Mozilla Firefox will decline in paid version

Mozilla Firefox will decline in paid version

Currently, the vast majority of Firefox's livelihood funds come from donations or partnerships with companies like Google. To diversify its revenues, the Mozilla Foundation is preparing a Premium version of its famous browser, learned through the German site t3n. Additional services will be offered to complete the experience, against the payment of a monthly subscription.

In an interview with t3n, Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla, explains: "we believe that an innovative, dynamic and sustainable Mozilla is essential for the future of the open Internet, and we plan to be there for the long term. To achieve this, we need various sources of revenue".

We do not yet know the list of new premium services, which should arrive this fall (the first tests should take place in October), but a VPN could be involved. According to Beard, a limited amount of bandwidth could be offered in the standard version, while the Premium offer would have to be subscribed to access the private network on an unlimited basis. Other services should follow, including a secure online storage service.

Rest assured, the CEO of the foundation says that services that are free now will not pay: "what we want to clarify is that there is no plan to charge for things that are currently free ".

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