Smartphone photography: the advantages at a glance

Everyone knows these moments: an incomparable situation or a unique moment and the digital camera is at home on the kitchen table. The development of smartphone photography is all the more practical.

The latest mobile phone models now have a high-quality camera, the images of which are quite equivalent to a compact camera. Since nearly all people carry their smartphone at all times, the most beautiful motives for eternity can now be held.

On the way to the perfect mobile phone photo

The built-in cameras in the newer smartphone models are technically very far developed. Of course, the photo quality does not reach the level of the images of an SLR camera.

Many users do not even know that some changes in the light and shadow conditions already lead to a refined picture structure.

In order to get the best possible photo, you do not only have to make some special settings. Certain technical rules must also be taken into account. Basic knowledge about zooming, using the flashlight or manually setting the sharpness should not be missing from a smartphone photographer. It is, for example, not uncommon for some smartphones to photograph with the maximum megapixel resolution by the manual re-adjustment.

Only through the correct use in combination with a suitable know-how succeeds with the smartphone impressively good pictures to shoot.

Improve and share your photos

Independent of the smartphone model, special applications help the cell phone Photos. Image processing apps such as Camera + / FV-5, Pixlr-o-matic, Snapseed, Photoshop Express or Instagram have numerous tools that can significantly improve the quality of shot images.

An extensive range of features, including adding color effects and picture frames, creating horizontal shots, removing red eyes, and trimming Image segments ensure that a unique photograph is created within a few minutes.

In addition to this form of image processing, some photo apps such as Instagram also offer entry into a large online community. As with other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the formation of a large circle of friends is also a priority at Instagram. Instagram provides its users with their own community, where they can upload their mobile images and turn them around the world. However, the transfer to friends and acquaintances can be controlled extremely easily via these and other photo apps.

Due to the complexity of functions, which offer smartphones not only in the field of photography, they are regarded as true all-rounder. It is not surprising that most people prefer this form of smartphone photography to classic photography.

Smartphone photos on the advance

Often ridiculed, the photos are with the mobile phone camera in the past years have become extremely competitive to compact digital cameras. Higher resolutions and more features enable impressive images to be "out of the wrist". (19459003)

The handy format of a smartphone is definitely the plus, compared to a digital SLR camera, even if (still) cuts in function and quality of the pictures.

In principle, it is always true: a bad photo, rather than a photo at all!

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The Han Solo film seen through photos of Ron Howard [fotos]


Star Wars that Howard has been directing since on June 21, when he replaced former directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Howard has shared these images on social networks, through his account on Instagram and Twitter. Here we have gathered so you can see them all together and you can give a first look at the awaited film, which will be released on May 25, 2018. In the image, Howard appears next to the actress Thandie Newton, the star of the series

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Bowers & Wilkins Introduces First Active Noise Reduction Headset


                                                     Bowers & Wilkins launches its first active noise reduction headset, our impressions


This has not escaped Bowers & Wilkins, the reduction of active noise (RBA) seduces, even if it tends to alter the audio signal. That's why the British manufacturer launches the PX on Tuesday October 3rd, its very first Bluetooth headset capable of erasing external noise. We were able to try it out at the launch conference, so here are our first impressions.


Positioned in the high-end with a suggested rate of 400 euros, the device, in circum-aural format, embeds a noise reduction system that is possible to set according to its sound environment. Three profiles are proposed: Office, City, Airplane. The first allows you to erase the ambient noise but not the voices, the second reduces the bass to eliminate urban noise, and the 3rd cuts all types of noises. Finally, the application iOS and Android also allows to choose a level of filtration of the voices.

Barded sensors, the headset features other interesting features, such as auto on / off. The unit automatically turns the music on when it is placed on its ears and is cut as soon as an earpiece is lifted or placed around the neck.

Supporting the Bluetooth 4.1 standard, the manufacturer also boasts its compatibility with the Qualcomm aptX HD codec. The PX has a wired and USB-C charging port, for an announced autonomy of 22h in Bluetooth + RBA, 29h in Bluetooth only, 33h in wired + RBA and 50h in wired without RBA. Yes, it means that even when wired, it will turn off when it is running battery, that is a shame. Note that the PX comes with a carrying pouch, a mini-jack cable and a USB-C cable. "align =" baseline "hspace =" 10 "vspace =" 5

Our First Impressions

First of all, the PX is astonishing by its very luxurious design and its extremely clean finish. When you put it on your ears, you immediately notice that it does not tighten the head too much and that it is frankly comfortable. It is not at the level of comfort of the helmets of Bang & Olufsen but it remains very satisfactory on this point.

Listening, we find the typical sound of the brand, that is to say a very balanced, very neutral sound. That will please some, but for our part, we find it a bit bland. Anyway, the audio definition seemed very good and the Bluetooth connection stable. Note also that the proximity sensors to use the auto on / off function of the helmet have worked perfectly.

Finally, we found the customizable noise reduction system interesting , even though the three profiles seemed quite close in practice. But most of all we were impressed by the voice filtering. Nevertheless, as with all brands, the reduction in active noise tends to add bass, and with the PX, it gives a sound a little muffled. But these hot impressions will have to be confirmed during a real test.



2 proven ways to treat Lippenherpes

Especially in the cold season many people suffer from Lippenherpes. In Germany, about 32 million people are affected by this herpes disease. What causes lipherpes? What is the course of a lipherpetic infection?

What is lipherpes?

The unsightly itchy blisters on the lips are called as lipherpes. This virus disease is caused in most cases by herpes simplex virus 1. More than half of all people carry this virus, but only about 30% of the affected population is active and trigger lipherpes. In most cases, the virus is transmitted through body contact (eg by the parents) through droplet or lubrication infections before the age of 6.

Many sufferers suffer annually from Lippenherpes

There is even people who develop lip care every few months. Whenever the immune system of the patients is weakened, the herpetic disease breaks out. If you are suffering from Lippenherpes, you have already noticed that lipherpes always occurs in certain situations. This can be during or after colds, but also stress, lack of sleep, too much sun radiation, vacation or business trips and even pregnancies can trigger lipherpes.

The phases of the course of disease of Lippenherpes

    The first signs of Lippenherpes are tension feelings, tingling and itching on the lips. It occurs on the lips in certain places (often often the same) a burning and a redness.
  1. Now forming painful blisters, the virus multiplication has now reached its climax , The vesicles are filled with a clear, virus-rich fluid.
  1. Now the vesicles burst open and the highly infective liquid emerges. Now an open, painful wound has developed on the lip, which can soak.
  1. The open wound on the lip now dries out and a crust forms.

How can you treat the lips of the lips? [1945901]

Two ways to treat your lipherpetic infection have proven particularly successful:

1. Lippenherpes creams

These creams often contain the active ingredient acyclovir, which has proven particularly effective in the treatment of lipherpes. It is important that you apply the cream to your lips as soon as possible – after the first tingling. This should be done in the first 4 days every 4 hours. Acylovir fights the virus multiplication, the healthy skin cells are not strained. Lippenherpes-Patch

The small special patches have proved particularly effective against Lippenherpes. They cover the affected area on the lips and are almost invisible (they can even be overcrowded). The thin pavement promotes healing, prevents the formation of crusts and thus the formation of scarring on the lips or the adjacent skin districts.

  • If you are suffering from lipherpes, you should not have direct skin contact with other people.
  • Do not scratch the lips of the lips with the lips of the lips
  • Wash your hands very thoroughly when you come into contact with your Lippenherpes
  • This item is for sale This item is not currently available This item is in a collection This item is not in stock and must be reordered. Maintain your lips thoroughly with a lip care pencil
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    Autumn blues ade – 10 cheerful tips for the family

    Early darkness, cold fog and penetrating drizzle are among the unpleasant sides of the autumn. At the latest in November, many people have a mood of humor. The good news: there are many tips against the autumn blues. Read our best good-mood tricks for the family

    With these tricks you beat the autumn blues a snippet:

    1. Use every sunbeam

    Vitamin D strengthens the immune system, the bone density and prevents hypertension. It also protects against fatigue and depression and quickly sells the autumn blues. The body forms vitamin D when sunlight or UVB radiation hits the uncovered skin. Therefore, vitamin D is not a vitamin. In the dark winter months, the body receives too little UVB rays. By the way: The devices in the solarium but no UVB radiation from and therefore does not form here also a vitamin D

    Tip: Focus on the sun in autumn. Whenever the rays break through the autumn cloud cover, go out with your children outside or onto the balcony. If you do not have time, simply open the window.

    2. Daylight contra Melancholy

    In autumn the body has to get used to the gloomy light conditions. The body produces much more melatonin than usual, which makes us tired. The best remedy for fatigue and tribulation is daylight. When absorbed through the eyes, the nerve pathways of the eyes signal the brain to form less melatonin. Walk with your family at least once a day for half an hour. Even on a covered autumn day or during the rain, the daylight radiation is much more effective than the lighting in the home or office. Tip: Many people think that the sun rarely shines in Germany. This impression deceives. Make a list of your children with your children and start each day with the sun shining. You will be surprised!


    Who likes to go to the playground with drizzle and dripping weather? But just movement drives away the fatigue and stimulates the production of endorphin and serotonin.

    Tip: In the autumn the playgrounds are often orphaned. Think about some games for your child, such as catching or hiding. Also a ball will take you and your child on the go. This ball games liked Kindergartenkindern

    4. Discover nature

    Autumn is an exciting season. The leaves on the trees turn beautiful, there are many natural materials such as acorns and chestnuts for crafting and you can also reap fresh fruits and vegetables. Experience with your child the beauty of nature and enjoy the clear autumn air in the forest, for example.

    Tip: Collect all kinds of natural materials on your walks. It does not always have to be made of chestnut trees. Make a competition for the craziest monster. Here you can read about how to make a Maismonster with your child

    5. Playing on a rainy day

    When it rains outside twine, it is difficult not to fall into mourning. On the other hand, there is a joint play-off afternoon. Combine all social and children's games.

    Hint: Transform the gloomy autumn afternoon into an exciting adventure journey and build up a movement landscape. Here you can read about how to create safe movement landscapes in the home.

    6. Fit by vitamins

    Autumn provides us with an exquisite food chamber with fresh vegetables and fruit. Offer your child fresh food every day, for example apple and carrot slices. Carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes or noodles are also regularly on the menu. Because they stimulate the production of the happiness hormone serotonin
    Hint: Go regularly with your child on the market and marvel at the delicious food. For example, try the different apple varieties. What is your child's favorite apple? Read these creative apple ideals for healthy children

    7. Feasting makes happy

    If it is cold outside, our bodies are consuming more energy. That is why it is not bad to have a bit of chocolate or cake. When it rains and rains outside, the perfect time for a back-day with children. Waffles and muffins need little preparation and taste greats and small.
    Tip: Move the Advent Bakery into the autumn. Now you have time and leisure to bake cookies together with children. Pastry made of pancake dough tastes delicious after all. Drive it colorful

    Gray is the predominant color in autumn. Now it is high time to spice up the apartment. Place flowering flowers on the table or spread towels with strong colors in the home. Maybe your child likes to paint colorful pictures.
    Hint: A great wall decoration is self-painted mandalas. You can find templates for each level of difficulty, for example, in the town library. Copy some templates and paint them together with the family. The coloring of Mandala is entertaining and at the same time relaxing.

    9. Singing, dancing, laughing

    Emotions are mutually exclusive. Who laughs can not be silly. So try to spice up your everyday life. Pick up music and sing along with your child. And because the music goes so beautifully into the blood, all lay a brisk sole on the parquet. If you find it absurd to dance alone, you can just stretch, stretch and loosely throw. [19459019] Tip: Tongue breakers make everyone laugh. Read the best tongues for children.

    10. Into the Museum

    On a rainy Sunday you and your family do not have to trouble. Just discover the museums in your region. Most institutions are also prepared for small guests. Preschool children's facilities and children's rallies help the kids get bored. And then there's a hot chocolate in the café.
    Hint: Meanwhile almost every museum has a shop. Here you will find exciting toys for children. Take the time to explore this part of the museum as well

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    Paychex Stock Moves Higher, Ends Day Uncertain

    Paychex, Inc. (PAYX) shares soared more than 3.6% on Tuesday after the company reported its latest financial results. During the first quarter, the company’s revenue jumped 4% to $816.8 million – missing consensus estimates by $3.87 million – while net income of 62 cents per share beat consensus estimates by two cents per share. Payroll service revenue jumped 2%, while human resource services revenue increased 7% for…

    Can Oracle Win in the Cloud Space Against Amazon?

    At Oracle Corp.’s (ORCL) annual OpenWorld conference, Chairman Larry Ellison focused his keynote speech on the tech giant’s new database, Oracle 18c, while spending a significant amount of time bashing Inc.’s (AMZN) rival product.

    Amazon fired back at the Oracle co-founder with a representative of the e-commerce and cloud computing giant indicating that Ellison has “no facts, wild claims, and lots of…

    The Pixel 2 XL will arrive in November, one month after Pixel 2: report


                                                    If you want the cell phone Pixel 2 XL which could measure 6 inches and be manufactured by HTC, you'll have to wait until November to get it.

    One day before Google's hardware autumnal event, rumors surfaced that the two handsets to be announced by the tech giant on October 4 will be available on two separate dates. The Pixel 2 phone about 5 inches, will be available on October 19. On the other hand, his older brother, the Pixel 2 XL would arrive on November 15, reported Venture Beat.

    In price issues, Pixel 2 could cost US $ 649 / US $ 749 (the variation is due to space of storage between 64GB and 128GB) while the Pixel 2 XL would cost $ 849 / US $ 949, according to Droid Life.

    Despite rumors about availability date and price, other rumors include that its screen will have a resolution of 2,560×1,440 pixels, 4GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 835 processor, a 12-megapixel rear camera, a reader behind, and of course the Android Oreo operating system. Cross your fingers to make it waterproof, come with Google Lens and offer Android Pay.




    For people who want to buy one of these two phones, Google will redeem their used cell phones, and if they are the first generation of the Pixel or Pixel XL, could receive between US $ 350 and US $ 410 depending on the model and storage capacity. The information can be obtained at the time of going to buy the new Pixel in the Google Play store.

    CNET en Español will be present at the Google event this October 4, from 9 a.m. Pacific, so do not miss out on our coverage, including our LIVE BLOG.




    Microsoft Surface: announcements planned for the month of October



                                                         Microsoft Surface: announcements planned for the month of October


    Every year is held a Microsoft event called "Future Decoded" which talks about the technologies of the future in development as the name indicates. This could be an opportunity for Microsoft to unveil new developments or developments in the Surface range.

    The English site The Verge has learned that Panos Panay, responsible for Microsoft products and especially all Surface devices , would speak at the event to be held in London on 31 October and 1 November.

    This does not mean that it will be a device that is still unknown but of a possible future. upgrade as a renewal of the Surface Book whose initial version dates from two years and only had a refresh of its components last year. It could also be the arrival of a Surface Pro LTE tablet or the evolution of the Surface Hub tool.

    Earlier this year it was also about portable PCs Windows 10 under ARM, evoked by Qualcomm. The manufacturer could therefore present a laptop or a convertible with this type of capabilities which would allow the user to remain connected at all times thanks to the mobile network and without needing a Wifi connection. Microsoft had also indicated working with partners in this idea, so brands like ASUS, HP and Lenovo could be part of the game.




    How to decorate your home in autumn

    The trees lose their leaves, the days become shorter and the temperatures become increasingly cool: the golden season is here. Now is the best time to decorate the house in the autumn and turn it into a cozy, warm nest, where long autumn evenings can be enjoyed.

    Autumn not only gives nature one magical shimmer of gold, yellow and red nuances, but also provides inspiration for the beautification of your own four walls. With these simple tricks, you can decorate your apartment in autumn and it shines in new, autumnal shine:


    Even with small changes, a touch of autumn can be conjured into one's own four walls. As a rule, the living room is the center of the apartment, so it is almost necessary to embellish this room with selected decoration objects lovingly. This is also a good occasion to gather as a family around the kitchen table and to tinker together. Whether you are looking for an adventurous carnival, a scrolling pencil or a self-painted children's picture, every family member can contribute something to their taste and skill.

    The autumn is characterized by rich orange and red tones , A white sofa, for example, can be given an autumn look with a day blanket or pillow in orange and red tones.

    White or monochrome walls can be embellished with posters or prints in autumn. A particularly nice effect can be achieved with pictures, on which different greens or red tones prevail – such pictures can be found, for example, as art prints in online galleries, for example at Lumas. In the autumn you can calmly take on more contrasts – the only important thing is that the autumn colors prevail. Even with a few elements, the atmosphere and the style of a room can be significantly altered.

    2. Decoration self tinkering

    Nothing makes for more comfort in the evening than candlelight. Beautifully arranged arrangements of differently high, simple white candles or several tea lights in colored holders. With a little bit of fingernail and creativity, pretty leaves can be made from colorful leaves, rose hips and chestnuts.

    For this purpose, beautiful autumn leaves are wrapped in newspaper paper and placed between two heavy books to make them as smooth and dry as possible. Then spray a little hairspray over it, which gives the leaves shine and makes them more durable.

    In order to make the entrance area particularly inviting, one or two glowing pumpkins can be placed in front of the door – just like the Halloween decoration. Simply hollow out the pumpkins, carve a face or pattern, add a tea light, and the autumn decoration is ready. (19459009)

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