Netflix in Mexico: October 2017 releases


This month, come back Stranger Things !


Let's get to the point: this month on Netflix in Mexico (and the rest of the world) returns the impressive and popular series Stranger Things with its second season, where we hope know what happened to Eleven and what Upside Down brings to the adventurous boys of the first season. Stranger Things 2 premieres on October 27.



And if it is an adventure, this month we have to listen directly to Kate del Castillo, the Mexican actress, her version of the events in that meeting with the Chapo made public by the American actor Sean Penn in an article in the magazine Rolling Stone .

Also this month the original Spanish production arrives at the platform in Mexico Faith of Etarras When I met the Chapo, original documentary of Netflix, ]on a command of the ETA terrorist group, which opens on 12 October.

This is everything that comes to Netflix in Mexico in October:





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