Inspiring children for gardening: that's how you arouse interest

In the garden there is always a lot to do for adults. But what should the children do in time? Excite them just for gardening. So you learn a lot about the cycle of nature and help with it at the same time.

However, a garden is not necessarily a prerequisite for bringing the children closer to gardening. A balcony box or the space on the windowsill is enough to sow plants and make them thrive. Even small children can take responsibility for the regular watering of houseplants. Kindergarten children are already mature enough for their own small garden projects.

Which plants are suitable for children?

Since children do not have so much patience, you should choose for the beginning of fast-growing or flowering plants. Start with cress seeds on the windowsill. Here is enough an egg carton or an old cheese box, in which one simply puts a layer of damp kitchen paper and then puts out the cress seed. The child now has the task to keep this paper moist and will soon notice how it germinates and quickly grow small plantlets, which can then be eaten. As fast-growing plants for the windowsill are also suitable:

  • Flower bulbs for spring bloomers (half in soil and pour)
  • Sow herbs
  • Orange or lemon kernels (swell in the water for one day, put in soil, pour and put a plastic bag over it)
  • mustard seeds
  • Garlic or onion in a flower pot with soil
  • Chestnuts or acorns, which later have to go outside

Gardening with children on the balcony

On the balcony, your child can take care of a balcony box. It may also have a say in what is planted or grown in it. Offer various options such as flowers, herbs or sweet vegetables. It is also possible to put flower pots with different plants in the flower box.

So the child can make different observations. If you do not have a flower box, simply use a wooden box or hanging staff. For example, hanging strawberries thrive there very well. Your child will be very proud of reaping the benefits of his own plants.

For children a private bed in the garden

A private garden is of course ideal for children to garden. Find a corner together where the child can create their own bed. Look at garden books and explain to the child which plants are particularly suitable. Again, some should be present with rapid growth, so that the child does not lose the desire. For example, sow a few radishes.

Choose plants for which a rich harvest is expected or which taste particularly delicious. These include runner beans, raspberries, strawberries, potatoes, pumpkins and tomatoes. So you have a variety of colors in the harvest time. Explain to the children what to look for in their beds: weeding, watering, removing unnecessary shoots.

Always motivate children to garden

However, do not assume that the child will perform his duties daily with the same motivation. Now and then you will have to remember it. Make him realize that the plants are hungry for water. However, if the child defends itself against gardening, it makes no sense to impose a balcony box or even a private bed. In the course of the year, try to refer again and again to the changing life in the garden. Maybe next year there will be more interest.

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