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You wonder why warts should be treated homeopathically, where you can cut them off so quickly? Apart from the fact that every cut into your own flesh is a permanent injury, you should not just remove warts, because the underlying disease is only fanned by it. What is meant by that, read here.

Warts, creams and cut warts

In homeopathy, it is assumed that all phenomena that the body produces are signs that want to tell us something. Warts are among the growths, as you can easily imagine. They are often unpleasant in their appearance and also in their nature.

Nevertheless, you should not remove them in the conventional way. Similarly, as if you had something important to say and you would put your mouth on it, so does the life force. She tries to say it again, by other means.

Warts should be treated homeopathically! How so?

Homeopathy is used in the treatment of warts, just like other diseases, almost from the inside. You treat the soil and try to retune it so that warts can not grow on it.

Of course it takes a long study, because not only a remedy like Thuja makes warts disappear. So go ahead and just drizzle warts with the mother tincture of Thuja, then you're basically doing nothing but conventional medicine: they're just suppressing the symptoms.

Why should warts heal from within?

Warts should heal from within because they do not have to come back again and again. That is what you can experience when you are suppressed. Basically, everything that is suppressed, no matter what level, comes back. Then you can not see it for a while, thinking that the therapy was successful and tough, there comes the next wart, in another place – or exactly where it was before.

If you are treated homeopathically, then you will re-tune the whole organism. They aspire to reduce their tendency to proliferate. With a wart you have caught a fairly harmless growth. But what if the growths become evil?

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