Lyon airport inaugurates a robot-valet service [vidéo]

Lyon airport inaugurates a robot-valet service [vidéo]

The Lyon-Saint Exupery airport has just hired four new employees with atypical profiles. These are robot carts designed by the company Stanley Robotics.

The goal is primarily to save time. All you have to do is reserve your place on the internet and leave your car in one of the twelve boxes available at the entrance of the car park. The robot picks it up and then parks it. A process that according to the video seems rather simple and effective.

You will not have to turn for long minutes through the narrow aisles of a car park to finally park with a shoehorn – guaranteed stress before taking a flight. When you return, the robot positions the car in a box, just scan your reservation to retrieve it.

According to Stanley Robotics, this is a world first for outdoor parking. For the moment, 500 places are available, but the goal is to move to 2000 then 6000 places. The other advantage is the space saving, since it is no longer necessary to drive in the parking lot, robots can optimize the parking space.

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