How to Plan for a ‘Full-Scale Bear Market’ Amid Investor Euphoria

Despite the market’s rebound this month near record highs, a number of market watchers and analysts say that stocks are far more fragile than they appear. They say that equities could descend into a “full-scale bear market,” a decline of at least 20%. Or even worse, some see stocks falling dramatically further in a market crash.

Analysts at Citigroup say one realistic bear scenario may see the S&P tumble to 2,350, the 10-year…

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They sue Amazon for recording children without consent via Alexa


The new Echo Dot Kids Edition.


Amazon has again been accused of violating the privacy of children with its new smart speakers with integrated Alexa. Two lawsuits filed this week ensure that the company does not obtain consent from children when they record them using their digital assistant.

One of the plaintiffs in the state of California is 8 years old, while the other, in the state of Washington, has 10. In both cases, his parents filed the cases on behalf of the children.

"Alexa routinely records and records millions of children without their consent, or that of their parents," states the lawsuit in California. "This practice violates California law, which prohibits the recording of oral communications without the consent of all parties involved in the communication."

The lawsuits could create new challenges for Amazon as it promotes its speakers with Alexa, even for children. On Monday, the company updated its Echo Dot Kids Edition, which was designed specifically for that group.

The lawsuits were also filed after a request made last month by an activist organization on behalf of children for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the Echo Dot Kids Edition. Activists say the device collects sensitive information from children, which parents can not delete, which they say violates the Online Child Privacy Protection Act. Amazon previously said that the device meets the requirements of that law (known as COPPA, for its acronym in English).

Separately, the nonprofit technology company Mozilla last year asked Amazon to offer more specific information on how it uses the children's information collected through the Echo Dot Kids Edition.

"Amazon has a long-standing commitment to preserve the trust of its customers and their families, and we have stringent measures and protocols in place to protect its security and privacy," a company spokesperson said in a statement. "For users with children, we offer FreeTime from Alexa, a free service that offers parental controls and ways to learn and have fun together."

In these two new lawsuits, the parents had purchased Amazon Echo devices and installed them in their homes, although the claims claim that the children did not make these purchases or install the Alexa application themselves. In the California lawsuit, the boy's father bought an Echo Dot for his son as a Christmas gift and installed it.

The lawsuits do not agree with Amazon permanently keeping audio recordings, which neither the children nor their parents gave their consent, they say. They also mention that Apple's Siri is less intrusive in the way it records audio, saying that Siri stores the recordings for a short period of time and then erases them.

Amazon does allow users to delete their audio recordings, although CNET reported last month that the text transcriptions
of such recordings could continue to exist on Amazon servers.

Watch this:

Huawei would put EMUI to its operating system


Xiaomi officialises its Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet and new true wireless headphones

Xiaomi officialises its Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet and new true wireless headphones

The Mi 9T may be the headliner, this smartphone is not the only device announced by the Chinese giant this Wednesday, June 12. Xiaomi also unveiled its new Mi Smart Band 4 connected bracelet and wireless headphones in "true wireless" format.

The Chinese firm does not revolutionize its offer, but offers some nice additions. On his connected bracelet, there is a touch screen OLED slightly larger 0.95 inch (120 x 240 pixels) now in color and covered with glass (the older generation had plastic). The brand has incorporated a larger battery of 135 mAh against 110 mAh previously (the announced range remains however about 10 days), and a gyroscope to improve the accuracy of activity monitoring. We will also notice the arrival of Bluetooth 5.0.

Good news, Xiaomi has not changed its design, the Mi Band 3 bracelets are compatible with this new generation. The Mi Smart Band 4 is available now in France from € 39.99, 10 more than the 3.

Mi True Wireless Earphones

Regarding the new wireless headphones, the design is clearly inspired by Apple AirPods. Touch controls are available to answer or end a call, control music or activate the voice assistant. As at Apple and many competitors now, headphones are equipped with infrared sensors to automatically pause the sound when you remove them. Also, they connect of course automatically when one opens the case of charge.

But there are also important differences between these headphones and those of Apple. First, they are in-ear which could give a superior sound, and then the brand has integrated an active noise reduction system. A point that could well be a serious competitor to the leaders of the sector as Jabra and Elite 65T. On the other hand, autonomy would be below average with a total of 10 hours.

The Mi True Wireless Earphones will be available in France from June 20 for € 79.99, 100 less than the AirPods …

Baking a cake: the basic French vocabulary

Baking a cake: the basic French vocabulary2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

La Recette

Pour la pâte: 120g de beurre et une pour le moule, 200g de chocolat noir, 150g de sucre, 4 oufs, 80g de farine et pour le moule.

Préchauffez le four à 180 ° C. Faites fondre le beurre avec le chocolat coupé en morceau au four micro-ondes ou dans un bain-marie tiède. Dans un saladier, mélangez le sucre avec les oufs puis ajoutez la farine. Incorporez le mélange au chocolat. Mélangez bien. Beurrez puis farinez légèrement le moule. Versez la pâte dedans. Enfournez pour 30 minutes de cuisson. Sortez du four, laissez refroidir 10 minutes puis démoulez délicatement.

This recipe contains many typical French vocabulary when it comes to baking. We will now decrypt these step by step.

The ingredients

Let's start with the basic requirements of each recipe, the ingredients pour la pâte, for the dough:

le beurrethe butter
le chocolat noirthe dark chocolate
le sucrethe sugar
l'ouf / les oufsthe egg / eggs
la farinethe flour

With une noix pour le moule It is meant that you should leave a small piece of butter for greasing the cake pan. Noix literally translated means "nut" and thus immediately suggests the size of the required amount.

The aids

For the success of your cake, of course, you also need various kitchen appliances:

un moulea cake pan
un-saladiera mixing bowl
le fourthe oven
le four micro-ondesthe microwave
le bain-marie tièdethe lukewarm water bath

What should be done now?

Now that you know the ingredients and the tools you need, here are some of the essential verbs when it comes to baking:

fair fondrelet melt
couper en morceauto cut in pieces
mélangermix / stir
incorporermix in
verserpour in
sortir you fourget out of the oven
laisser refroidirlet cool down


beurrerbrush with butter
farinerdust with flour
sfournerput in the oven

What strikes us here especially with these verbs, is the similarity to the corresponding nouns: beurrer includes le beurre and fariner includes la farine,

The action also refers to the ingredient to be used. At the verb enfourner lets the word go le four Find it and it indicates the device to use in the plot.

Already with a small basic vocabulary you can already work associatively and thus quickly open up and understand yet unknown words. It is also advisable to use newly learned vocabulary in everyday life.

So dare to think twice about a French cookbook, because this way your brain can link the words and facilitate the memory of it.

Credit: ALF photo /

8 Financial Stocks That Can Thrive Amid an Inverted Yield Curve

Investors seeking financial stocks that can outperform amid the market’s crosscurrents in 2019 might consider eight financial services companies in industries such as exchanges, property insurance, alternative asset management, and mortgages. They include American International Group (AIG), Apollo Global Management (APO), Blackstone Group (BX) and Essent Group (ESNT), as outlined in a recent Barron’s story. (See table below for…

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How 3D printers work in practice

How 3D printers work in practice2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

3D printers have experienced rapid development in recent years. From the expensive purchase for companies and technology fans, the devices have become affordable hardware that is well below 1,000 euros. These are not even kits that were previously offered to realize a cheaper price.

How do 3D printers work?

While conventional printers use ink or toner, most 3D printers make their models from a plastic. This is supplied to the device via a coil. The plastic wire is referred to in the jargon as filament. By heating, the material is made soft and malleable. This process takes place in the printhead, which acts as a hot nozzle. Subsequently, the plastic is applied plastically, according to the template given, in several layers on a plate. The print object is usually produced in a closed box. Inside this room the nozzles work, which are brought into the right position via rails. Similar to the print head of the inkjet printer, which can only be moved laterally.

Which objects can I create with a 3D printer?

Fundamentally, all three-dimensional objects can be produced with a 3D printer. However, because the pressure is in a closed enclosure, the size of the objects is very limited. For affordable models, the scope is limited to a few cubic centimeters. Only with expensive industrial machines can you produce much larger objects. You create the templates for printing a three-dimensional object with software that is usually included with the 3D printer. Who does not want to deal with the creation, can also browse the Internet. There are numerous websites offering ready-made objects. Many of these offers are even free.

Do 3D printers really make things like guns and cars?

3D printers have been widely used in the media in recent years. Since the devices have long been used in industrial production, there are many reports that report on dangerous products, such as weapons or incredible objects, such as entire cars. Basically, these news are correct. In fact, a developer has created a working gun with a printer. Even a few shots could be fired with the model before it could no longer withstand the strain. However, there is only a limited risk because of course, cartridges do not create the printers. Even a car was actually created with a 3D printer. However, an expensive industrial machine was used here. In addition, additional equipment was used, for example, to trim the body.

Which devices are on the market, read in the article 3D Printers on the PC: Basic knowledge of the new megatrend.

Picture credits: Patrick Daxenbichler /

Tesla Model 3, analysis with curiosities and driving test

Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

Last week, Julio and I got on a Tesla Model 3 and tested it thoroughly. This is all we learned about the car during our trip.

The American manufacturer Tesla sells three versions of the Model 3 in Europe:

  • Model 3 Standard Plus: with rear-wheel drive engine, 1611 kg of weight, 415 km of autonomy and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds.
  • Model 3 Great Autonomy: with two engines of total traction, 1847 kg of weight, 560 km of autonomy and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds.
  • And Model 3 Performance: with two engines of total traction, 1847 kg of weight, 530 km of autonomy and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds.

In Spain, the Model 3 part of the 48,200 euros. The version we tested was the middle, the maximum autonomy, without extras costs 58,700 euros.

1. The car is unlocked with an RFID card or a phone

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

To open the Model 3, you have to bring a key card to an RFID transmitter in the driver's door. The card is black and comes with the screen-printed Tesla logo. If you step on the brake in the next 15 seconds, you do not have to do anything else to start driving. If more than 15 seconds pass, you have to support the card in another transmitter located in the center console of the car.

A more convenient alternative is to link your phone to the Model 3 through the Tesla application (you need the card during the configuration process). The phone communicates with the car via Bluetooth and automatically opens the doors when you are nearby. Every time the car unlocks, the mirrors unfold, the turn signals are activated and a horn sounds.

2. You have to learn to open the door before getting on

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

All Tesla have handles flush with the body with different mechanisms to open the door. In the Model S, they appear before you when you unlock the vehicle. In Model X, they are push buttons. In Model 3, you have to make a game with your fingers to open the door: first press the big end with your thumb and then pull the thin end with the rest of the hand.

It is a gesture of two steps that is difficult to discover the first time (that's why when you buy a Model 3, Tesla explains how it works). Julio and I picked up a friend to go to lunch and I had to get out of the car to explain how the door opened. It is not especially uncomfortable, but neither is it intuitive.

3. The computer remembers up to 10 driver profiles

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The first thing you do when you launch the Model 3 is to configure a driver profile. The seats, the steering wheel and the side mirrors are automatic, so that when you are driving, you just have to select your profile so that everything fits your preferences: the height of the steering wheel, the height, the inclination and the position of the seat , and the angle of the mirrors. The computer also remembers any other configuration, such as the hardness of the power steering.

Between the profiles there is a restricted mode that limits the maximum speed and locks the trunk, among other functions. He's thinking about when you leave the Model 3 to a valet. To exit this mode, you need a PIN.

4. The interior mirror is manual and offers very little visibility

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

Unlike the side mirrors, you have to manually adjust the interior mirror when you get on a Model 3. If this does not make you sleepy, your poor visibility may be: the steep angle of the glass roof and the height of the Rear seats complicates the task of seeing what is happening behind the car, although you can always open the rear camera on the screen.

In contrast, the minimalist and low-rise panel of the Model 3 (in addition to the glass roof, which runs from the front to the rear of the car) provides spectacular forward visibility.

5. The screen is amazing

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The Model 3 only has a screen on the dashboard. In return, it is a 15-inch touch screen that not only looks good, but works more smoothly than competitive systems and is constantly updated.

The interface is divided in two. The left part, which enters the driver's viewing angle, includes the speedometer, battery status, tire pressure and quick access to a series of basic functions.

The right part usually shows the navigator, but from here you can also control the settings for driving, music, air conditioning, heated seats, power consumption statistics, defrosters and all the specific configurations of the Model 3.

6. The browser, not so much

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

Neither Julio nor I was convinced by the GPS navigator, although we tried the premium version, which comes with satellite images and traffic information. The translation into Spanish is terrible, you have to divert your view too far to the right to see the map and the street information is not as up-to-date as Google Maps or Waze, nor does it include radar warnings or 3D views. One solution would be to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but Tesla does not allow it.

7. The air conditioning is controlled by gestures

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

By far, the best function of the touch screen is the air conditioning. You can control the direction of the fan with your fingers and divide the air flow so that it does not reach the driver or co-pilot directly. In the rear seats, ventilation is controlled with conventional grilles in the center console.

8. The heated seats heat up really fast

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The Model 3 is an electric car with a huge battery. One of the lesser known advantages of this feature is that the heated seats heat up really fast. There are three different temperature settings and each of the five seats can be controlled individually from the screen.

9. It does not include wireless charging, but it does have four USB ports

Illustration: Tesla (Gizmodo in Spanish)

There is a lot of storage space in the center console of the Model 3, which is not an induction charging base to charge the phone wirelessly, as in other cars. What does include the premium pack of the Model 3 are two USB 2.0 ports in the front compartment and two other USB 2.0 ports on the back of the console, under the vents.

10. The glove compartment can only be opened from the screen

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The safest compartment inside the Model 3 is the glove box, which can not be opened if the car card or your phone is not nearby. The glove box door is automatic, and there is a dedicated button on the screen to open it.

11. Windshield wipers are also activated from the screen

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The steering wheel of the Model 3 has two levers, but none permanently activates the windscreen wipers. To activate them and adjust their speed, you have to press a couple of buttons on the left side of the screen.

Fortunately, there is an option for windshield wipers to activate themselves with rain. And if what you need is to quickly clean the glass, there is also a button on the left lever that turns on the windshield wipers only once. If you keep that button pressed, the Model 3 sprays windshield washer fluid on the glass and the brushes they light three times.

12. Spotify Premium comes bundled with the car

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

If you buy a Model 3 with the premium package in Europe, it will come with Spotify included as a music provider in streaming. The TesPlayer player also plays podcasts, but was not able to find my own program. The speakers are very good and the volume is quite loud.

13. There is a web browser and several easter eggs

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The LTE connection and the 15-inch screen of the Model 3 would not be the same without a web browser to read Gizmodo in Spanish. On the other hand, if you click on the "T" of Tesla at the top of the screen and then slide the window down, you will find a lot of extra functions or "Easter eggs" that include a collection of Atari games or a fart simulator.

14. Comes with a dog mode to leave your pet in the car

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

If you need to get out of the car and leave your pet inside, the dog mode will keep the air conditioning on until you return. On the screen, a message that says "My owner will be back soon" will appear with the current temperature of the car. But beware: if the battery goes below 20%, both the ventilation and the screen will turn off. In addition, the dog mode will disable the intrusion sensors and the sentinel mode, which ensure the safety of Model 3.

15. The trunk is larger than it seems

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The Model 3 has a cargo space of 542 liters divided into several compartments. The main trunk can be opened manually, from the Tesla application or from the screen. In itself it is quite large, but has a double bottom where it fits, for example, a suitcase for travel. And it includes hooks that prevent the bags from moving during the march. The problem is the manhole, which limits the volume of things that you can put there back.

16. Instead of engine, under the hood there is another trunk

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

As an electric vehicle, the Model 3 does not need a front cooling rack, nor does it have a combustion engine under the hood. What there is is another trunk. Small, but spacious enough to take advantage of it. The hood can only be opened from the Tesla application or from the screen.

17. The Model 3 never shuts down

Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

Technically, the Model 3 never goes out if it has a battery. When it is parked, it enters a resting state similar to a computer. It continues recording with the cameras in sentinel mode and can be controlled remotely from the Tesla application. When you return to the car, the music starts to sound and the fan turns again as if you had not left. No need to "start", you just have to lower the right lever of the steering wheel with the brake on and accelerate. The "start" is so silent that the transition is not perceived.

18. But you can restart it

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

If the screen is blocked, you can restart it even if the car is running by pressing and holding the two buttons on the steering wheel. If you need to restart the car in general, you have to park it, step on the brake and hold down the two buttons on the steering wheel. None of this was needed during our test.

19. It is an absurdly easy car to drive

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

As in any automatic vehicle, you just have to step on the accelerator and turn the steering wheel to go. But there are other incentives that make the Model 3 an absurdly easy car to drive. Its aerodynamics and suspension, lower than normal, improve the stability and overall control of the car. And high-end models, like the one we tested, have two engines instead of one. These are controlled digitally to synchronize the wheel traction and offer an almost instantaneous torque in all road conditions.

20. You never get bored of accelerating

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

With 351 horses, the Model 3 of Great Autonomy that we tested is not the fastest car offered by Tesla, but the brutal power of its 75 kWh battery allowed us to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 4.6 seconds, enough to overtake to a motorcycle at a traffic light or scare your passengers with a little step on the accelerator. The maximum speed of this Model 3 was 233 km / h. The Model 3 Performance, 480 hp, accelerates by 3.4 and reaches a speed of 261 km / h.

21. There are two acceleration modes and three steering modes

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The last thing you want is to step on the accelerator of a Model 3 unintentionally. Maybe that's why the default acceleration mode of the Tesla is "relax", which does not transmit so much energy to the wheels. Then, there are three modes of direction: the "comfort", which leaves the steering wheel very soft, the "sporty", which leaves it very hard, and the "standard", which is an intermediate point. Nothing that other cars do not offer.

22. The regenerative brake changes your driving style

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

Model 3 has a kinetic energy recovery system that recharges the battery by braking the car. It can be deactivated, but to maximize the autonomy it is better to leave it enabled. The difference is that the vehicle slides much less when the regenerative brake is activated. You almost do not have to step on the brake pedal: the car practically stops when you let go of the accelerator, which forces you to adapt your driving style, especially in the city.

23. You can backtrack without stopping the car completely

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

To switch between D (drive) and R (reverse) in the Model 3 you have to move the right lever of the steering wheel upwards. You can do it even if the car is sliding forward. When reversing is activated, the rear-view mirrors are automatically lowered and the rear camera is displayed. The sensors detect the proximity of obstacles and guide you three-dimensionally in the image. There is also an automatic parking mode, but it is not as fine as you would expect from a Tesla.

24. The sensors are always running

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The Model 3 has 12 ultrasonic sensors, eight cameras and a front radar to detect vehicles and pedestrians at short and long distances. The sensors are in continuous operation and the screen shows you in real time the vehicles that surround you, although the information is not always accurate.

25. There is an additional camera that does not do anything for now

Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The Model 3 has an inactive camera on the rear view mirror. For now it is useless. According to Elon Musk, it is there for when the car is completely autonomous and can be used as a robotaxi, picking up passengers and releasing them in their homes in exchange for money. Then it will work as a security camera.

26. Autopilot is limited and scary enough

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The promise of Tesla is that Model 3 will be a completely autonomous vehicle with future updates (both software and hardware, upgrading the computer to a more powerful one), but for now Autopilot is a fairly limited driver assistance system.

It is activated by pressing the right lever of the steering wheel twice. If you do not tell him anything, he stays in the same lane indefinitely adjusting the speed to maintain a safe distance with the car in front. It can come to a full stop if it encounters an obstacle. If you turn on the turn signal, it will change lanes to overtake.

And that's it…

Future updates that are already being tested will allow Model 3 to change lanes autonomously, stop at red lights or predict a road on a secondary road. For now, Autopilot should only be used on motorways, although it is possible to activate it on other types of roads.

In any case, I was quite scared, especially on the access roads to Madrid, which are always collapsed. When we entered a tunnel, Autopilot thought that we had a truck in front of us and he stopped without telling us. For now, I rely more on my own capacity for reaction, but I am convinced that the machines will end road fatalities someday.

27. You can not let go of the steering wheel with the Autopilot activated

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The regulations are clear: if you activate the autopilot, you have to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. The Model 3 is able to detect if your hands are not. Then, he asks you to turn the steering wheel slightly to continue, first with a visual signal and then with a sound.

28. Loading the car in full swing can be very tedious

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The best way to plan a trip with the Model 3 is through supercharger stations (in fact, the browser allows you to plan a trip in this way). The superchargers are much faster than conventional chargers and can fill the battery of a Model 3 in an hour and a half. A full supercharge costs around 20 euros.

Julio and I traveled from Madrid to Burgos at lunchtime. There are superchargers in both cities. In Burgos, time flew by us. The station was in a hotel with a restaurant, and we were hungry. In Madrid, the station was in an industrial estate in Getafe. There was also a hotel with a small bar, but we were no longer hungry, and nowhere to go. There was no entertainment in that place where we were confined an hour and a half.

29. Tesla recommends limiting the load to 80%

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

You can limit the maximum load of Model 3 to the level you prefer to maximize battery life. If you charge 100% too many times, the battery will degrade faster, so Tesla recommends limiting it to 80%. Of course, you can forget about this custom when you need the maximum level of autonomy that the car can offer, for example for road trips.

30. It is not the same if you do not have a plug in the garage

Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

If you do not have a garage or you can not install a counter in your parking space, then Model 3 may not be for you. It is not the same to depend on public charging stations to leave the house with the car loaded every morning. With the Model 3 at 80%, the battery allows you to move around the city without ever worrying about going through a charging station. Of course, Tesla wall connectors are not included in the price of the car. They cost 530 euros.

31. Do not trust the mileage estimate if you are going to step on it

Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The Model 3 of Great Autonomy has a range of 560 kilometers, according to the WLTP homologation cycle. However, Julio and I merged a full load on a 270-kilometer trip between Burgos and Madrid. We arrived at the Getafe superchargers with a 2% battery and with a puckered ass. It is true that it was not a relaxed trip: we were testing the acceleration, we had the air conditioning to the top and we did not stop to look at how the estimate of kilometers went down. But we did not expect to arrive in Madrid with only 10 km of margin.

32. If an engine stops working, the car is still running

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

Apart from four-wheel drive, the Model 3 of Great Autonomy has two independent engines. The car can work with either of the two, so if one stops working, is able to continue circulating with the second.

33. The application is useful, but rather slow

Screenshot: Matías S. Zavia (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The Tesla application allows you to control the Model 3 remotely. You can use the phone as a key, know the status of the load, open the trunk, sound the horn, turn on the lights, see the location of the car, unlock the vehicle remotely, activate the function Summon, activate the restricted mode, activate the centilena way, to control the maximum speed (for example, if your son goes in the car) or to control the air conditioning. The response of the car is usually slow and the most useful function, that of putting the air conditioning, is manual, so you can not program the car to be cold or hot every morning.

34. For now, the Summon function is useless

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

Tesla is testing a feature called Enhanced Summon that can travel up to 50 meters from a parking space to where you are, for example to pick you up with shopping bags. For now, Summon is an extra useless that allows you to control the Model 3 with the phone as if it were an extremely slow remote control car that can only go forward and backward. I can only think of one use: take it out of a narrow parking lot when two idiots block the doors, putting you right next to it.

35. You can park free on the street

GIF: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

In cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​zero-emission vehicles can park in the blue zone without time limitation and without paying the parking fee. In other words, you can park for free on the street.

36: And yes, the Model 3 attracts many looks

In spite of not being, strictly, a sports car.

Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)
Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)
Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)
Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)
Photo: Julio Cerezo (Gizmodo in Spanish)

Good deal: AKG N700 wireless headset goes to € 249 instead of 399

Good deal: AKG N700 wireless headset goes to € 249 instead of 399

This was the main complaint we found during our test, the AKG N700NC noise-canceling wireless headset is a great product, but its price is far too high compared to the competition from Bose or Sony. The offer of Boulanger solves this problem.

The audio quality is excellent, it has nothing to envy the Sony XM3. The memory foam pads are comfortable and the quality of workmanship remains good despite a predominantly plastic finish. Noise reduction has been very successful. On the standby side, AKG announces 20 hours of listening with Bluetooth and noise reduction enabled and up to 36 hours in wired mode with noise reduction.

To take advantage of the AKG N700NC helmet at 249 € instead of 399 €, here is the procedure to follow:

Do not miss any good plan

Choose to receive exclusive Good Deals tailored to your desires!

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