Mutmacher: How is and will women finally stay slim?

Sometimes one wishes to live in a country where fat women are found to be particularly attractive. In Germany, this is currently not the case. On the contrary: thicknesses are often marginalized. It starts with finding a partner and does not stop when looking for a job. But many diets fail. What can be done to finally become slim and able to stay slim?

At the beginning of a lifelong "diet career" hardly anyone will be too fat for no reason. The calorie intake is higher than the calorie consumption, too little exercise meets too frequent and rich meals. It's that simple. At some point the mirror says: Do something! And already starts some young women – often enough as a girl – with the first diet.

The disadvantage (!) In diets is that they work once. You lose weight, often very fast. That first a lot of water and then fat is lost, is known. One knows of the yo-yo effect: the basal metabolic rate decreases; After the diet, the faster you get back to. Who wants to do this already. Do you have the courage to give up dieting in the future?

Question and answer game for a slim line

Breathe through. Relax. Then take a sheet of paper, a pen and draw once in a nutshell. Try not to cramp. Think of it as a kind of question-and-answer game.

  1. Since when do you have problems with your weight?
  2. What have you done so far to get leaner?
  3. Where were the biggest successes, where were the biggest defeats?
  4. Is your desired weight realistic? Does it really suit your personal wishes or the specifications or wishes of other people, such as your partner or even your mother-in-law?
  5. Would you feel more comfortable with the same weight if your body was firmer?

Try to figure out the causes of your overweight. Here, the support of a doctor, nutritionist or alternative practitioner may be helpful to indispensable. Make friends with the idea that you can become slim even without a diet.

Possible causes of persistent weight gain:

  1. A food intolerance and a disturbed lipid metabolism prevent permanent weight loss.
  2. They eat too little – the right thing, so fruits, vegetables, nuts, good oils, whole grains, protein.
  3. Although they eat sparingly, they drink many high-calorie drinks, such as alcohol or soft drinks.
  4. You overeat yourself too often, so your blood sugar levels are constantly on the move. After five meals have been recommended for a while, many experts again recommend three main meals plus calorie-free drinks for hunger in between.
  5. They rarely move sufficiently intense.
  6. They unconsciously sabotage themselves. Those who suppress or misjudge feelings tend to self-sabotage, such as eating attacks.

You can do that to get slim

  1. Let yourself be tested for allergies and for a while consistently do without the allergen. Watch the impact on your metabolism.
  2. Eat yourself properly fed three times a day – with healthy foods. In between, drink plenty of water and non-stimulating teas.
  3. Move a little bit more each day. Make a movement diary and enter everything. Example: Monday – 5 minutes of movement on the stepper, 10 minutes of strenuous walk. Tuesday – 7 minutes stepper, 15 minutes walk, 5 minutes of abdominal gymnastics in front of the TV.
  4. Start loving your body. Maintain each bacon roll extensively with dry brush massage and body lotion. Thank your body for its past performance.
  5. Do mindfulness exercises daily. Recognize all your feelings. So self sabotage becomes superfluous.

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