Netflix in "Casa de Papel" mode: 3 movies and series to watch this weekend

Netflix in mode

Fans have long ticked the date in their calendar: the third season of Casa de Papel is available from Friday, July 19 on Netflix. The opportunity to pop the popcorn watching the return of Spanish robbers who still promises a lot of action. For fans of the genre, the streaming site does not lack other nuggets. Focus on Alex Pina's show and movies and series that should please you if you like screen robberies.

Casa de Papel – season 3: back for you play a bad trick   The papel casa
(2017) on IMDb
8.6/ 10134,740 votes

The "Professor", a secretive and enigmatic man has one and only ambition: to succeed in the break of the century by plundering the National Factory of the currency and the Spanish stamp. At stake ? A loot of 2.4 billion euros in small denominations and the promise of living a lavish life away from the Iberian Peninsula. To achieve his ends, he recruits eight convicts ready to do the dirty work for him. They will have to take control of the premises, print the greenbacks and leave without a single drop of blood. This is the teacher's plan and it must be respected to the letter. Unfortunately for him, everything does not always happen as planned. Once inside, the robbery apprentices will be confronted with situations that even the brains of the gang did not anticipate. And when the infernal gear is launched, not easy to escape unscathed … Especially when the Chief of Police Rachel Murillo is determined to make you fall.

What we think

Casa de Papel is clearly not the best-written or the most sophisticated series of recent years. A wobbly scenario, immature characters and sometimes grotesque turn-arounds … The show has shortcomings and did not seem to be going to restore the image of the Spanish series, at half-mast since the fa-bu-lous One, Dos, Tres. Yet, past this initial hesitation, we are surprised to get caught up in the game. Of course, the plot lags a little in length and often takes on the airs of teenage movie. But she still manages to hang. We want to know how the Professor will get his robbers out of trouble in which they are stuffed. The suspense is at the rendezvous, not bad actors and twists manage to hold breath. In short, after starting, we still want to know the end and once completed, to know more. Everything is not to be thrown away, thankfully.

An anecdote to remember

In the initial scenario, all robbers (Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Berlin, Helsinki, Moscow, Oslo and Nairobi) had an incurable terminal illness. That's why the Professor had chosen them. Finally, the idea is abandoned, except for Berlin. All the better, it seemed very wobbly.

  • Here is the trailer of this third season (beware of spoilers if you are not up to date in the series!):

Snatch: you point or you say   Snatch - You point or you say
(2000) on IMDb
8.3/ 10722,726 votes

In short

Franky steals a huge diamond in Antwerp on behalf of his boss, a notorious New York gangster. Insatiable player, he makes a stop in London and is convinced to bet on a boxing fight organized by a mafia Russian (Boris "The Blade"). He also covets the gem and intends to offload the stone his new owner. To make matters worse, other thugs also aspire to seize it and want to use the fight to take action. Franky and his diamond are then caught in an incredible series of settling scores and low blows.

An awesome movie that has not stolen its reputation as a cult feature film. With Snatch, Guy Ritchie achieves a real tour de force, that of turning a thriller full of humor, testosterone and adrenaline, all with a five-star cast. Thanks to its auto-parodic tone, it's a gangster movie that's out of the ordinary. The quest for the stolen diamond and the plans devised by the cliques of small thugs to seize it are completely barred. Shifted but not relaxed, Snatch is a successful dive in the lowlands of London. It's true that sometimes, one would get lost almost in the middle of all these characters, but the scenario is well put together and the intrigues join skillfully to form only one at the end. In his role as an excited gypsy boxer who swallows a word out of three, Brad Pitt is also truer than life. The other actors too. Add a soundtrack to the top and a neat realization and you get a movie not to be missed.

An anecdote to remember

For filming to take place under the best conditions, Guy Ritchie set up an iron discipline with a system of fines. Anyone who disturbed the filming, missed a catch or anything wrong should put their hand in their pockets. All the actors are there, the director too.

  • Check out the Snatch trailer (watch out for spoilers):

The genies of evil: when the devil dresses in prada   The genies of evil
(2018) on IMDb
7.6/ 1015,268 votes

August 28, 2003, Erie, Pennsylvania: Bryan Wells, a pizza delivery man, shoots a bank with an explosive collar around his neck. Quickly surrounded by the police, he implores: "I have a bomb attached, why does not anyone help me?" A few minutes later, the charge explodes and the gangster on Sunday dies instantly. Local TVs do not miss a beat and the story is quickly touring the country. Something is wrong. The investigators found nine pages of instructions in his car. They were supposed to help him get rid of the trap. Soon, a woman is accused of orchestrating the armed robbery. Her name is Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and has a reputation more than sulphurous …

What we think

Making a murder, The Keepers or Ted Bundy … Netflix is ​​used to offering good "true crime stories" to its subscribers. The evil geniuses are no exception. In four episodes, the voice of the director Trey Borzilierri plunges us into the shadows and inconsistencies of this singular case. Why would a mundane pizza delivery man decide to rob a bank on a whim? Could he have done it without accomplice? What is the role of the scary Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong in this dark history? The immersion in the small town of Pennsylvania where the investigation is taking place is total. Especially in addition to the testimony of the police officers in charge of the case, he managed to talk on the phone regularly with the main suspect, imprisoned since. The documentary feeds on his testimonies, which enrich him and make him even more breathless. If you are fond of investigations based on real facts, do not hesitate. The evil geniuses are part of the series to see.

An anecdote to remember

Brilliant student in her youth, Marjorie Diehl Armstrong did not enjoy less a reputation of the most sulphurous Erie. The troubled young woman is bipolar and five of her last boyfriends died in strange circumstances. In a freezer in his house, the police even found the corpse of one of his last lovers … enough to feed some doubts about the innocence of such a character.

  • Here is the trailer of the Genies of Evil (attention to spoilers):

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Why astronauts wore a machete in Apollo 11

The replica of the machete carried by the Apollo astronauts 11.
Photo: Tommy Kearns

When NASA sent humans to the moon for the first time, he wanted his astronauts to be prepared for anything. Therefore, apart from providing food, maps and medical supplies, Apollo 11 astronauts also had a 43-centimeter machete.

Yes, you read it right. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins went to the Moon with a machete. The knife, manufactured by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, was part of a standard survival pack. This year, the company has manufactured a commercial version, a replica whose price is 233 dollars, as a tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of the landing on the Moon. I have tried the knife thoroughly, always respecting the gun laws of New York, of course.

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Apollo 11: The greatest myths, true and false, about the mission that put the human being on the Moon

The arrival of man to the Moon is one of those moments that last forever in the imaginary …

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It's fun to imagine Aldrin in his spacesuit armed with a machete to defend against attacks from possible aliens, but his true purpose was a little different, more terrestrial.

"Since the beginning of the Mercury Project, NASA has always included survival equipment in its spacecraft in case there was a need for an unforeseen landing somewhere on Earth," said Bill Barry, the principal historian of NASA, in an email to Gizmodo.

"Since most of the Earth is covered by water, survival equipment has life rafts and flotation devices," Barry said. "However, they also include items for survival on Earth, which will allow crews to wait safely in most conditions to pick them up."

Basically, the astronauts were expected to land somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The place would have the presence of ships in specific coordinates to pick up the module. But, if for some reason the module landed somewhere else away from the collection team, the astronauts could use the items, like the machete, to survive.

An illustration of the 1969 NASA survival team. Do you see the knife?
Illustration: NASA

According to the press dossier distributed before the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, the survival team was designed to "provide a 48-hour survival capacity in water or land for three crew members landing at 40 degrees north latitude and 40 degrees south latitude. " In addition to the machete, the pack, which was stored above the pilot's seat, contained a three-person raft, sunglasses, a first-aid kit, water, radio equipment, sunscreen and water desalination equipment.

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Although NASA did not specifically explain why it believed that astronauts needed a knife capable of cutting through the jungle (Barry simply called it a "cutting tool"), it is easy to imagine its purpose. It is the purpose of any machete. Such a knife could be used to cut a path through the undergrowth, cut tree bark or peel fruit. Maybe they could use it to hunt or defend themselves.

The replica of the knife.
Photo: W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company

That said, let's talk about the knife. The commercial version of the stainless steel knife of W.R. Case & Son extends a little over 30 centimeters from the handle, with a sharp edge on one side and a saw blade covering the spine. The handle is made of a type of synthetic white polymer, and is fixed by brass nails.

Although part of the handle appears to have been produced by 3D printing, the information sheet that comes with the knife states that the mango materials were selected so that the knife would not degas, which would have introduced particles into the atmosphere of the capsule Apollo The knife also had to be light and not flammable. In the end, the Apollo 11 machete had an aluminum handle instead of plastic, apart from a metal sheath that would prevent it from hurting someone if it left the pac and began to float inside the capsule.

"It's an incredible knife," said Hudson Hongo, a Gizmodo editor and knife expert, before starting to play with him.

You can call me Rambo.
Photo: Tommy Kearns

Finding a place in New York where you can use a knife to cut undergrowth was almost impossible. It is illegal to load a larger knife of 10 centimeters in a public place, and as you know, the machete blade is much bigger than that.

There are only a few exceptions for the civilian population. Among them is to take the knife to a place where it will be used to "hunt, fish, camp, hike, make a picnic or play a job that requires a knife"; exhibit a knife as part of a theater or army performance; transport the knife between the place where you bought it, your house and the repair shop; or upload it as a member of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or similar organizations that need the knife to perform the group's activities.

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In other words, I could not bring the knife to the park to cut bamboo and cane. And although I asked many friends, I could not find one who had a garden with uncontrolled grass could cut. In the end, I ended up in the garden of Kelly Bourdet, editor-in-chief of Gizmodo, where my goal was to cut his weed.

I felt a lot of excitement using the machete to cut mugwort, butcher grass and clover. I bent down and hacked, trying hard to imagine that I was not in my boss's garden. In my mind, I was an astronaut lost in a dense tropical jungle. The knife was not sharp enough to make precise cuts of the small herbs, but I imagine he did everything a machete should do.

A totally valid way to use a machete.
Photo: Tommy Kearns

Of course, those who buy this knife are not going to cut grass. They will probably hang it on their wall and say "oh" and "ah" while they think they have spent more than $ 200 on an imitation of a knife that NASA sent into space. It's a great article, in my opinion, but if you need a machete, you can find a good one, which was not optimized for space travel, for less than $ 50.

Still, if you're ever on the Moon fighting hostile aliens, it's great to know that there is an appropriate weapon for the situation.

RED by SFR, B & You or Sosh: we redo the match for the best package at 10 euros

RED by SFR, B & You or Sosh: we redo the match for the best package at 10 euros

The rab goes on at Sosh, RED by SFR and B & You, who are extending their excellent mobile packages to 10 euros (and less), and that's good for lovers of good plans that have all the weapons in their hands to choose an offer adapted to their needs. As usual we will try to dissect these packages without commitment to promoting the distinction between the best.

On the left corner of the ring, SFR, the tailor of the promo and its offer RED Unlimited 40 GB to 10 €, on the right corner, B & You who responds with its Special Series B & You 40 GB to 9.99 €. In the center, Orange / Sosh who intends to arbitrate with his 20 GB package for € 9.99 for 12 months.

Duration of the promotion

Before starting the match, remember that all these promotions do not have the same period of validity. RED by SFR and B & You are sold as "unlimited" with a price of € 10 which will end only upon termination of the contract. In Sosh the promotion will be valid only 12 monthsAfter one year, the offer will return to its initial price of € 19.99. Also note the end date of promotions of our challengers: this Tuesday, July 23 at RED and Wednesday 24 side B & You and Monday 29 at Sosh.

Advantage RED and B & You

Unlimited voices

RED by SFR, B & You and Sosh offer the same services listed voice with unlimited classics to fixed and mobile France Metropolitan and DOM (excluding Mayotte) and from Europe / DOM to France / Europe / DOM. SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France (only) and from Europe and the DOM listed SFR, while Sosh and B & You SMS / MMS are unlimited in France, from Europe and the DOM.


4G data

20 GB at Orange but 40 GB of Internet to use in the hexagon SFR and Bouygues, the latter take the advantage on this point. Outside French borders Sosh is gaining ground with 20 GB of data to use from the European Union and the DOM. Opposite, RED offers an additional 4 GB to use from these destinations, while at Bouygues you will find 4 GB (to deduct from the envelope of 40 GB).

Advantage RED and sosh

The flows, the network

At RED and B & You, we rely on the home networks namely respectively SFR and Bouygues. Ditto for Sosh, except that it benefits from the best hexagonal network, Orange. According to the latest report by Arcep and 4G Monitor, between the four operators, Orange is in front even if it is challenged by Bouygues.

Advantage sosh

RED for data, Sosh for frequent travelers

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while keeping his phone number, you will have to get your RIO by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of the portability of your number.

Going back to 40 GB (against 30 last week) RED's proposal is our favorite this week, it's
 according to us the most balanced currently with a rate "valid to
"a huge data envelope for the metropolis with 40 GB and
comfortable enough for overseas (4GB extra).

In practice, the Orange / Sosh offer will stand out above all from very regular travelers who will be able to overcome the 20 GB envelope for the EU. However, it should be kept in mind that the Orange promotion is only valid for 12 months. At the end of this period, the package will resume its usual price of € 19.99 which now appears too expensive in the no commitment segment.

When Retirement Is Getting You Down

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Instagram is hiding the likes in several countries, including Brazil


Instagram is hiding the 'likes' in a test in several countries.

Picture Alliance

It is not a secret that Instagram can negatively impact the mental health of its users, especially the young. And that is that struggle to keep up with the best moments of our friends and celebrities on the Internet can be quite exhausting. That's why Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, is working to reduce some of this stress by hiding the amount of likes or "I like" that your photos receive from other users. Measure it was hinted a few weeks ago by the head of the site to share photos, Adam Mosseri.

After a similar test in Canada in May, Instagram is testing the measurement among users in several countries. Under the new system, you can see how many "I like" your photos, but your followers will not be able to do so. Similarly, you can not see how many likes They have the photos of other people.

"We want Instagram to be a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves," said Mia Garlick, Facebook policy manager for Australia and New Zealand. "We hope that this test will eliminate the pressure of the amount of likes who will receive a publication, so you can focus on sharing the things you like most. "

Instagram then said in a tweet that will extend the test to Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.

A study conducted in the United Kingdom in 2017 found that of the five most important social networks, Instagram was the most detrimental to the mental health of young people. Then followed Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in that order. In addition to playing with hide likes, Instagram also says to be working on systems to stop bullying and harassment on the platform.

Watch this:

Facebook announces its plan for a future focused on …


Amazon Prime Day Day 2: Still Great Prices on PC Devices and Components

Amazon Prime Day Day 2: Still Great Prices on PC Devices and Components

Selection updated on 16/07 at 11am

Lack of storage space, power, an aging printer and loud speakers? If you have purchases to make in the world of PC components and peripherals Amazon's Prime Day offers are ideal to complete your equipment.

Renew or supplement his equipment

For the premium subscribers it is the opportunity to give a little more money to their installation at home or to optimize their computer. For example, you can find a new multifunction printer or buy an external drive to save your data.

It's also an opportunity for anyone with a desktop or laptop PC to optimize their machine. This year the price of SSD has dropped dramatically and the performance gain offered by replacing an old drive is appreciated. It is also easy to increase the RAM available on most machines. DIYers and gamers may consider replacing a graphics card at a lower cost or why not acquire new components to assemble.

Our top 3 Prime Day at 16/07 at 11am

1. SANDISK – 1TB SSD Plus at 95 € instead of 179 €

ssd "width =" 270 "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "height =" 202 "align =" baseline

2. Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse at € 24.99 instead of € 69

Mouse "width =" 270 "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "height =" 202 "align =" baseline

3. HP 24w Full HD PC Screen 23.8 "to 92 € instead of 139 €

screen "width =" 270 "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "height =" 202 "align =" baseline

Other devices and components

Internal components

External hard drives and storage

Keyboard and mouse


PC screens


The Highest and Lowest in the World

Unemployment in the U.S. was at 3.6% as of April 2019. It was the lowest rate in the last ten years and shows the nation is recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. By way of comparison, historical research from shows the average U.S. annual unemployment rate from 1948 through September of 2017 was 5.8%.

Lowest Unemployment Rates

Below are unemployment rates taken from various government…