Making calls in French: That's how you express yourself correctly

Making calls in French: That's how you express yourself correctly2 min read

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Telephoning in French: example sentences in different tenses

In the second part of the series you got to know the most important formulations of the French verb "téléphoner". So that you are prepared for all situations, here is an overview of the time forms present, past and future:

I call Mrs. Meunier. / I will call Mrs. Meunier. / I called Frau Meunier.Je téléphone à Madame Meunier.Je vais téléphoner à Madame Meunier.J'ai téléphoné à Madame Meunier.
I call him / her. / I will call him / her. / I called him / her.Je lui téléphone.Je vais lui téléphoner.Je lui ai téléphoné.
I'll call her. / I will call her. / I've called you. (Plural)Je leur télephone.Je vais leur téléphoner.Je leur ai téléphoné.

Tip: Use a direct object with the verb "appeler"

Now you know what to look for in the French verb "téléphoner". If you want to bypass this grammatical cliff, get used to using the verb "appeler". Here you can transfer the German sentence construction with the direct object / accusative object into French.

  • J'appelle Madame Meunier. – I call Mrs. Meunier.
  • Je vais appeler Madame Meunier. – I will call Mrs. Meunier.
  • J'ai appelé Madame Meunier. – I called Frau Meunier.
  • Je t'appelle. – I'll call you.
  • Je l'appelle. – I call him / her.
  • Je les appelle. – I'll call her. (Plural)
  • Je vais t'appeler. – I will call you.
  • Je vais l'appeler. – I will call him / her.
  • Je vais les appeler. – I will call her. (Plural)
  • Je t'ai appelé (e). – I called you.
  • Je l'ai appelé (e). – I called him / her.
  • Je les ai appelé (e) s. – I called her (plural).

Bilingual example sentences about the verbs "call", "call back" and "call" can also be found in the article Typical Conversational Situations when making calls in French.

Bon courage et à bientôt!

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