Marvel sued for possible plagiarism in X-Men animated series

Image: Saban Entertainment / Fox Kids.

The animated series of X Men It is among the best adaptations of comics to television, and if you saw it you are very likely to remember the song of your presentation. However, that song could have been copied from an old Hungarian series, and those responsible for the original song are suing Marvel.

The song of the animated series of X Men It is so good that you may be humming it in your head right now. But if you listen to the song of the presentation of a Hungarian police series of the 80 called Cute, you may find it familiar.

Now, compare it to the song of X-Men: The Animated Series.

Zoltan Krisko, a Hungarian who claims to be in charge of the properties of Gyorgy Vukan, original composer of the song by Cute, he has defendant to Marvel, Disney, Fox, Apple, Amazon and others, including Saban Entertainment (producer of the series of X Men), for allegedly having plagiarized the song, and now seeks monetary compensation.

Cute It was released in 1984 in Hungary, while the series of X Men It was released in 1992. According to Krisko, he learned of the existence of the animated series based on Marvel mutants in 2017, so he has not sued so far. However, he says that people involved in the development of the X-Men series would have been familiar with the Hungarian series. According to the demand:

“In the 80s there was a collaboration of the film industry between different countries. (…) Based on information obtained and our beliefs, the accused animated film professionals, Haim Saban, (and the composers) Ronald Wasserman and Shuki Levy, were in contact with Hungarian professionals from the film industry, and knew the successful animated works in the Pannonia studios in Hungary, where there used to be local professionals, such as (the composer) Gyorgy Vukan ”.

In other words, the plaintiff says that some of the defendants frequented the Hungarian film and animation industry, for reasons of professional collaboration. In addition, the series Cute, broadcast on national television, had considerable success in the country, which could also have caught the attention of any visitor.

Anyway, the resemblance between the two songs is undeniable, so now Krisko is demanding not only the composers of the animated series of X Men, but also to the producer, distributors and others who obtained benefits or profits thanks to the series, demanding compensation and preventing Vukan's intellectual property, which Krisko represents, from being violated.

And sI joined the images of the intro from the animated series of X Men with the song of Cute, the result is even more suspicious. (TMZ via io9)