How to turn your pants into an improvised life preserver

Obviously, we hope that nobody has to use the following trick of the Navy Seals, only recommended in an extreme situation where we have been left adrift in the sea. If so, here are the three steps to turn your pants into an improvised life preserver.

This trick is news precisely because of a fact that has happened recently. A German sailor named Arne Murke fell from a sailboat during a storm and found himself in the water without a life preserver. Fortunately, Murke knew the trick used by the Navy. The man was rescued in New Zealand after more than three hours in the water.

The method uses pants to help with flotation and keep you on the surface while conserving energy while waiting for help. In addition, this tactic allows you to rest on your back so that rescuers can find you more easily. Let's see the steps:

First you have to take off your pants. Then you have to make a knot at the ends of the legs of the pants. The Navy recommends tying the two legs of the pants together and tight enough to trap air (as seen in the following video). By the way, remember to climb the fly.

The next step is to inflate. Place the opening of the waist over your shoulder and then with a movement raise the open waist above your head to collect air and then place it in the water. Then close the waist under the water to keep the air.

If the air bag we have created is not full enough, repeat the previous step, or you can try to fill the pants by submerging underwater and breathing air in the open waist.

The last step is to pass the head through the inflated legs of the pants and keep the waist closed and under water. Now we just have to wait for help and stay calm. If too much time passes, it is possible that the pants will deflate. Just repeat the steps. [Business Insider]