MacBook with scissor keyboard and iPad Pro with 3D camera would arrive in 2020: report

Apple will launch a new iPad in 2020.

Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Apple will launch a new iPad Pro with a better rear camera and a MacBook with a renewed keyboard in the first quarter of 2020, according to a note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and reported by MacRumors.

The new tablet of the line for professionals will have a rear camera with 3D functions and Flight Time (ToF). The new keyboard for the MacBook would become scissor mechanism, contrary to the "butterfly" mechanism in the current MacBook, all this according to the analyst.

The ToF function is something that smartphone manufacturers are already using as a distinction for their cameras. ToF is a function that measures the distance between the camera and the lens to take better portrait images or for augmented reality functions.

The redesign of the keyboard on this new MacBook would come as a result of the three criticized generations of the "butterfly" keyboard that has led Apple to create free programs for key replacement. The keyboard "scissors" in addition to having a better operating mechanism, would be more resistant and prevent the entry of dust or small particles.

The "scissor" keyboard is rumored to make its debut later this month from the hand of a new 16-inch MaBook Pro. Kuo said in a previous report that the 16-inch MacBook Pro It will be the first laptop with this keyboard, but the 2020 models will also include it.

Apple has not commented on new products. The company is expected to hold an event this October to announce the 16-inch MacBook Pro and possibly minor updates for the rest of its Macs portfolio.

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