Physical work damages the back

Around 80 percent of all adults in Germany often suffer from back pain. There are still some misconceptions about how back pain develops and how best to treat it. One of those back mistakes is that doing physical work harms the back.

Physical work and sports do not hurt your back

A physical stress or physical work can hurt the back. But that sport and exercise are bad for the back, you can not say. Even though there are certainly movements and sports that are not necessarily back-friendly, it is still better than doing nothing.

Poison for the back are movements with one-sided movements. If you are just running, just cycling or just playing tennis, your spine will be permanently damaged. Sports such as tennis, golf or rowing, which put a great burden on the back, are particularly difficult in terms of sport.

Physical work: how back pain develops

But the main cause of back pain is above all lack of exercise and resulting tension and poor posture. These problems can be counteracted by sports and physical activity. Anyone who only sits at the desk and lies on the couch in the evening, permanently weakens the back muscles and gets problems faster than a physically active person.

Physical work: Sport strengthens the back

Those who do sports moderately or are physically active also strengthen their back muscles and are more likely to be protected from problems. It becomes problematic with high-performance athletes or people in a profession, who always claims the back in the same way through physical work. Since it is important to train the opponent of the loaded muscles, so that the core muscles remain in balance. Which exercises prevent the muscular imbalance can be explained by a physiotherapist, an orthopedist or a qualified fitness trainer.

Back killers remain sedentary activities and muscular imbalances. Research has shown that only about 5 percent of all back problems are due to exercise or physical work. This also includes the problems that arise in people who do not do sports all year round and then wear 20 boxes, a cupboard and a bed during a move. With such unfamiliar load you need then not be surprised about back problems.

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Should Google Pay a Stock Dividend?

Many technology companies pay stock dividends, or regular cash distributions from earnings, to their shareholders. Alphabet (GOOGL), the parent company of Google, isn’t one of them—despite pressure from investors and industry experts to pay them.

Dividend Disagreements

One of the reasons that investors like companies to pay dividends is that they see it as a clear sign that the company is doing well financially….

Knocked Knees No More – How to Straighten Your Legs Without Surgery!

Product Name: Knocked Knees No More – How to Straighten Your Legs Without Surgery!

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The hygiene guide for an adult that maybe nobody taught you

There are no classes that teach you basic hygiene when you grow up. Your parents can do what they can, but a surprising number of people reach adulthood with gaps in their knowledge. This article is precisely about helping to fill those gaps.

We asked our readers what necessary skills they were not taught while they were growing up. Although we received a large number of responses, skills in relation to personal hygiene were part of many of the lists. And it is understandable. Most people are not told from outside of homes about these essential daily routines, at least not until much later in life. For that reason, let's go back to the basics.

Start by forming solid habits

Of all the skills involved in personal hygiene, turning them into a habit is the skill that underlies them all. It does not matter if you know how to wash your teeth well if you only do it once a week. It may seem tangential, but it is essential. If you still do not have solid hygiene habits, start by identifying the areas where you have solid habits and start to build from them.

Therefore, if you need to create a new habit, the combination of an old one is the best way to do it. If you already have a routine to brush your teeth, apply flossing (or, if that does not work, floss in the shower). You should be open to adjusting the order in which you do things, but keep it as close as possible to your existing routine. Include it slowly in time if necessary. Although it is generally expected that we all have a complete hygiene regime for when we are adults, this may not always be the case, especially depending on how we were raised.

How to shave effectively

Learning to shave is a rite of passage for some families. Others, however, do not get to get this kind of in-depth lessons. Of all the things you may have missed growing up, there are few that could make you bleed if you do it wrong, and shaving is one of them. There are many different ways to shave, so there is not a set of correct instructions, not to mention that men and women need very different strategies for this. However, there are some basic concepts that cover all genres.

The first thing you will have to do is choose how you will shave. Electric razors are cheaper in the long term, but generally they do not provide the most accurate shaving, which means that your skin will feel rougher and you will have to shave more often. Disposable razors, on the other hand, can be much less irritating and get better results, but you will have to buy replacements every so often. You can read more about the different types of razors with respect to men here and for women here. There is an overlap between the two, but each has its own challenges.

Once you have decided what you are going to shave with, you need to learn how to shave. For women, this video can show you the basics of how to shave your legs. Men have to decide if they shave their beard or if they keep it trimmed and clean. For this last case, this video explains how to keep the beard in order. If you prefer to be clean shaven, has a handy step-by-step on this link.

Of course, sliding a blade over your body is not the only thing that matters when shaving. How and when you do it also matters. As WikiHow suggests, if you are shaving in the shower, use warm water and shave at the end. Warm water will reduce skin irritation.

How to shower properly

The showers are ubiquitous because they are essential for both cleanliness and health. They are also quite simple: take soap and rub with running water. Simple truth? Well, there are still some other things to consider. To begin with, the order in which you wash can be very important. Begin by letting the water run over your body for a couple of minutes. Warm water can facilitate the removal of dirt and debris. Make sure it is not too hot, which can dry out your skin.

As we stated earlier, you should shave towards the end of the shower. The washing of the face should also go towards the end, since this is the area that most benefits from being under warm water. Of course, all this waiting can start to feel comfortable, but do not delay too much. Today we know that spending more than 10 to 15 minutes in the shower can begin to eliminate healthy oils and damage the skin more than it helps.

You should also take care of your habits when you get out of the shower. As Women's Health points out, you could be making things worse if you do not clean your sponge regularly:

Sponge and fabrics can harbor bacteria, says dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, M.D. If you use a basic sponge, make sure to replace it at least once a month. Schlessinger says that the best way to keep sponges clean is to dry them completely between uses, even if that means keeping them out of the shower full of moisture. If you prefer wipes, use a new one every day and avoid using it on your face. This is very irritating to the skin and ends up causing dry areas, sprouts and even sores, explains Schlessinger, who recommends washing your face with your hands.

Your towels should be cleaned fairly regularly as well. Also, try experimenting with different soaps, shampoos and conditioners to find the most suitable ones for you. We have discussed on other occasions how to find the right hair product, and here you have information on the best choice between bath gel, shower gel or bar soap.

How to brush your teeth correctly

Teeth are more complex to clean than most parts of your body … and more painful if you do not. Decaying teeth can be terrible. It does not take long, but it's easy to make mistakes. Simply sliding a toothbrush on the outside of your teeth for ten seconds will not help much. As the previous video shows, it is recommended to brush for two minutes two or three times a day. You can divide your mouth into four sections and spend about 30 seconds in each.

You should also continue brushing your teeth with dental floss. Flossing is the process of placing a bead between your teeth and dislodging any piece of food or material that may be stuck, as well as sliding it over your teeth to remove any residue on surfaces. The dental care company Oral B also has a simple four-step process for flossing:

  • Use 45 centimeters of thread around the middle fingers of each hand. Pinch the floss with the thumbs and forefingers, leaving a length of between 2 and 4 centimeters. Use the thumbs to direct the floss between the upper teeth.
  • Keep a thread of 2 and 4 inches tense between the fingers. Use the index fingers to guide the floss between the contacts of the lower teeth.
  • Gently guide the thread between the teeth with a zigzag movement.
  • Slide the thread up and down against the tooth surface and below the gumline. Flosses thoroughly with a clean section of floss.

Flossing is not just for those popcorn kernels between your teeth. In fact, it's one of the best things you can do to combat bad breath (and if that's not a motivator, I do not know what it is). While you're at it, pay attention to your language too. The tongue is an often neglected part of oral care, but your tongue contains bacteria that cause bad breath. Tongue scrapers can eliminate bacteria that hide on the tongue and help reduce bad breath. Many cheap toothbrushes include tongue scrapers on the back of their heads that you can use if you do not want to buy another accessory.

The essential

There is almost no limit to the amount of extra things you can use on your body to keep it clean, smell good, or squeeze that little bit of extra beauty. Some things are necessary, others are superfluous. These are some of the things you should consider adding to your repertoire:

Deodorant: The basic function of the deodorant is to fight the odor that your body begins to emit when too many bacteria accumulate in your skin. As we said before, the brand you buy does not matter too much and most of them only differ in their aroma. Although you may want to consider an aroma-free deodorant, your personal scent can be an important part of your romantic endeavors. To get a better effect, apply the antiperspirant at night.

Mouthwash: If you practice proper oral care, mouthwash should not be totally necessary, but it does not hurt to do so either. It helps eliminate additional bacteria and can help fight cavities. Just make sure you do not use it as a brushing replacement or to mask bad breath.

Perfume cologne: The use of an artificial aroma is largely a matter of personal preference. For some it may be attractive, others may use too much and others may not use it. If you want to try experimenting with perfumes and colognes, start by learning how much is too much.

You can look for all kinds of ways to improve your appearance and hygiene if you do a thorough search, but do not let yourself be overwhelmed by fancy products or claims of scientifically super-advanced chemicals that sell you a new attraction. The basics are still the most important: wash regularly, clean your hair carefully and, if you decide to increase your natural aroma, do it gently and moderately.

Dates of the Winter Sale 2019, last days: selection of good plans still available on Monday

Dates of the Winter Sale 2019, last days: selection of good plans still available on Monday

Selection updated Monday, February 18 at 09h20 with good plans still online on this last week of winter sales.

After a third and last markdown, the 2019 Winter Sale will take tomorrow, Tuesday, February 19th. And on this last straight line, online stores do not intend to falter. Also to attract the barge some even add the discount, to previous promotions. Witness Fnac just passed the excellent TV OLED LG, the B8 in 55 inches to 1299 € instead of 1799 €. It was € 1399 last week and it was already a very good plan. Other highly engaging offers, the OnePlus 6 is listed at € 459 instead of € 569 on Amazon and the Apple Watch are heavily discounted at the same Amazon. There are still some great offers to seize on online stores and this even if the list of available offers tends to be reduced as the close of the Sale, next Wednesday …

Our selection of good deals still online this Monday, February 18


The Megaboom Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears keeps the assets of its little sister and improves some. The Megaboom (like the Boom) is clearly positioned as one of the best nomad speakers on the market.

Enjoy this good plan

A little less powerful and offering a little less bass than its big sister, the Bose Revolve is an excellent Bluetooth speaker offering a 360-degree sound of very good quality. It also costs 100 euros less than the Revolve +, which is really a good thing. For the rest, we find the characteristics of the model above: water resistance (IPX4), handsfree function and good autonomy of 12 hours, 4 less than his big sister.

Enjoy this good plan

Not rated

Marshall Monitor

This closed headphone offers a bandwidth between 10Hz and 20kHz which means that the Monitor is rather worn low frequencies. Marshall boasts the "deep" bass of his helmet. The sensitivity is 99dB and the impedance is 42 Ohm. But the great advantage of the headset is its 40mm transducer which significantly limits the distortion across the spectrum. The integrated F.T.F system also enhances the treble for those who prefer brighter sounds.

Enjoy this good plan

Innovative design, clean and dynamic and reduced footprint, we have not yet found a noise reduction headset as powerful as the Bose model. It is also very difficult to beat comfort side. On the other hand, while Bose has clearly improved audio performance with the QuietComfort 25, the quality of the sound is in our opinion below the Momentum of Sennheiser and the BackBeat Pro by Plantronics, which offers a more natural and refined sound. Note that this Bose headset also works without power (normal mode).

Enjoy this good plan

The king of the nomadic helmets is back. The successor to the excellent QC 35, which has been at the top of our ranking of the best audio headsets for a while, is still as good at sound, ease of use and design. On the other hand, it relies on its assets, the new version finally bringing only one additional button to launch the Google Assistant. Given the price of the helmet, no need to change if you already have a QC 35. But if this is not the case, do not hesitate a single second because the QC 35 II is, like his grandfather, a real jewel for audiophiles.

Enjoy this good plan

With the StayHere mounting system, the Bose SoundSport combines comfort, moisture resistance, ergonomics and audio quality to a very high standard. A helmet to advise all athletes.

Enjoy this good plan

After a Zik, first name, very successful but perfectible, Parrot had reviewed his copy with the Zik 2. Rebelote with the Zik 3! The French manufacturer is evolving its concept of ultra-connected headphones with a design that evolves to become less massive, more elegant. Comfort also improves with weight loss and greater range of hoop. The Zik 3 retains the touch headphones and the app. The latter, a true control center, allows you to adjust the sound as close to your tastes. The range of settings offered makes it a headset for polymorphic audio rendering.

Enjoy this good plan

But also :

Smartphones / Mobility:

Oops, he did it again. As last year, OnePlus is offering us this year end a "T" version of its flagship spring. And like last year, the OnePlus 6T comes to correct the defects of its predecessor. The biggest improvement is at the level of the photo part, with finally a "Flagship Killer" which can really really compete with the flagships on this point. The 6T further reduces the notch to a minimum since we have only a single drop. The icing on the cake: an impression sensor hidden under the screen for an even more attractive design. A must have in this price range.

Enjoy this good plan

With the OnePlus 6, the Chinese brand remains faithful to its recipe. And she still works. The new flagship embeds all that one is entitled to expect from a high smartphone from mid-2018, at a price and content without embellishment. You will find a 6.3 inch OLED screen notch, a very powerful Snapdragon 845 and a dual photo sensor, all in an elegant case. The OnePlus 6 does not miss its target, so it is logically once again the reference on its price bracket.

Enjoy this good plan

The iPhone X offers a real technological breakthrough, but its price is most exclusive. The iPhone 8 presents him some novelties of the order of the "incremental", but it is difficult to justify the difference in price with his grandfather, the iPhone 7. Because the iPhone 7 is the choice of the reason for the Apple tribe. A price well placed for a smartphone that remains a solid reference on the segment. Water resistance, perennial configuration, a brighter screen and for the first time on a 4.7-inch model an optical stabilization. The cheapest terminal finally has 32 GB of storage, it would almost forget the disappearance of the jack. The early adopters will probably look at the side of the iPhone X and we can not give them wrong. Pragmatists will wait for the second version of the borderless iPhone or opt now for this iPhone 7 tested.

Enjoy this good plan

Expected as the Messiah by Apple fans, the iPhone X has finally arrived and so far, it lives up to expectations. Edge-to-edge screen, flawless design, double stabilized photo sensor, and performance unmatched or almost, the iPhone X is the new iPhone that was expected since the iPhone 6. New, which will however require to relearn some gestures to use his smartphone. We will not forget the end of the TouchID fingerprint sensor in favor of FacialID facial recognition, which is not necessarily always practical. Still, the iPhone X is the indisputable choice at Apple at the end of the year for those who have the means.

Enjoy this good plan

The Galaxy S cuvée 2017 is illustrated this year by its almost edge-to-edge screen. In addition to the wow effect of this display which occupies a large front-panel position, Samsung demonstrates once again its perfect mastery with a striking screen. Infinite blacks, excellent color reproduction, a very high definition, and when the whole benefits from a design and refined case, we are not far from perfection. Especially since this Galaxy S8 is illustrated on points that count with autonomy and performance clearly above the lot and always a very practical water resistance. Only regret, if the S8 is still one of the best photophones, this year he was delighted his crown by the LG G6. Difficult in spite of all not to be under the spell of this S8 which cumulates the good points.

Enjoy this good plan

Samsung Galaxy J6 at € 149 instead of € 199 at Darty (with ODR of € 30)

Samsung is known for its high-end smartphones, like the Galaxy S9 or the all-new Galaxy Note 9. However, these devices that flirt with the 1000 € are not the most popular with the general public. To achieve significant sales volumes, the South Korean manufacturer relies primarily on entry / mid-range. And that's the niche of the Galaxy J6.

Enjoy this good plan

The pixels 3 and 3 XL are finally official. Google announces products in the lineage of Pixel 2: a hardware up to date, and especially a lot of Google in the software.

Enjoy this good plan

Third generation already for the Apple Watch. If the aesthetic evolutions are discrete over the years, the interior has evolved. This "Series 3" is always waterproof (including in seawater) and now has a GPS and especially a SIM card to access the internet without the support of an iPhone. That will be practical. But the watch obviously has all its other qualities, including the heart rate monitor and an OS that is always pleasant to use. It is only compatible with iOS and remains one of the most expensive models on the market.

Enjoy this good plan

The Apple Watch Series 4 is distinguished by its excellent connected features, outstanding performance, world-class design, and ever-improving health and fitness monitoring. But we are still waiting for autonomy to improve. With such a sharp display and such speed, we would like Apple to do even more, pushes the limits of what an assistant really means beyond having a fast, beautiful and versatile mini phone on the wrist.

Enjoy this good plan

Third Mi Mix for Xiaomi, but the 2S is the first high-end terminal launched in France by the firm. Borderless screen without notch, Snapdragon 845 and dual photo sensor for less than 500 euros. Xiaomi managed to compete with the biggest at this tight price? Answer in this test.

Enjoy this good plan

The Mi Mix 2 is the screenless smartphone that will delight Android fans. It is still not officially available in France, but there are solutions to get it.

Enjoy this good plan

But also :

TV / picture:

The LG B8 is the most accessible OLE 2018 TV of the Korean giant, and although it embeds an image processing processor lower than its big brother the C8, the difference in terms of image quality is not flagrant . It is much more on the bill however, since this model will save you hundreds of euros for an image equally exceptional, a very correct and improved compared to last year and a design as always attractive . The difference on this point is at the level of the foot since that of the C8 is elongated and curved when that of the B7 is smaller and pyramid (which is even more practical in reality). In short, this B8 offers an unbeatable price / quality ratio on the Oled market, and even on the high-end TV market in general. What to offer the best of the image for less than 2000 euros.

Enjoy this good plan

Not rated

Philips 65PUS7303 UHD

The Philips 65PUS7303 is a very good LCD television with a 4K definition, running Android TV giving a wide range of available applications, and Ambilight compatible (dynamic wall lighting that follows the images displayed). But above all, it takes advantage of the very good image processing processor Philips P5, present on the most high-end models of the brand. It also has a Direct LED backlight system (several lighting zones on the slab) which is generally better than the Edge LED (lighting from the edges of the slab), all for a price that remains relatively reasonable.

Enjoy this good plan

Not rated

Samsung QE49Q6F (2018)

The Samsung Q6F is the most affordable QLED TV of the brand. Here, no One Connect case to deport the connectors and hide the cables and no Full LED as on the Q9, we just LED on the edges (Edge LED). Nevertheless, the TV enjoys a beautiful colorimetry, a flattering contrast ratio and the very good homemade OS Samsung, Tizen. In addition to its particularly ergonomic interface, the latter embeds a few nice and exclusive functions like the ambient mode, a kind of screen saver allowing the TV to mimic your wall to blend into your interior. A nice product, but still a little expensive this said.

Enjoy this good plan

Although not given, the XF9005 offers excellent image quality, superb design and enough options to appeal to anyone who is not just looking for a good deal.

Enjoy this good plan

And also :

Photo and drone:

Not rated

Canon G9 X

With the G9 X, Canon completes its range of expert compact cameras. Due to its size and features (1 inch sensor, stabilized block and 3x zoom), the G9 X is positioned against the Sony RX100.

Enjoy this good plan

For about 600 euros, you have an expert compact camera with 20Mpx sensor with one inch of features and excellent image quality, probably the best at its price level, as well as a quick focus. However, like many of his competitors, his autonomy is quite limited (he has difficulty with a day). In addition, its ergonomics could be better. That said, the Panasonic Lumix LX15 offers excellent value for money and is therefore an interesting choice.

Enjoy this good plan

Not rated

Parrot Disco

The Parrot Disco is a drone of a new kind. He resumes the design of a flying wing, he is closer to a plane than a helicopter. Logically, this atypical design (for a drone) opens a new field of possibilities. It can reach a speed of 80 km / h. It comes with a SkyController that can manage speed, direction and altitude. You can also drive on sight. The "cockpit glasses" helmet takes the concept of a Gear VR, your smartphone is housed inside to act as a screen.

Enjoy this good plan

House :

Peripheral devices :

Keyboard and mouse


Laptop :

13 inches

14 inches

17 inches

Christmas went well thank you, the turkey and the log were not bad. On the other hand, Santa Claus did not sprain too much and the tree was a bit cold. Retreat session for the disappointed, those who miss the beautiful promotions of Black Friday 2018 or consumers who are waiting for the period of the winter sales to equip at a lower cost.

The dates of the 2019 Balances

From Wednesday, January 9, 8 am and until Tuesday, February 19, it will be expected to see promotions to sell at online merchants who intend to sell their stocks with aggressive discounts. For consumers, and after the end-of-the-year shopping compressor rollers, this is still an interesting time to do good business. If you are looking for a recent smartphone, a drone, a TV Oled 4K, a camera or a console of last generation, it's time to be attentive to the proposals of the shops .

The corners at the merchants

All the online stores know the appetence of the consumers for this traditional conso rendezvous and to attract the barge, they propose designer spaces containing all the offers available and to come. You can also count on CNET to make the selection of the best deals of the day and flush out the real good deals from this Wednesday 8am. In the meantime, you can always browse the corners dedicated to the Sale and other great deals of the main online shops:

Read also

Hypochondria: What to do about the fear of being terminally ill?

The hypochondriac has read all the illnesses that he hears from the medical records of other people in magazines and that he does not even know himself. He always pays attention to his body and constantly listens to his own body. He perceives "signals" that move him to new thought constructions. The concern is always his body, which could be seriously ill.

At some point he goes to see a doctor and informs him of his symptoms. After collecting the findings, which are usually negative, he is calmed down. After some time, doubts arise and the doctor is changed because he may have been wrong. Getting a second opinion is always safer for him.

The second opinion is identical to the first opinion of the other doctor. The patient is calm and satisfied again. The constant concern for personal health continues to haunt the patient's mind. The physical sensations change, constantly appearing new symptoms that may have the family doctor "overlooked". Thus, a cough can be reinterpreted as a lung tumor has been overlooked, because a lung film (chest X-ray on two levels) is not so easy and always clearly to read.

Fear as a trigger for hypochondria

The basic tenor of this behavior is always fear. The fear, the death, the loss of life.

This fear is usually present in people who have not dealt sufficiently with death. These people are still unaware that death is part of life. These people displace death and live in the feeling that earth life lasts forever.

They are unaware that sooner or later everyone will die. These people are unaware that if they leave home early, they do not necessarily have to return home in the evening. If these patients hear of the death of someone they knew, they become really ill and often panic.

Help for people with hypochondria

  • Seek professional help from a psychologist or life coach.
  • Face the challenge of life, learn to accept that our life is finite.
  • Take a hospital stay of several days to get a thorough check-up and discuss with the attending physician the problem you are suffering from.
  • Exercise in relaxation techniques such as yoga, autogenic training or self-hypnosis.
  • Be aware that this process is a process and will not be done overnight; but exceptions confirm the rule. #

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Salary Vs. Hourly Pay: What’s the Difference?

Bow Legs No More – How to Straighten Your Legs Without Surgery!

Product Name: Bow Legs No More – How to Straighten Your Legs Without Surgery!

Click here to get Bow Legs No More – How to Straighten Your Legs Without Surgery! at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Bow Legs No More – How to Straighten Your Legs Without Surgery! is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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TCL, owner of the BlackBerry and Alcatel brands, works on several flexible devices

TCL is exploring the possibility of creating a flexible phone that bends to become a watch.


Flexible devices are in fashion. And now even the television manufacturer TCL has entered the ring.

The Chinese company, best known for its affordable televisions and phones of its brands BlackBerry Mobile and Alcatel, is working on at least five devices that use flexible screens, which include two tablets, two cell phones and a folding phone that can be turned into a Smart watch, according to illustrations and images included in the company's patent application obtained by CNET.

A tablet has a screen that folds inward, like a shell, while another tablet has a screen that bends outward, like the Royole Flexpai. Smartphones, on the other hand, have two variants that bend inwards and outwards, but along a horizontal line, like a traditional phone cap (flip phone).

The latest phone has a tall, thin appearance and is able to bend around your wrist. None of these devices share the design of the rumored Samsung flexible phone (Galaxy X, Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold or whatever it ends up being called) that is will present on February 20 in San Francisco.

These images highlight the growing interest of the industry in flexible devices, which are considered the next big leap in the design of telephones and another way to attract our attention back to mobile phones. Users are not updating to new phones as often as before, and it becomes increasingly difficult to justify buying a new phone when it is expensive and has small improvements year after year. The industry hopes that flexible devices can change this trend and introduce a new way of interacting with our electronic devices.

These images are preliminary and TCL could change or eliminate your plans. It is unclear when these devices could reach the market.

A TCL executive told CNET last month that the company will launch its first flexible device in 2020. At that time, it was not clear what this device would be because the company manufactures many types of devices.

"It's not just about smartphones," said Stefan Streit, TCL's director of global marketing. He added that products like wearables, appliances and televisions would also benefit from the new flexible screen technology.

The illustrations show that the devices that bend have a space in the middle that looks like the Surface Book. Not much is known about these devices.

TCL is one of the leading companies in the television segment, but its profile is much lower when it comes to telephones. It reached a license agreement with BlackBerry to manufacture productivity-focused phones, and has licensed the name of the Palm to a startup that has created a rare and small device which serves as a companion for your main phone. The company hopes to nurture the recognition of its brand by getting on the wagon of one of the most striking trends in the industry.

tcl-patent-filing "height =" 0 "width =" 970 "data-original =" 49d4-a11a-e4becb191221 / tcl-patent-filing.jpg "/></span><noscript><span><img src=

A TCL patent application shows a flexible telephones that bends to become a smart watch.


Most of the major Android phone manufacturers, and even startups unknown, they are working on flexible devices. Google said it is committed to providing Android compatibility for flexible device designs. The startup Royole already sells its Flexpai flexible device for US $ 1,318 for the 6GB version of RAM and 128GB of storage. The Flexpai closes like a book, with the screen facing outwards. And even Apple has handed out patent applications for flexible phone designs.

Samsung, the world's largest phone maker, will show the fruit of its work during the launch of the Galaxy S10 on February 20. Your device, whose name has been rumored is going to be Galaxy X, Galaxy F, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Fold, is a tablet when it is fully deployed and a phone when it is folded. It uses a new screen technology called Infinity Flex Display that allows you to open and close the device again and again without wearing it down.

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