If he could, Bill Gates would go back in time to change the Ctrl-Alt-Del

Time passes, but regrets remain. At a forum organized by Bloomberg, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once again admitted that he regretted the Ctrl-Alt-Del command on Windows: "If I could make a small correction, I would make it a single button ".

The Ctrl-Alt-Del, only accessible to both hands, was invented by David Bradley, an IBM engineer. In 2013, Bill Gates had thrown the stigma on IBM for this choice: " IBM's keyboard had only one way to generate an interrupt with certainty. Obviously, the people involved in the project should have put another key for it to work. Many machines nowadays have this function that does not require two hands . "

David Bradley, referring to the instability of Windows, then said:" -to have invented the combination Ctrl-Alt-Del, but it was Bill Gates who made it famous ". This time, Bill Gates goes so far as to recognize that if he could come back in time, he would propose a different order. Like what everyone has his demons …

So you succeed a filled pumpkin

It is again pumpkin time. The fruit pulp of the pumpkins is tasty, healthy and relatively easy to prepare. For this exceptional vegan pumpkin recipe, you can use any type of pumpkin as long as it is large and not too watery. For the stuffed pumpkin, you need the following ingredients for 4-6 people:


  • 1 large garlic toe
  • This item is not for sale This item is not in stock and must be reordered. 1 celery celery
  • 1 big crockery
  • 1 medium large onion
  • ½ TL Thymian
  • ½ teaspoon sage
  • 1 TL herbal salt
  • This item belongs to the following categories 1 Vegetable Brühwürfel
  • ½ cup (Kaffeebechergröße ) boiling water
  • Preparation:

    Cut the pumpkin lengthwise and remove the seeds. Put the two halves aside and prepare the filling.

    Toast the bread slices on a baking tray for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. The roasted bread keeps the filling better together. In the meantime, heat the plant margarine in a large pan. Finely chop the onion, garlic and celery and fry in the margarine. Cut the toasted bread into cubes and add. Stir with stirring until the bread is covered with the margarine. Add spices. Dissolve the vegetable broth cubes in the cup with boiling water and pour over the mixture. Mix everything well and take it off the stove

    Preheat the oven to 200 degrees (just leave it on when you take the bread from the baking tray). Now fill the two hollowed pumpkin halves with the bread-vegetable mixture, carefully add the halves together and tie them together with a cord. Place the pumpkin in a large frying pan or a fire-resistant casserole and slide it into the oven. The pumpkin must remain in the oven for one to one and a half hours until it is very soft.

    Take off the string before serving and open the pumpkin. Loosen the filling with a fork. Place the two halves on a large plate. Alternatively, you can scrape the pumpkin together with the filling and serve the mixture in a large bowl. Please share it. Please tell us what you think about it Us with how you like our contribution. Please click on the asterisks below:

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