MLB Postseason: How to watch Nationals vs. Dodgers and St. Louis vs Atlanta


We enter the month in which we will know which team will relieve Boston Red Sox as the Major League Baseball team (MLB).

This Wednesday October 9 will know which are the teams that will face in the National League Championship Series. Both Nationals vs. Dodgers and St. Louis vs. Atlanta, there will be a fifth game. So far we only have one classified to the next round and it's Yankees, who swept Minnesota, in the American League.

Let's see how the series are going in the National League:

National League: Nationals vs. Dodgers

Game 1: Dodgers 0 – Nationals 6.

Game 2: Dodgers 2 – Nationals 4.

Game 3: Nationals 4 – Dodgers 10.

Game 4: Nationals 6 – Dodgers 1.

Game 5: October 9 in Los Angeles. This match can be seen on TBS.

National League: San Luis vs. Atlanta

Game 1: Atlanta 6 – San Luis 7.

Game 2: Atlanta 3 – St. Louis 0.

Game 3: San Luis 1 – Atlanta 3.

Game 4: San Luis 5 – Atlanta 4.

Game 5: October 9 in Atlanta. This game can be seen on TBS.

Below you can see the rest of the MLB postseason calendar and the options to watch the games on television and the Internet.

Divisional series

It will be played in the 2-2-1 format. That is, two games for the home, two then at the home of the visitor and then return to the home of the team with better record between won and lost.

Dodgers (106-56) and Atlanta (97-65) were the best for the National League and will start at home. Yankees (103-59) and Houston (107-55) excelled in the American League and will also start at home.

American League: Houston vs Rays

Game 1: Houston 6 – Rays 2.

Game 2: Houston 3 – Rays 1.

Game 3: Rays 10 – Huston 3.

Game 4: Rays 4 – Houston 1.

Game 5: October 10 in Houston (if necessary).

The last game can be seen FS1.

American League: Yankees vs Minnesota

Game 1: Yankees 10 – Minnesota 4.

Game 2: Yankees 8 – Minnesota 2.

Game 3: Minnesota 1 – Yankees 5.

They classified: Yankees

Championship Series

The format is 2-3-2: the first two home games of the team with the best record of the winners of the divisional series, followed by three at home of the worst record. The last two will be at home again than the one who got the best record between won and lost.

National League

Game 1: October 11.

Game 2: October 12.

Game 3: October 14.

Game 4: October 15.

Game 5: October 16 (if necessary).

Game 6: October 18 (if necessary).

Game 7: October 19 (if necessary).

American League

Game 1: October 12.

Game 2: October 13.

Game 3: October 15.

Game 4: October 16.

Game 5: October 17 (if necessary).

Game 6: October 19 (if necessary).

Game 7: October 20 (if necessary).

World Series

It starts on October 22. The ninth with the best record starts at home. The format, as in the Championship Series, is also 2-3-2.

Game 1: October 22.

Game 2: October 23.

Game 3: October 25.

Game 4: October 26.

Game 5: October 27 (if necessary).

Game 6: October 29 (if necessary).

Game 7: October 30 (if necessary).

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How to watch the postseason on television

Postseason games can be viewed through Fox, Fox Sports 1 (FS1), ESPN and TBS.

How to watch the postseason online

If you do not have cable, you can follow the postseason by Fox Sports Go app or Watch TBS app, although you must be subscribed to TV services to use these options. You can also hire the Major League Baseball Network (MLBN) service. This option has some restrictions, so you should check what games are available for the area you live.

What to do if you don't have cable?

These are the options you can use if you don't have a cable service, to watch the Major League Baseball postseason games.

Sling tv

The Orange + Sling Blue Sling TV package, which costs $ 40 a month, includes Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN and ESPN2, but not the MLB Network options. Visit the Sling TV website to see if you can get a live stream. In many markets, you can watch content on demand, but not live from local networks.

Individual plans generally cost US $ 25 per month.

PlayStation Vue

The plan has a cost of US $ 45 per month. It includes Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN and ESPN2. For $ 50 a month you get MLB transmissions. Channel alignments vary by region, so check what local and live networks you get on the PlayStation Plans page.

DirecTV Now

The cheapest DirectTV Now package costs $ 50 per month, however the usual warning applies: check the alignment of channels in your area to make sure you can watch your local TV stations live. The basic plan includes FOX, FS1, TBS, ESPN and ESPN2. However, neither the Plus package nor the US $ 70 Max plan per month includes the MLB network.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV costs $ 45 per month and includes Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN and ESPN2, but not the MLB network. For Fox games, you should check which live channels Hulu offers in your area.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV costs US $ 40 per month and includes ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, FS1, MLB Network and TBS. It is the cheapest option if you want to have the networks that broadcast the national baseball games. Check out the details about the available YouTube TV networks here.


The FuboTV sports-focused streaming service includes a live broadcast of Fox in dozens of markets along with FS1 and TBS (but not ESPN or MLB Network). It costs $ 40 the first month and after that time, $ 45.


The basic Plus package of US $ 50 per month includes Fox, FS1, TBS and ESPN. None of their plans have MLB Network. Enter your zip code here to see if Fox is available in your area. At Bat app

At Bat app is the excellent complement for MLB. TV. It works on phones and even better on tablets. If you bought a subscription to MLB.TV, you can log in to your account and watch the games live in the application.

There is a cheaper subscription option to use only with the mobile application, but it is very limited with respect to what it allows you to see. It costs US $ 20 per year (or US $ 3 per month) and allows you to listen to local or external radio broadcasts and watch a game per day during the season. You cannot choose which game you want, you are required to watch the Free Game of the Day MLB.TV.

Important: Most of the live TV streaming services mentioned above offer free trials; They allow you to cancel at any time and require a solid Internet connection.

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