Lilies in Homeopathy: Veratrum album


Veratrum album (the white germer) is considered lilacs and is used in homeopathy like other lily species even in complaints with the water balance. Collapse conditions, involuntary urination and watery eyes are particularly typical of Veratrum album.

Veratrum album: imbalance in the emotional balance

Like all lilies, Veratrum album has problems perceiving and showing emotions. High ideals, usually paired with a deep religiosity, are often irreconcilably opposed to the lower instincts. Normal human emotions such as grief, anger, joy, and emotional emotion at all are held back or suppressed.

The deep human emotions of the soul are, as it were, delegated to the body and lived out vicariously there. In the body, the water balance corresponds to the emotional balance of the soul. So it is understandable why Veratrum album (and other lily species too) has so many problems with the water balance.

Veratrum album: Inner tension leads to great unrest

The discrepancy between their own high ideals and the "normal" life leads to a strong motor unrest in all lilies. While people who are constitutionally in need of Lilium tigrinum, for example, can devote themselves entirely to cleaning the home or a filigree hobby, Veratrum album likes to take refuge in mental efforts. For example, a child who is always very restless at home and can hardly sit still for a minute while eating can calmly and concentratedly concentrate on his homework for school or be completely captivated by an interesting book.

Veratrum album: A common remedy for the treatment of ADHD

So it is hardly surprising that the homeopathic remedy Veratrum album is often used in the treatment of children suffering from ADHD. Especially if a child is already plagued by very high demands on himself at an early age and despite a special talent suffers from fears of failure that lead to diarrhea or even collapse, one should think of the homeopathic remedy Veratrum album.

Veratrum album: Homeopathic treatment of anorexia and bulimia

The homeopathic remedy Veratrum album is also considered one of the remedies most commonly used in anorexia and bulimia. The tension between the too high ideals and one's own feelings and instincts can be so great that it also shows itself in food intake.

While bulimia alternates periods of cravings in which everything is consumed indiscriminately with periods of refusal to eat, in anorexia as much as possible calorie-containing food is avoided. Holding a certain weight becomes the norm (the ideal) and every increase is experienced as a misconduct and punished. The homeopathic remedy Veratrum album can provide relaxation and (usually together with a therapy) help the person to return to normal eating habits.


Veratrum album is considered an important homeopathic remedy in the treatment of ADHD. It is also used in the treatment of anorexia and bulimia. the tension between one's own high ideals and normal human emotions can lead to great motor unrest and disturbed eating behavior.

In general, people who constitutionally require Veratrum album complain of water balance discomforts such as heavy sweating, watery eyes, involuntary urination, or chronic diarrhea. Collapse states with cold sweat and severe anxiety belong to the homeopathic middle picture of Veratrum album.

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