Holidays on an Italian farm ("agriturismo")

Holidays on an Italian farm ("agriturismo")3 min read

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The Italian word consists of agricoltura (Agriculture) and turismo (Tourism). By this one understands, holidays in campagna (in the countryside) to spend in un'atmosfera contadina (a peasant atmosphere), dormire in punch rustic (to sleep in peasant rooms), mangiare nella cascina (to eat in the farm) and, if you want, for fun lavori in cascina (Farm work), the i cittadini (City dwellers) have forgotten or even never experienced, help: mungere (milking), there da mangiare (feed), abbeverare (soak), fare il fieno (Harvesting hay), u.v.a.m.

Inizia la vacanza (Leave early)!

They are sull'aia (on the threshing floor) and start gli animali da cortile to see (the small cattle): galline (Hens) with or without pulcini (Chick), eek (Geese); in gabbie (Cages) are conigli (Rabbit); if you ospite (Host) too anatre (Ducks), of course, they are in one stagno To find (pond).

After the usual salutations and first questions & answers: buon giorno, buona sera (good day / evening); benvenuti al nostro agriturismo (welcome to our agrotourism); fatto buon viaggio? (Was the journey good?), Will l'albergatore (the host) you probably say, "venite, vi mostro la stanza / le stanze"(Come, please: I'll show you your room).

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And after you've made yourself comfortable … how about one visita della fattoria (Farm visit)?

Someone from the managing family will be glad to give you yours
Wish to fulfill! So expect to see the following:

la stalla (the stable), with various animals: mucche (Cows) with or without vitelli (Calves), maybe one toro (Bull), asini (Donkey), possibly cavalli (Horses). If so pecore (Sheep) and / or capre (Goats) are bred, which you can find either nei prati a brucare (in the meadows when grazing) or in theirs Ovili (Sheep stables).

And maiali (Pig), scrofe (Sows) and porcellini (Piglet)? They belong to porcile (Mess).

If the proprietario (Owner / owner) especially
is entrepreneurial (many are already!) he will give you a wide
Offer a range of activities, for example:

  • scuola di equitazione (Equestrian school), both for principianti (Beginner) as well as for Avanzati (Advanced)
  • scuola di cucina (Cooking school) to alla contadina to learn how to cook (according to the peasant way)
  • scuola di agraria (Agricultural School), if you coltivare (to order), arare (plow) seminars (sow), potare (support), raccogliere want to learn (harvest)
  • scuola di vinificazione (Wine making school), if you want to deal with this art

E adesso a tavola (and now to table)!

On a farm you can of course expect to consume natural products!

A COLAZIONE (for breakfast): uova (Eggs) bar (Milk), formaggio (Cheese), prosciutto (Ham), salame (Salami), burro (Butter), marmellata (Jam)

A PRANZO (for lunch): come antipasto (as appetizer) affettati misti (Cold cuts), pane casereccio (Farmers bread); come primo (as first course) pasta (Pasta, which are infallible!) Or riso (Rice); come secondo (as second gear) carne di vitello / maiale / pecora / capra (Beef, pork, sheep or goatmeat) with verdura (Vegetables), whose varietà (Variety) leaves nothing to be desired: patate (Potatoes) carote (Carrots) spinaci (Spinaches) insalata (Salad), pomodori (Tomatoes), u.v.a.m .; then formaggio (s.o.) and – why not? – a good torta alla frutta (Tart), as recommended by the old peasant tradition!

A CENA (for dinner): Appetizers are usually not served: you start with one minestra (Soup), where the cook's imagination can let off steam: minestra di verdura / funghi. Pasta e fagioli… (vegetable, mushroom or bean soup). Then i.d.R. again carne (s.o.) or one sformato (Casserole) or one Frittata (Omelette).

Absence, of course, never una buona bottiglia di vino nostrano (a good bottle of local wine).

Good: Your first day on the agrotourism was exhausting, right? So buona notte (good night) and until tomorrow: you will wake up by the chirping of the birds!

Russell Rebalancing Expected to Boost Recent IPOs

Several recent high-profile initial public offerings (IPOs) could receive a boost as the family of FTSE Russell indexes are rebalanced at the end of June, on what has come to be one of the heaviest trading days of the year. Uber Technologies Inc. (UBER), Lyft Inc. (LYFT), Beyond Meat Inc. (BYND), and PagerDuty Inc. (PD), are all set to be added to the Russell 1000 index—which track’s the 1,000 largest U.S. companies—and…

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The ruthless reality of Amazon's one-day shipping

Amazon has rapidly expanded its internal shipping services as the company has moved towards the one-day delivery shipment from its default two-day delivery service. The company commits to spend $ 800 million this quarter to achieve such delivery in a day as the default shipping option for all members of prime. But this planned growth has raised concerns among workers, contract carriers and logistics analysts about how Amazon is trying to dominate another sector of the economy.

"Jeff Bezos wants Amazon to be the central infrastructure that everyone depends on, and then use this power to exclude competitors and privilege their own businesses"Said Matthew Stoller, a member of the non-profit and antitrust Open Markets Institute, based on Amazon's business model. "It does not seek to run a business, but to govern all commerce"

Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the nonprofit advocacy group Institute for Local Self Reliance, added: "This is essentially a company that aims to be and own the infrastructure for 21st century trade and shipping is another piece of all that" He mentioned that Amazon's current relationships with manufacturers and retailers allow it to have a position of power to force the same companies to use their shipping services.

This search for dominance raises concerns about Amazon's economic power over its workers, its competitors and the foundations of the online retail market as a whole.


Amazon's existing shipping infrastructure already includes shipping licenses from China to the US. UU., A recently launched shipping truck platform, and delivery operations such as Amazon Flex, Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, Shipping with Amazon services, and food delivery services primarily performed by independent contractors.

Shortly after Amazon announced its plans in April 2019 to accelerate shipping to customers, the company announced incentives of $ 10,000 and a three-month salary for current employees to quit and start their own package delivery service in partnership. with the company's service delivery partners program.

"Amazon, by not directly employing small business owners, has a lot of power over them"Said Mitchell, who pointed out that the use of independent contractors by Amazon is undermining the unionized, better-paid workforce at UPS and the United States Postal Service. "It is not an independent business. You can only use those Amazon trucks to make Amazon delivery. Your only client is Amazon. It's a way Amazon can do this work on a par with the relationship with the contractor"

Many of the independent contractors that have driven the divisions of Amazon's delivery services have already experienced the negative impacts of Amazon's leverage on independent contractors who rely completely on them for business.

Several contractors in the United States are announcing jobs to comply with Amazon that include salaries under $ 15 per hour, even though Amazon set a minimum wage of $ 15 last year for all employees, including temporary and hired workers. through temporary agencies.

A former driver of an Amazon delivery service contractor in New Jersey noted that many of the jobs that list hourly wages of $ 15 an hour or more are often much less. The driver noticed that the contractor paid the workers a flat rate per day and, regardless of the hours worked, the daily payment rate always stayed the same. Current job offers for contractors who deliver Amazon products cite daily payment rates and comment that "your salary is up to you!"

In 2016, Vanessa Boggs began working as an Amazon Flex host in Tampa, Florida, when the service was first introduced in the region. He explained that when the Flex service began, drivers received $ 18 per hour plus tips, but those benefits gradually decreased or disappeared altogether.

"I loved driving when I made the two-hour main deliveries. But as they hired more people, it became harder to get a job. I had to pay for someone to get me turns"Said Boggs. Then, Amazon withdrew the tips and began to change the job of delivering restaurant orders to delivering larger quantities of Amazon products. He resigned early in 2018, as the lack of tips, longer routes and larger delivery quantities make it unsustainable to continue driving. "Amazon does not take care of its drivers. We did not care much when it first opened because we won our money, but then they started to tighten little by little"

In Seattle, Washington, Philip Hasten stopped driving for Amazon a few months ago after about a year because the salary of $ 18 per hour was not enough to offset the gas and wear costs of his vehicle. "The last time I delivered I earned $ 9 per hour", He said. "The wear of my car was excessive and they do not help you make repairs"

Image: Getty

Amazon Air

As Amazon has continued to expand its delivery services, it is also focusing on the growth of air cargo services, Amazon Air, to reduce its dependence on third parties such as UPS, Fedex and the United States Postal Service. FedEx recently refused to renew its shipping contract with Amazon. According to a Morgan Stanley report in December 2018, Amazon could save between 1 and 2 billion 2019 dollars as a result of managing its own air deliveries.

In April 2019, Amazon began the construction of a 1.5 billion dollar air center at the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, which is expected to open in 2021. The ceremony included two different types of aircraft used by Amazon, but pilots Amazon Air, which uses aircraft leased and operated by Atlas Air, Southern Air and Air Transport Services Group, argue that they are being excluded from Amazon's growth as they work to negotiate a new union contract.

"We want Amazon Prime Air to be successful, we just want to be part of that success. Until now, we feel excluded from the entire process"Said Captain Michael Russo, an Atlas Air pilot for 15 years. The Amazon Air pilots are represented by 1224 of APA Teamsters, which has asked contractors to negotiate a new union contract to address concerns about low wages and working conditions. "We continue to try to commit the company to negotiate a fair contract to be able to recruit enough qualified pilots to continue the expansion that Amazon wants, but the negotiation process remains an obstacle. We do not understand how Atlas Air can serve a really big and important customer like Amazon and not include pilots in that process"

The Atlas Air pilot of almost 20 years, Captain Bob Kirchner, cited that the contractor is expected to increase the number of aircraft for Amazon Air from 24 to 44 aircraft during the next year.

"Our competitors, who pay 60 percent or more, who have better working conditions and retirement plans, are taking away many of the experienced pilots at Atlas and are creating real tensions in the business."Said Kirchner. "Because the airline is not growing and people are leaving, we believe that these are unreachable numbers at this time. Unless they enter and solve it, we believe that Amazon is exerting so much pressure on contractors, reducing costs and putting pressure on them, that it is becoming a security problem."

An Amazon spokesperson told me in an email: "We are disappointed with the current state of relations between Atlas and its pilot union. Neither party seems willing to work for a reasonable compromise. This is contrary to the interests of Atlas, the pilots and the clients they both serve"

The pilots launched a website, and have held several protests near the construction site of the Amazon center to pressure their contractors to improve working conditions to comply with the expansion of Amazon Air.

Maritime and land transport services

Amazon acquired for the first time a license from the Federal Maritime Commission to transport products from China to the United States in 2016, and since then it has eliminated third parties in its supply chain of manufacturers in China to consumers in the United States.

From the purchasing power of Amazon to its extensive network of distribution centers, the company has significant advantages over its competitors, as it seeks to increase its transport and logistics network.

Steve Ferreira, the CEO of Ocean Audit, recently noticed that Amazon loaded its shipments from China to avoid paying high rates for President Trump last month.

"Amazon tactically ordered 4 to 5 times its normal order pattern of the items it sells on, and imported them before Trump tariffs to avoid having to pay the additional tariffs from China that most customers pay, and that they do not have the purchasing power or the distribution space"Ferreira said in an email. He noted that Amazon now has the option of transferring offers to customers or selling those products with higher profits.

Instead of owning boats, Amazon rents space on boats and resells them to their customers, similar to their air cargo services and the truck loading platform they launched earlier this year. XPO Logistics, one of the largest logistics companies in the United States, estimated a loss of revenues of 600 million dollars in the next year, since Amazon is outsourcing most of its business with the company.

"Your goal is to create the 'most customer-focused company', what better way to do it than to control your supply chain"Cathy Roberson, founder of Logistics Trends & Insights, based in Atlanta, told me in an email. "I think they will always have a need for their logistics partners and will not abandon them altogether. However, due to the volumes, Amazon is likely to demand large discounts on shipping costs. It's hard to say how many of your logistics partners will be willing to do this"

How the expansion of the shipment will affect Whole Foods and Amazon stores

Other sectors in Amazon's businesses have felt the pressure to increase the company's market share. In Whole Foods, which Amazon acquired in 2017, management maintains the changes to accelerate shipping services, although workers have reported that the store space has increasingly focused on the Amazon Prime business.

Image: Amazon Kioskjo on Whole Foods

An anonymous Whole Foods worker who has worked for the company for several years explained that the grocery store chain has become a retail outpost for Amazon to boost online sales and major memberships. They provided an image of a new Amazon kiosk that is being built in several stores in their region. Amazon declined to provide more information about the plan to expand core services in Whole Foods.

An Amazon spokesperson told me in an email: "We have been able to expand the Prime 1 day offer because we have built our network in 20 years thanks to the incredible employees and cutting-edge technology such as Amazon Robotics to supercharge fast delivery, increase efficiency, lower prices and improve workplaces around the world"

In Amazon stores, where workers in recent years have reported widespread abuse and robotic and inhumane working conditions, it is not clear how faster and safer shipping services will affect warehouse workers, but unions and workers They have criticized Amazon for working to expedite the shipment without addressing the working conditions.

"As soon as we enter, we are taking our bodies and our minds to the limit of these machines, feeling like robots most of the time while we are taking things out"Said William Stolz, a collector who gathers products for orders at an Amazon store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has worked there for two years. "Amazon's working conditions have to change if they are really going to start treating us as human beings with dignity. Many of the jobs they have are still temporary. We want Amazon to provide safe and reliable jobs. At this time it is not the case"

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Amazon offers the Xbox One X, 1TB with Tom Clancy's 2 and a one-month Xbox Live Gold subscription for 399 instead of 499, a 26% discount. Free delivery in metropolitan France.

As a reminder, the Xbox One X credibly claims the title of the most powerful game console of all time and it is especially with its features "future-proof" that Microsoft intends to appeal to gamers. Compatibility Ultra HD (4K), HDR (including Blu-Ray UHD) and Dolby Atmos, a level of detail and the increase of the impressive frame rate on some games, backwards compatible with Xbox One games, some titles 360 and Xbox and a storage of 1 TB, this One X has certain assets.

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How to react confidently to "How are you"

How to react confidently to "How are you"2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

"How are you" is a common phrase that is popular in English-speaking countries. Especially in America it sounds like a supermarket checkout, the task of ordering in the restaurant or meeting friends. But how do you best respond to "How are you"? And what exactly does it mean?

Respond to "How are you" with different answer options

Literally translated as "How are you" means "how are you", so it is analogously called "how are you / how are you?". The answer to this question should always be similar on your part, namely "Fine" or "Fine, and you?". Of course you can also vary this answer.

"Not bad, yourself?", "Thanks for asking, I'm doing fine", "Doing well, thanks. or "I'm doing great today. And you?" are any answers you can give to the question "How are you".

Courtesy phrases should not be taken too seriously

The question of being well is one of many courtesies in America that should not be taken too seriously. When you start telling the supermarket cashier how much you care about the question "How are you", she'll just look at her confusedly and quickly cash you in, because she did not want to hear your answer.

Also phrases like "See you later" or "We get in touch soon" (we will soon hear each other again) are mere polite phrases that should not be given much importance. Compliments are also used by Americans inflationary and without deeper background. "Nice dress", "I love your shirt" or "Wow, beautiful earrings" are neat phrases without profound meaning. They should provide for a pleasant climate for conversation, convey a positive attitude and exude sympathy.

Distinguish between superficiality and serious interest

If someone is seriously interested in your well-being, wants to meet with you for another meeting or gives you a significant compliment, you will notice. Most of the time, something like that comes from people who are closer to you and the emphasis will be different.

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How Can the Financial Services Industry Retain More Women?

Financial services firm, Fidelity Investments, is a prime example when it comes to women’s engagement and career advancement in the industry. Fidelity feels strongly that women are a critical part of the future of financial services. The company wants more women to consider the industry, and Fidelity continues to do everything they can to ensure they provide a work environment that will allow women to build successful and…

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Copa América: Uruguay rolled over Ecuador and everyone talks about Lodeiro's goal

Uruguay showed its weapons to be champion in the Copa América Brazil 2019 with a goliza on Ecuador, 4-0.

The selection Celeste went up on the scoreboard, very quickly, when Nicolás Lodeiro, veteran player of 30 years, scored a great goal in the sixth minute. The midfielder controlled an aerial ball, lowered it between the southern defenses and fired to the right side. The play was compared to the maneuvers performed by Lionel Messi.

In minute 24, precisely by a blow to Lodeiro's face, José Quinteros was sent off. With one man less, Uruguay imposed their game and increased the difference with goals from their two stars: Edinson Cavani (m.33) and Luis Suárez (m.44). An auto goal by Arturo Mina (m.78), closed the game.

With this result, Uruguay is located first in your group. Lodeiro, a player resisted by a part of the fans, also participated in the other goals, with a header in the second and charging the corner kick in the third touchdown.

For its good performance, in social networks, the #Lodeiro label became a global trend. These were some of the reactions on Twitter:

The goal of the day

A Messi

Saiyan power

The Lodeiro of luck

Dance of victory


They were right

San Lodeiro

Deepfake: Mark Zuckerberg pays tribute to Specter in a fake video

Deepfake: Mark Zuckerberg pays tribute to Specter in a fake video

" Imagine this for a second: a man, with total control of
    billions of data stolen from people, all their secrets, their lives, their
    to come up. I owe everything to Specter. Spectrum showed me whoever controls
    data, control the future.

Mark Zuckerberg never said those words. This is a technique

who uses artificial intelligence to create montages making
    tell people things they never said. A
    diversion of a formidable efficiency that highlights the challenges
    social networks are facing when it comes to regulating the
    dissemination of manipulated content.


video of Zuckerberg
posted on Instagram could also be a test for Facebook, which has
    criticized after refusing to withdraw a modified video of the
    Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, in which her
    speech was slowed down to make her look drunk. According to Washington
    Post, Mark Zuckerberg called the city council, but she was not " impatient
To hear what he had to say.

Facebook's policy states that it does not remove infox, but
    that it will reduce its scope and put forward information from
    fact checkers. Also remember that Facebook has Instagram.
    " We will treat this content the same way we treat all
    the wrong information on Instagram
, Said a spokesman for the
    photo sharing site. " If third-party verifiers
    mark as false, we will filter it from the surfaces of
    Instagram recommendation like Explorer pages and hashtags.

The threat of deepfake hovers over the presidential election in the United States

Artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe have teamed up with
    Canny advertising to make the fake video with Mark Zuckerberg. She has
    was created using video dialogue replacement technology
    (VDR) CannyAI. The designers of the video used footage shot
    remarks that the boss of Facebook made about the interference
    election in 2017. The video includes a CBS logo on the right side
    and a banner saying, " Zuckerberg: We increase transparency on
A spokesman for CBS said in a statement that he
    had asked Facebook to " delete this false use no
    authorized by the CBSN mark

This is not the first time that a fake video of Mark Zuckerberg is
    created. In 2018, filmmaker Andrew Oleck posted a video on Facebook that
    showed what appeared to be the young leader declaring that he was suppressing
    the social network. Entitled "A world without Facebook", this video was
    viewed over 32 million times but it is currently
    unavailable. Versions still exist on Facebook and YouTube.

Meanwhile, US lawmakers are worried about the use
    deepfake technology in the 2020 presidential election.
    Thursday, the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives must
    hold an audition on manipulated media and "deepfakes".




Image: bill_posters_uk