How do you measure the success of your e-mailings?

E-mailings have long since replaced the classic print mailings. No wonder – after all, sending e-mails is convenient and costs less. Another advantage is often underestimated: The key figures that provide information on the success of the mailing. More in this post.

The following key figures have become established in e-mail marketing:

subscriber numbers

Many subscribers are a sign of the success of email marketing. Unfortunately, this is only partially true, because experience has shown that when the number of subscribers is large, the other key figures tend to be worse. Unfortunately, in every e-mail distribution list there are also card corpses.

Subscriber loyalty through e-mailing

Check how long you bind subscribers to your newsletter
can. Get this over months or maybe even years,
You can assume that your e-mails are interesting and read
become. However, there are also "readers" here who were just too lazy
to log out.

Opening rate of mailings

An important measure, because it shows the actual range
Your advertising. If you send an e-mail to 10,000 people,
but only opening 5,000, your email has reached even 5,000 people.
The subject line and the start of the mail can be the opening rate
influence positively.


CTR shows how many readers clicked on a particular link in your email. You can test which offers work well and animate them to click – and thus to further information.

unsubscribe rate

The unsubscribe rate tells you how many recipients no longer want to receive your newsletter. If the rate rises, you should see this as a warning signal and take countermeasures. For example, an increasing logout rate may indicate that customers are getting too much mail from you.

Bounce rate

If the e-mail can not be delivered or you receive an automatic response from the recipient after sending, this is called Bounce. In this case, either the recipient no longer exists or the mailbox is full. If recipients repeatedly land on the bounce list, you can delete the address from the mailing list.


This is probably the most important measure, because what use high click rates and low unsubscribe rates, if you sell nothing. You should therefore measure the number of actual sales – this is the only way you can find out which actions promise success and which do not.

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Boeing Stock Falls to Key Support After Downgrade

The Boeing Company (BA) shares fell more than 3% during Tuesday’s session to key support levels near the 200-day moving average following new admissions and a survey.

The company knew that it inadvertently made an alarm alerting pilots to a mismatch of flight data optional on the 737 MAX, instead of standard as on earlier 737s, but it failed to disclose that fact to regulators for more than a year. While Boeing insisted that…

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iPhone Tips: First aid after the crash

If your iPhone stops responding to touchscreen input, the iOS operating system crashed or the current app hung up. In such an accident, there are two first aid measures that help you in seconds.

The iPhone is on strike – if no gesture helps you, only a reset helps

If an error occurs blocking an app or your entire iPhone, it stops responding to any input. This condition can also be a protective measure of the iPhone to protect it from damage, such as overheating.

One solution is to turn off your iPhone completely and turn it back on, as it closes all apps and clears memory. Technically, this is also referred to as a hardware reset. However, first check whether the entire iPhone has crashed or only the current app.

If the iPhone has crashed completely, a normal shutdown is no longer possible, because then it no longer responds if you press the standby button on the top right alone. You must then perform a reset.

How to check if only one app hangs or the iPhone has completely crashed

First, try switching to another app or launching another app. To do this, press the home button twice and select another running app or press the home button once and start another app. If the iPhone can now continue to operate, just quit the hanging app and then restart it if necessary. However, if you can not enter anything, reset your iPhone.

How to end a hanging or crashed app

There are two ways you can proceed with an unresponsive app:

  1. Press the Home button twice and then hold your finger on one of the app icons until all icons wiggle and the minus sign appears. Then tap the hanging app icon, which should then be closed.
  2. If this does not work, press the button on the top right of the iPhone for a few seconds until the red switch-off button appears. Now press the Home button and hold it until the home screen is displayed again. That includes the crashed app.

How to reset your iPhone

If your iPhone stops responding, even if you do not press the Home button or the Standby button on the upper right, a reset is required. To do this, press the Home button and the Standby button together and hold them down until the iPhone turns off. Before, the Shut-off slider will appear as when exiting a crashed app. However, just press and hold the buttons until the screen turns completely black.

Causes of the crash of your iPhone or app

If your iPhone suddenly stops responding, that's usually nothing to worry about. However, there are different causes for such crashes, and you should investigate and eliminate the cause of repeated crashes:

  • An iPhone crash or app hang is usually caused by a bug in an app. The manufacturers fix such errors usually fast, because the users otherwise vent their anger by bad reviews. After you have installed the appropriate update, the error is fixed.
  • In rare cases, the error is the operating system iOS, here then helps an update of the firmware of your iPhone.
  • If you jailbreak your iPhone, it may be the cause of the crashes. Try removing the jailbreak or reinstall Apple's original iOS.
  • A crash can also be caused by too high a temperature of the iPhone. Then turn the iPhone off and let it cool down before you start it again.
  • If a crash occurs more often, without the iPhone being overly warm and with different apps, this could be due to hardware damage. Have the iPhone checked at Apple.

In the event of a jailbreak, you need to put the iPhone into DFU mode to restore the original iOS.

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Google Assistant is updated to know you better


Chris Monroe / CNET

Let it Google Assistant is pending of your mom's birthday, and so you will not forget to buy her a gift. The digital assistant built into Google's smart speakers and Android phones will improve your ability to provide personalized advice this summer.

Google announced a series of updates to Assistant during the Google I / O developer conference this Tuesday, May 7. All these updates aim to make Assistant a more personal tool. During the event, Google also announced that Assistant can give answers 10 times faster than before.

The new functions include:

  • A "You" tab in the Google Assistant settings to organize your information.
  • Inside the You tab, you will see an overview of your activity history and your privacy settings, which you can update.
  • Personal questions based on your personal contacts. For example, you can ask how is the climate where your brother lives.
  • Best recommendations for recipes and entertainment content on smart screens.

You can organize your information under the new "You" tab. You can find this tab both in Google Assistant and in the Google Home app. The tab shows your family members and your most popular contacts, and you can add details such as the possibility of identifying that contact is your brother or sister. You can fill in information with the address and the birthday date, and then you can ask Assistant from any device for the weather or traffic where your sister lives.

You can even set a reminder to buy a gift a week before your sister's birthday, and Assistant will find the date and set a reminder.

You can even use the You tab to identify certain addresses as important places, so you can get directions to the nursery with voice commands. Some of these functions were already possible to some degree with Google Maps, but the You tab will help simplify the process.

You can also see your activity history and your privacy settings in the tab. You can delete your activity and change your privacy setting as you please.

Watch this:

Google Lens will now translate and read you posters in Spanish


In addition to knowing more details of your contacts, Google Assistant will try to make better recommendations based on past searches. If you're usually looking for vegetarian food, Google will use that information when you ask a smart Google screen to find recipes. You'll also see personalized recommendations on your smart screen, giving you suggestions for podcasts and events in your area.

New customization features – from contact details to recommendations – will begin to be deployed this summer in English. The recommendations will begin to be available on smart screens such as Google Home Hub, and the rest of the new features will reach all devices with Google Assistant, from Pixel phones to Google Home smart speakers. The advice and recommendations will be based on voice recognition, so if you have established profiles for your relatives, your partner will get recommendations different from yours.

LIVE BLOG: Do not take off from CNET in Spanish we will have all the details of the Google I / O event.

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What we expect most from Google I / O includes Avengers: …


Twitter: GIF can now be added to retweets

Twitter: GIF can now be added to retweets

Twitter just announced that we could now add a GIF to a
    retweet. A function that can be useful for all the times
    can not seem to find the right words. To use this feature, you need to press the retweet option in a
    message that we want to share. Several options are proposed for
    the addition of multimedia content, including an image, video and therefore a GIF. The update is available on Android, iOS and the version It will be available on the web in the coming months.

Use vitamin D to strengthen your immune system

Studies prove the effectiveness of vitamin D to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin D is activated by sunlight. With a view to the coming infection time, a good supply is important. What else you can do besides sunbathing to prevent flu infections can be found here.

What is vitamin D actually: effects in the body

Vitamin D is actually a hormone with multiple effects in the organism. Cholecalciferol occurs in all animal organisms. It is a fat-soluble substance with a cholesterol scaffold. In the skin, it is converted into its active form by sunlight or UV-B rays. From this then arises the hormone calcitriol.

The following effects are proven:

  • The best known is probably the regulation of calcium metabolism. It prevents both rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults. It is also important in the prevention of periodontitis.
  • It is also important for the maturation of the muscular and nervous systems. It can therefore prevent muscle pain. Also, senile dementia and Parkinson's are favored by vitamin D deficiency, if not triggered.
  • Important for our topic is the immunomodulatory effect. The maturation of the cells of the body's defense depends on vitamin D. So it has a preventive effect on many infections especially the respiratory tract on the one hand. On the other hand, it is also attributed protective effects against various types of cancer.
  • Also, the cardiovascular system needs vitamin D. One think of hypertension.

How to take care of vitamin D.

An essential factor is the sunlight. So if possible, you should sunbathe daily, even in winter. You can just sit on a park bench for fifteen minutes and have your face and hands irradiated. By irradiation with UV-B vitamin D is activated.

It is important to know that this ability of the skin decreases with age. Older people are therefore more at risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency state. Because vitamin D is liposoluble, it can be stored to some degree. The body has a self-regulation, so that not too much vitamin D is formed. In addition, one becomes brown over time, so the UV-B effect is reduced.

How much vitamin D you need and when it gets too much

The German Nutrition Society recommends the inclusion of 10 micrograms for infants, from one year of age to old age 20 micrograms daily.

A "much helps a lot" is again out of place here. Extreme intake through supplementation can lead to poisoning. This essentially leads to the calcification of blood vessels. As a result, the kidneys in particular are damaged. A recording of up to 50 micrograms equals 2000 i.E. in adults or 25 micrograms 1000 i.E. In the long term infants are considered to be safe and unproblematic. The overdose starts from 40,000 i.E.

Vitamin D from the diet

The only really high-dose source is fish oil. Yes, once again I sing a song of praise to cod liver oil. A tea to a tablespoon will cover your needs. In addition, you also take omega 3 fatty acids, which I singe elsewhere. There is hardly a better way to strengthen the defense, especially the children. If the bottle is cold, then the taste is not a problem. Read again the effects described above. Cod liver oil is healthy and should be on the menu.

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Discover Italian cities by public transport

In Italy, too, people are encouraged to refrain from using the mezzo di trasporto privato (private transport) and to prefer the il mezzo di trasporto pubblico (public transport) for many good reasons: inquinamento (pollution), rumore (noise), congestione del traffico (congestion), incidenti (accidents), stress, costi (costs) and – last but not least – multe (traffic tickets). This invitation can be all the better and more attractive for foreigners and foreigners who are unfamiliar with the città (city). Through this article, we invite you to a corsa (ride) with a mezzo di trasporto cittadino (city transport), which will certainly make fun. Salite, dunque! (So ​​please get in!).

What can you drive with?

The largest and most important Italian cities usually offer passengers:

Pullman (also autobus) = Bus

tram = Tram

Metropolitana (also metro) = Subway. (Linguistic remark: in Turin one writes this word with male gender and the accent falls on the "o": il metrò, which can be traced back to the French "le métro", which in turn is the abbreviation of "(train) métropolitai". The Turinians, for historical reasons, speak a semi-French dialect, which has also exerted its influence on this word.

From Milan, on the other hand, the feminine version of the word prevails, la metro, Abbreviation of (Ferrovia) metropolitana (so.).

Ascensore cittadino = City elevator. In città su e giù (literally "up and down cities"), i. those that extend over a narrow promontory and rise steeply a few hundred meters behind, these lifts are among the usual means of transport. Within minutes you can drive from the sea to the mountain and vice versa (Genoa is the most famous example in Italy).

Funicular = Funicular railway. They are also, but not only, for tourists and in use in several Italian cities, e.g. in Turin: funicolare di Superga; in Bergamo: one of those la città bassa (the lower districts) to la città alta (the upper districts with the old town) drives; Genoa again: funicolare di Righi; Naples: someone of you already likes the well-known ditty funiculì funiculà which was written on the occasion of the opening of the funicular to Mount Vesuvius (1880).

Keep your bearings while driving on public transport

If you have one mezzo di superficie (aboveground transport), then you have to alla fermata go to the bus stop. In the largest cities, all stops are equipped with signs that tell you the waiting time until the next transport arrives. Take care: there will be no aboard biglietti (Tickets sold): you must get these at tobacco shops, newsstands, bars or in the offices of the municipal transport company.

Once you have debited your card nell'obliteratrice (in the validator). Attention: do not forget il biglietto (s.o.) to buy or – within the first next stop – to devalue: the penalty can be up to 200 euros!

If you la metropolitana (s.o.), then you have to alla stazione (to the station) (indicated by a large white "M" on a red background). As far as tickets are concerned, the same applies to what has been said above for aboveground transport. The ticket must be canceled at specially designated passages: You enter the card into a small slot to the right of yours, and it will be returned to you after a few seconds through another slot in front of you. Then two small glass doors open: go through and take the map again.

How do the means of transport run?

It is different: some drive from one capolinea (Terminal) to the other and back, others drive in a circle, with only one capolinea (s.o.) gives!

Advantages of public transport

In many an Italian city go the risto tramTrams equipped with restaurants, where you can admire the sights while you eat.

No matter how you travel, but you prefer public transport: it is definitely worth it and in many ways! Good ride.

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What to do with a dry vagina?

It is a sensitive topic, because nobody likes to talk about the genital area. But every fifth woman complains of vaginal dryness. Mainly affected are women in and after the menopause. Women with a dry vagina can be helped.

"Sometimes an infection causes the discomfort," explains Dr. Ingeborg Reckel-Botzem, gynecologist from Hainburg. "Women are most often affected in or after menopause. Because that's where the estrogen production of the ovaries diminishes. "The sinking estrogen level causes the skin to be thinner, drier and less well supplied with blood. Unfortunately, it also affects the vaginal membrane, which develops less and less moisture. So the vagina is becoming increasingly sensitive.

"The affected women complain of persistent dryness, pain and problems during sexual intercourse, often also a burning urination," says the gynecologist. "Also sporting activities such as cycling are becoming increasingly unpleasant. The thin skin tends to bruise. It also comes quickly to tears and small bleeding. "

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy helps to counteract the vaginal dryness, which compensates for the low level of estrogen in the blood. However, if the affected patient is eligible for this therapy, the attending physician must decide individually. "If women are prone to thrombosis, estrogen therapy is not appropriate," Dr. Reckel-Botzem. "In the meantime, it is also known that estrogens accelerate their growth in certain breast cancers."

vaginal suppositories

Quite different is the vaginal suppositories containing estriol. "Estestriol is an estrogen variant and can not affect any existing breast cancer. In addition, the suppository is brought directly to the affected area. This way, the skin of the vagina can regenerate without the dreaded side effects! "

It is generally sufficient to introduce a suppository only twice a week. "You can see a positive effect here within a very short time", Dr. Reckel-Botzem, "and because of the low side effects, the suppositories are also suitable for long-term use. Of course, the health insurance companies pay the costs. "


Meanwhile, there are also various gels, with which the vaginal area can be maintained. "Many of my patients also manage successfully with a simple wound and healing ointment. Even milking grease has often proved to be sufficient. "It is important not to overfeed this sensitive body area, otherwise the problems are aggravated.

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Why You Don’t Need Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

After closing on a mortgage, many individuals immediately begin receiving daily solicitations in the mail, urging them to purchase mortgage protection life insurance (MPI). Simply put, MPI is a type of life insurance sold by banks affiliated with lenders, and by independent insurance companies, who obtain information about a person’s mortgage through public records.

MPI solicitations are often disguised as official requests…