Introductory games for the children's birthday: learn names

Did your child for the birthday party invited a multicolored crowd of guests who does not know each other? Use the door opener to the heart, which makes it easier to get together: the name. Introductory games ensure that children get to know each other at lightning speed at the children's birthday party and that the celebration is a success for all.

Mixed crowd at children's birthday

Sometimes a colorful mixed crowd of guests gathers at the children's birthday party. If you have just moved, if the child has changed school or if you are passionate about a hobby, it may be that the children do not know each other.

Where do you feel comfortable and accepted? Clearly, where you address them by name. Children in unfamiliar surroundings are sure to hear their own name. With an introductory game you help the guests at the birthday party to get to know each other quickly and to feel saved.

The names learn at the children's birthday

In the introductory games, you should stick to it as an adult, maybe even play along. They control the speed of the game and finish it when the momentum fizzles.

Throw the ball and learn names

The children sit or stand in a circle and throw a ball. They say the name of the child who should catch the ball. After a few laps the kids throw the ball faster and faster.

Name throw with wool

A variant of the ball game from above is throwing wool instead of a ball. The children say a name again and throw a ball of wool to this child. They keep the end of the wool. The child who catches the ball of yarn winds the ball once around and throws it to the next child. Of course it also says the name.

In this game variant, the children learn the names on the one hand. In addition, the group gradually spins itself in – a beautiful symbol of how the group grows together. And it's funny too.

Introductory games for schoolchildren

In this introductory game, the children learn not only the names on the birthday party, but also hobbies and preferences. As a game master, you give the instruction how the children should be grouped in the room.

  • The children line up next to each other and sort themselves alphabetically by the first letters of their names.
  • The children are sorted by birthday months, until a snake moves through the room with January children, February children, etc.
  • Children's birthday guests sort themselves into different corners of the room at lightning speed: in one the football players, in one the children who like to paint, in one the children who dance. They know the children and can invent their own categories. Some child fits in several groups. It should decide what it likes best.

Getting to know each other takes only a few minutes at the children's birthday party. But you will notice the difference that the children interact with each other in the following games, as if they have known each other for some time.

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