Jaybird Vista review: our opinion

Released at the beginning of the year, the Jaybird Run XTs were headphones without
    well designed wire, but some small performance issues have them
    prevented from achieving excellence. Their replacements, the Jaybird Vista,
    bring improvements that make it the product that Run XT would have
    had to be.

At 180 euros, they are a bit more expensive than they should, but they are
    among our most popular wireless headphones from 2019. They will definitely appeal to those looking for more discreet wireless sports headphones and
    offering total waterproofness.

What we liked with the Jaybird Vista

They fit perfectly to the ears and are comfortable to wear. They
    come with three tips of different sizes and especially fins for
    help get a stable and waterproof fit.

The charger case is relatively compact, lightweight, and fits in a pocket
    no problem.

They sound great, but not as good as some of the best
    totally wireless headphones like the

Sony WF-1000XM3 or Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. As long as you get a seal
    perfect, they deliver a warm and pleasant sound, with bass
    pretty well defined.

The headphones are fully waterproof IPX7 (can be fully
    submerged in shallow water for up to 30 minutes).

Autonomy has improved. It is now 6 hours to volume
    moderate and the charging box provides 10 additional hours. A
    charge of 5 minutes restores one hour of autonomy.

Vista works better than we expected
    calls, but they are not comfortable in a noisy environment. We
    can call in stereo or use each earphone independently.

We encountered some problems of interference with the connection
    Bluetooth, but nothing serious. The wireless connection was generally
    reliable. We did not experience video latency with various video applications.

Headphones have physical buttons to control playback. There is
    volume commands, but you have to program them through the application.
    To increase the volume, press the right button and the
    hold down. To lower the volume, we do the same on the earpiece

What we did not like with the Jaybird Vista

The sound is not quite as detailed or dynamic as it is on
    numerous models with exceptional sound (It is true that some of
    these models cost a little more).

They have sometimes embarrassed us a little. But after withdrawing and relocating
    the listener, everything was better. These headphones should adapt to
    most people's ears but like for many models
    In-ear, they will not fit everyone.

As we have said, the interference problems are minor,
    but with some competing models, we had no such problems during their tests on the streets of New York.

There is no transparency mode that allows you to hear the ambient sound
    if needed. Reflect Flow by JBL offers this option.

Competition Update

Positioned at the same price, the Jabra Elite Active 65T remain our reference for the sport since they are more comfortable in our opinion, a key point for this type of product. By cons, they resist sweat and water splashes but are not completely waterproof as the Vista.

Those who want to save money can also turn to Anker SoundCore Liberty Air which are also very interesting but perhaps less fine and a little less autonomous as well.


Overall, the Jaybird Vista is a nice improvement over
    Run XT. These are fun sports headphones that will hold well in
    place during your intensive workouts. But let's hope we'll see some discounts as we approach the holidays and the arrival
    other competing models.

CNET.com test
    adapted by the editorial staff of CNET France