The homeopathic remedy Dulcamara –

The long-lasting tradition as a medicinal plant can be demonstrated by the highly toxic bittersweet night shadow. The vine plant, whose name derives from the intensely bitter-sweet taste of the fruits, is used homeopathically, especially in colds, earaches and diarrhea.

The bittersweet, Solanum, is growing widely in many parts of Europe, North Africa and Asia dulcamara, mainly on moist soils in the lowlands up to heights of 1,500 meters. It can reach a height of 2 meters, but it is sometimes also 30 to 50 cm small. As a night shadow plant, it forms numerous toxic alkaloids.

Dulcamara as homeopathic medicine, obtained from all parts of the bittersweet, comes mainly in the low to medium potencies as D6 and D12 as well as C6 and C12 are used. But also the low potencies D2 and D4 have their areas of application, but should then only be used under the guidance of a homoeopath, just as the high powers like D30.

Illness Images and Influence Factors

The respiratory organs, the nerves and the digestive system as well as the bladder and the prostate are organs on which Dulcamara can exert its effects particularly intensively:

  • cold and wet-based diseases
  • colds
  • ]]] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [0009] The typical Dulcamara patients show clear physical symptoms, hold mentally but quite well. There may be irritability and impatience, but most of the time there are physical symptoms which point to Dulcamara. This includes a strong mucus formation of yellow or green mucus from the nose, during coughing or even in the stool.

    Areas of application

    In most cases the occurrence of Dulcamara disease is associated with wetness and coldness:

    : Affected by the effects of cold weather and the pre-menstrual phase, warmth improves the symptoms [stiffjointsandrheumatoidsymptomsduetowet-coldweatherordampclothingwarmthalleviatesthediscomfort
  • Hexenschuss : as a result of damp clothing or in wet-cold weather, heat improves
  • ].
  • : painful inflammation of the ears, often without cold, by wet cold, after stay in the rain without a hat or hood

  • Blasenentz [19459017]: after sitting on cold ground or carrying a wet swimsuit
  • : mostly in the autumn, beginning with the cold days

Dulcamara disorders often from wetness and cold. This is why moisture and temperature changes, as they often occur in late summer and autumn, have a negative effect on the recovery. It is much better to look for enough heat, a dry environment and easy movement.

Dosage and use

In an acute disease, it is best to use Dulcamara three times a day with a dosage of five globules in potencies D6 and D12. To achieve a particularly fast and effective effect, the globules should be dissolved in some warm water and then drunk in small swallows. If the disease is very pronounced, a dosage up to five times a day is appropriate. If the symptoms disappear, the dose is twice a day or the reduction is given to a once-daily dose at a higher potency such as D30.

Pregnancy, lactation and baby

Specifically in pregnancy, Dulcamara can be his Versatility. In the case of bladder infections caused by cold, it is the best choice besides Cantharis or Solidago. Renal irritation can also be counteracted with Dulcamara.

Babies and toddlers often react to strong temperature changes and wet cold with runny nose or ear infections.

Side effects and precautions

Dulcamara usually has no problems with side effects

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Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Previous


Everything analog is new again.

Like vinyl records and cassette tapes, instant cameras are growing in popularity after being hit hard by digital photography. In 2008, the Impossible Project brought back the instant film to the Polaroid cameras after Polaroid stopped making films. And now, after acquiring the brand and intellectual property of the original Polaroid corporation in May, the company is producing its first camera under this name.

The Polaroid Originals OneStep 2, like the first OneStep of 1977, is a simple analog camera of aiming and capturing an image. It has an integrated flash and a switch to increase or decrease exposure and a timer. It also has a trigger and a power switch. The 106mm lens and static focus is made of polycarbonate and acrylic with a range of 60cm.

Unlike new instant cameras like the Fujifilm Instax SQ10 or Polaroid Snap there is nothing digital in this camera. (The microUSB port on the camera is used to charge the internal battery and nothing else). Each shot you capture results in a printed film. Film packs are loaded through a sliding door that is on the front and the camera can be used with old Polaroid films as well as color and black and white Impossible films. This means that you get much higher impressions than the Fujifilm and SQ10 Instax Mini cameras.

Polaroid Originals features a new generation of films, featuring "a unique and dreamy aesthetic of instant and analog photography". The company said the shots are revealed more quickly than in old movies, which can take up to 30 minutes for color photos. The shaking will not work: The film must be revealed face down and protected from direct light. There is a tab on the front of the camera that is unrolled with each shot to protect the film as it is ejected from the front of the camera.

                                                    Sarah Tew / CNET

I had the opportunity to use the camera and, like the original, it is an instant camera for everyone. There is a small learning curve when framing, and you will have good light conditions to get the best results. Neither is it a small camera, which could prevent you from taking it everywhere. Otherwise, it is a great experience if you like the unpredictable. Also, people still love to wait and see how photos are revealed.



The OneStep 2 costs $ 100, the I-type movie costs $ 16 for an eight-pack $ 2 per movie. You can get a double pack of I-type movie for $ 30 or a triple pack for $ 40.

You can order the camera in advance from now on or wait until mid-October when it reaches stores such as Target and Best Buy.


Facebook takes inspiration from Tinder … so that you go to see your friends



                                                     Facebook is inspired by Tinder ... so that you go to see your friends


At a time when social relations are growing more and more by screens interposed and less and less around a beer, Facebook decided to encourage you to see your friends "IRL". It's better than being content with a like on a picture occasionally and a sad "happy birthday" the day the social network reminds you that a friend is one year older. To facilitate the meetings, the firm is inspired by the master in the matter: Tinder.

There is no question here of making meet strangers for love purposes, but friends. As reported by a Motherboard journalist, for a few days, the social network shows a window asking if you want to see your friend this week. If both people answer "yes", the social network will help you plan an appointment. Click No and end of the story. Note that the answer remains private unless both people opt for "yes."

Contacted by Motherboard, the firm has confirmed that it has implemented this feature for a limited number of users in Toronto and New Zealand. Depending on user feedback, the firm will launch the functionality on a larger scale. It's hard to know when. The thing, though a bit strange at first, is probably not a bad idea to reconnect with old friends.