides the necessary protection at the workplace. But also in other occupations, the staff are increasingly seen in the same clothing. This has not only the above-mentioned safety-technical and advertising-effective reasons.

Wearing uniform clothing in the workplace ensures a clear identification with the company and a harmonious image of the staff team. That is why clothes are increasingly being provided for everyday working life in hairdressing salons or electronics companies.

What must professional clothing look like?

There are different types of workwear, depending on which industry you work in, whether a workwear is prescribed or you make it available for employees at your own request.


For the carpenters and roofers the dress code is regulated relatively uniformly in order to directly recognize the members of these occupational groups. Craftsmen have been wearing the so-called "Kluft" or guild clothing for generations. Traditionally, it consists of a hat, a collarless white shirt, a pair of trousers, a vest with a jacket over it and shoes or boots.

Depending on the profession, the color of the gap varies. Black in wood jobs, white or brown for people with stone occupations and blue for metal jobs. A large selection of work clothes of many professional groups can be found on


In nursing professions, white clothing is usually worn. In private practices you can see more and more white trousers in combination with colored polo shirts or blouses, which should break the sterile white something.

What is particularly important in the workwear of nursing staff, is the hygienic cleanliness. This must be carefully observed, especially when working with patients.


Even uniforms belong to the group of workwear. Especially as a pilot, policeman or soldier, the clothing makes up a large part of the job description. Uniforms in most cases show respect for people and are automatically linked to certain attributes. And fashion is often influenced by pilots and soldiers, in which certain elements such as the camouflage pattern are integrated into normal everyday clothing.

Cost of work clothes

As a general rule, the cost of working clothes can also be borne proportionately by the employee. If the employer prescribes a certain service clothing, it can be stipulated by contract that the employee must contribute to the costs if the clothing may also be worn privately.

If the employee uses special clothing that he wears at his own request during working hours in order to protect his private clothing, he must also finance it himself.

It should always be kept in mind that the financial outlay arising from the purchase of work clothes is proportionate to the wages of the employee.

The tax implications of providing work clothes for the employer can be found in the article "Workwear: what is deductible as a cost of employment?".

Workwear as a marketing tool

A professional work clothes radiate to customers professional competence. This strengthens the image of the company and, where appropriate, the brand. In addition, business cards, cars and business papers should always be provided with the corporate design of the company.

In order to leave a positive image with the customers, the professional clothing should not only be visually appealing, but also of high quality. The material should not be too thin and have a high cotton content, so that it is pleasant for the employees to work in the clothes.

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Everything that is known about iOS 13, macOS 10.15 and watchOS 6

Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

After the leaks of Bloomberg and 9to5Mac, we can get a pretty extensive idea of ​​what Apple is going to present at its annual developer conference. The WWDC does not start until June, but this is all that is known today about iOS 13, macOS 10.15 and watchOS 6.

iOS 13

Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez (AP)

Named "Yukon" code, this system update renews several Apple applications and accelerates the performance of compatible devices, while promising fewer failures. It does not seem to bring a redesign of the interface, but it does reorganize the Share menu and includes a new dark mode that can be activated from the Control Center, as well as a new animation to open multitasking and close applications.

Regarding the applications that are updated, Bloomberg mentions:

  • Health: with a new section on hearing health that includes data on noise to which you are exposed (either from the environment or through headphones), and a native function to track the menstrual cycle that will compete directly with third-party apps.
  • Reminders: with four predetermined sections arranged in a grid: tasks to perform today, all tasks, scheduled tasks and tasks marked. Each section of a different color.
  • Books: with a new reward system to encourage you to read more and a new progression tracking tool.
  • Messages: with the option to put a profile picture and a personalized name, as in any messaging app, and with a new menu to send stickers based on your Animoji and Memoji.
  • Maps: with improvements in the system of frequent locations, so that it is easier to navigate to "home", "work" and other locations.
  • Mail: with new options to mute threads, block emails from certain contacts and simplify folder management.
  • Clock: with new options on the Dream tab related to tracking your sleep patterns.
  • Search for my iPhone and Search for my friends: combined in a new application with tracking of non-Apple GPS devices.
  • House: more integrated with your security cameras and with a new option to watch old recordings.
  • Safari: with a new download manager to access all the files that you download from the web from the same place.
  • File: more compatible with third-party applications.

iOS 13 also allows you to control who can contact your children in certain time frames and renews the default system keyboard with the option to swipe your finger to write words using the predictive, as Swiftkey and the Google keyboard have done for years.


Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

Many of the new features of iOS 13 are aimed at the iPad. One of the most interesting is the option to use an iPad as external screen of a Mac, but there is more. According to 9to5Mac, the update improves multitasking on the iPad with a new feature that allows you to open several windows of the same application. These windows can be portions or floating cards of an application that you can drag freely on the screen.

Also exclusively for iPad, Apple introduces a new gesture that consists of touching the virtual keyboard with three fingers and slide to the left to undo an action, or slide to the right to redo it. Safari for iPad will automatically render the desktop version of a web to avoid loading the iPhone version. And the Accessibility menu will add support for USB mice.

macOS 10.15

Screenshot: Apple

The great novelty on the Mac is the ability to run applications created for the iPad. The Mac App Store has never lived up to the iOS app store, so -according to Bloomberg- Apple will allow developers to reuse for macOS the same code they used for iPad. In the future, this could lead to a merger of the two App Stores.

For the rest, it seems that macOS 10.15 will bring an independent application from Apple Music and Apple Podcasts (goodbye, iTunes) and will integrate the Siri Shortcuts and the Time of use menu that we already had in iOS. And of course, all the renewals expected for iOS 13 will also come to the Mac: new app Reminders, new app Books, new stickers in Messages and a new application that will merge Find my iPhone with Search for my friends.

watchOS 6

Photo: Torsten Dettlaff (Pexels)

2019 will once again be a good year for Apple Watch users. According to Bloomberg, watchOS 6 will include its own App Store so you do not have to go to the iPhone to download applications. It will also integrate some of the applications we already knew about iOS, such as Voice Notes, Books and the Calculator, not to mention the damn Animoji and Memoji. And there will be two new health applications to remind you that you have to take the pill or do an advanced follow-up of your menstrual cycle.

On the other hand, watchOS 6 will bring new Complications to access at a glance more information, such as the battery of your hearing aids, the level of external noise, the possibility of rain or the progress of your audiobook. And also new spheres with gradients of colors, larger numbers, larger complications or schematic designs, such as a sundial or a conventional clock of Roman numerals and Arabic numerals.

Amazon: fully automated warehouses within a decade?

Amazon: fully automated warehouses within a decade?

Amazon is planning to fully automate its warehouses, but that will not happen right away. Scott Anderson, the director of the "Robotics" division of the e-merchant told Reuters during a visit to a logistics center in Baltimore that current technology does not allow it: "We are at least 10 years to completely automate the processing of an order […] In its current form, the technology is very limited. We are very far from the fully automated workstation we would needRobots are not yet able to replace humans, but obviously this will happen in the medium term.

After all, robotics is already well present in Amazon warehouses. According to The Information, about 14% of the 185 logistics centers are partially automated during the sorting phase or for the transportation of products.

Amazon employs more than 300,000 people worldwide, including approximately 7,500 in France. The challenge is therefore considerable, the next technical revolution could have important consequences for our societies, but for the moment, it is difficult to know if the robot will be a creator or a destroyer of jobs, so much the elements to be taken into account are various and varied.

The artificial intelligence that animates these robots will have to make a huge leap forward to reach the autonomy and adaptability of the human. A feature that is highlighted by Derek Jones, global director of environment, health and safety, who oversees Amazon's fresh products: "Imagine you want bananas. You want your bananas to be firm but others want them to be ripe. How to make a robot choose that?".

How To Avoid Back Pain: Avoiding Stress

Stress is a cause of many illnesses. Almost three quarters of adults in Germany suffer from back pain caused by stress. That does not have to be. To avoid back pain, it is important to avoid stress as much as possible.

The cause of back pain is often in the job. On the one hand it is the work sitting on the computer that damages the back. But also permanent stress makes the back quite a bother.

Even though it's difficult to meet deadlines, do multiple things at the same time and the boss is already impatiently behind you, it's best to avoid this stress as much as possible.

How stress arises

Stress is an innate reaction of the body to a threat. Special stress hormones are also released which are supposed to prepare our body for flight or fight. The adrenaline level increases, the pulse rate accelerates, we become aggressive, the blood circulation of the muscles is increased while the organs and the brain are less well supplied with blood. All this makes us physically more powerful, but our thinking power suffers. Therefore, stress is also bad if you want to be focused and productive.

Stress and back pain

That stress causes back pain, several studies have already revealed. Especially the strong mental tension often causes the muscles to be tense. The preparation for flight or fight still supports this. Since the muscles are already tense and cramped by the constant sitting, these symptoms aggravate by stress even more. Back and neck pain are typical consequences of permanent pressure in the job.

avoid stress

While it is not always easy, it is important that you avoid stress as much as possible. Because back pain is not the only negative impact that can be caused by stress. Heart problems, high blood pressure or headaches are just some of the many possible consequences. Avoid multitasking, do not put yourself under pressure and learn to say no even in the job, if someone wants to give you extra work. This avoids stress and you can work more relaxed, which also benefits the back.

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Write a mourning card – What needs to be considered?

The loss of a person is irreplaceable. That's why most people find it difficult to write a mourning card. Choosing the right words and outward form is simply crucial to really expressing one's feelings.

Why should one even write a mourning card?

There are usually two reasons for writing a memorial card. On the one hand, the relatives are informed about the death of a loved one, and on the other, other people express their sympathy to the bereaved with a funeral card. Anyone who learns of the death of a friend, should usually send a mourning card to the family or the bereaved.

Write a mourning card – what to pay attention to?

No matter what reason you decide to send a mourning card, there are a few things that should be considered. First of all, the look is crucial. The trade contains a lot of different mourning cards. However, these are rarely associated with a personal flair. However, through the medium of the Internet, there is already the opportunity today to be able to design your own mourning cards.

In this way, the sympathy can be expressed in an appropriate individuality. Thus, for example, a personal motive can be chosen that under
Circumstances also a connection to the deceased or the
Survivors shows. It is important, however, in the choice of the motive on
to respect the filial piety. In addition, images should be in black and white or
to be kept gray.

Colors should be almost nonexistent
Mourning card to be found. When choosing the paper you should go
definitely opt for linen paper. Act in this way
Mourning cards just a little bit higher quality.

How should mourning cards be sent?

Mourning cards should always be sent in an envelope. However, the choice of the right envelope also plays a decisive role. Generally one uses for a mourning card a white envelope without windows. If possible, the flap of the envelope should be swung. The silk lining can be black, so the envelope looks noble and elegant.

Likewise, on the envelope also corresponding motifs, such as a cross or flowers are. But also a matching black mourning frame is possible for an envelope on this occasion. Often, mourning cards are also offered together with a matching envelope. So you do not have to worry about the envelope.

Mourning cards at the funeral

Often mourning cards are given to the bereaved at the funeral. In these there is usually also a small financial support. The same applies to these cards as to the mourning cards sent by mail. Again, attention should be paid to a corresponding optics. So you show not only his compassion, but also the corresponding respect for the deceased and the bereaved.

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Is sports advisable in case of heart failure?

Is exercise appropriate for cardiac output weakness? Only twenty years ago the patients were mainly prescribed protection. Today, a moderate health care in heart failure is no longer think out of the therapy program.

Winston Churchill was completely right. When asked why he was still fit despite his age, he was known to answer No Sports. Now "sports" in English is called "competitive sport". What we mean by "gymnastics" or "health sports" is called "exercise" in English.

Intensive exercise to achieve a certain level of performance is not recommended or even contraindicated for patients with cardiac insufficiency (heart failure). What these people need is a consistent, well-structured and individually coordinated physical training.

Is sport allowed for heart failure or not?

Of course, training with this target group also involves risks. The training risk for people with coronary heart disease is increased 10-fold.

Up to 17% of all cases of sudden cardiac death and up to 20% of all myocardial infarctions occur during or shortly after exercise. However, this is no reason to renounce the therapy form of physical training. The onset of a heart attack is simply dependent on the level of fitness! The better we are physically trained, the lower the probability of an event.

That is why it is crucial to use every opportunity to train your organism. Search for everyday opportunities for movement. Walk up the stairs, get off at a bus station beforehand, ride your bike to work. Only then can the prerequisites for starting a structured training be created. The training should then take place regularly – as part of life – at least twice a week and for life.

The crucial content is individually controlled coordination, endurance, and strength training. Above all, a coordination training produces rapid positive adaptation symptoms of the cardiovascular system. The movement becomes more economical, you save energy. Endurance training in the form of walking and light running training as well as ergometer training and a moderate static (isometric) strength training complete the program.

The effect of the training is scientifically proven. Wisloff found that the oxygen uptake capacity increased by 46% with a treadmill load of 4 × 4 minutes within 12 weeks with three times weekly participation.

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