Leave perfect voicemail messages

To leave messages in German Voicemail you probably do not need any tips anymore. To speak to an answering machine is normal. But if you do not reach an English caller, you also have to entrust your English to an answering machine. This is how you leave perfect voicemail messages.

Do not be afraid of voicemail!

You call, and only reach the answering machine of the English-speaking business partner. You have to leave a message – and you are immediately nervous. That does not have to be, because leaving a voicemail message in English is no more complicated than in German. We have a few simple tips for you.

Voicemail Tip 1: Have a message ready

Every time you make a call you should be prepared to leave a message on the answering machine. Therefore, think about the message before you dial, because you usually only have a few seconds before you have to record your voicemail message. To avoid unpleasant breaks and confusion about names, dates or numbers.

Voicemail Tip 2: Nothing Confidential

Do not talk about sensitive matters on the answering machine. They do not know if other people in the office hear the news as well. Instead, say that you call again or ask for callback:

"Greg, it's Sabine. I'll call you back about that. "
"I need to discuss some personal matters. Would you call me back, please? "

Voicemail Tipp3: Name at the beginning, number at the end

Begin the voicemail message with your company name, and then say your full name. Leave your phone number at the end of your message.

Voicemail Tip 4: Short and polite

Voicemail is not suitable for small talk or discussion. Leave the details and inform the recipient about the topic so that he can prepare a response before he calls you back. Finish the message with a polite greeting or thanks.

"I wanted to discuss the final details for the trade fair, especially the flyers and other print materials. I'll try to reach you later. Bye for now. "
"This is Sabine huber. I found the information I asked for myself, so you can stop looking now. So thanks for offering help. Talk to you later. Bye. "

Voicemail Tip 5: Not too much information

If the message is complicated or contains many details, write an e-mail:

"It's Sabine here. I was calling with the figures you asked for. They're a bit too complicated for voicemail so I'll send you an email instead. You'll get it right away. Call back if there's anything that needs clearing up. "

Voicemail Tip 6: When are you available?

If you ask for a return call, you will not only leave your number, but also tell you when you can be reached.

"You can reach me on my landline (= landline) between one and four this afternoon. After that, you'll have to call my mobile. The number is … "

Voicemail Tip 7: Speak slowly and clearly

That should be self-evident, but many people get nervous when they have to leave a voicemail message. They often talk too fast. Did you have to listen to messages on your answering machine several times because you did not understand the caller? Frustrating, right?

So take a deep breath and speak slowly and clearly. The recipient will thank you.

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