How to get an address in the United States to receive your Black Friday purchases


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Do you want to take advantage of the Black Friday deals from the United States but you don't live here? Do not worry, some websites offer services to deal with this problem, get an American address and forward your purchase to your country. Here are some of them and how they differ.

Choose the one that suits you best according to your country, the type of purchase and the frequency with which you make shipments, but be sure to check the customs fees, because depending on the country and the price of the merchandise, shipping can be expensive. Oh, and one piece of advice: if you plan to ship to a US address and pay by credit or debit card, notify your bank to avoid problems. If not, it might seem that someone has stolen it.

Editor's Note: This article was updated on July 11, 2019.


With the Merkalink service, users in Mexico can register for free to obtain an address in the United States. This company is not limited to parcels, but allows you to receive magazines, catalogs, documents and correspondence in general. For example, sending a package worth between US $ 51 and US $ 250, up to 2 kilos, would cost US $ 35, but check the restrictions.

Upon receiving the payment, Merkalink will carry out customs procedures and forward the package to your home in Mexico with Estafeta Mexicana. The cost of the customs agent service is included in the price.

Merkalink also offers the CompramosXti service, with which you can pay by bank deposit and Merkalink takes over the purchase process. This can be useful if you don't speak much English, you don't have a credit card or, for whatever reason, stores don't accept it.

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It matters!

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It matters!

The Mexican company ImportaYa! It is more aimed at businesses and businesses than individuals. That is why you will find some specific features that other services do not have. For example, the minimum value of the merchandise will have to be US $ 500 for each box of up to 30 kilos, but they offer cheaper rates and the possibility of making payment to suppliers.

Unlike other companies that operate worldwide, ImportaYa! specializes in the transport of general merchandise between the United States and Mexico. offers you not only the option to buy in the United States, but also in Europe. Thus, with a membership that costs US $ 36 the first year, you can have an address in Miami and one in the United Kingdom, depending on what you need.

The company also offers consolidation services that you will have to pay separately. They are in charge of preparing the necessary papers, but the invoice of the customs expenses will arrive to you once the package is in your country. Do not forget that you will have to pay this expense as well.

If, for some reason, you prefer not to buy directly from stores, you can use the SkyBOX Shops for You option. With this system, you can send a request to SkyBOX with the information of the products you want to buy, and the stores, and they will take care of making the purchase, informing you of all the expenses – including those of customs – and sending it home .

Watch its program for frequent customers, with which you can get US $ 15 when a friend and family member registers on the page, and points with your shipments that you can exchange for money.

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REDPOST is a service that provides you with a postal address in the United States to send your packages to Mexico. The subscription is free and the charge depends on the weight of the package you want to send.

REDPOST allows you to send mail and parcels. In addition, it has two types of services: the Express that guarantees the delivery of your packages in one or two days; and the Ecoexpress service, which delivers your packages within three to five days.

The cost will depend on the type of shipment and the service you choose, in addition to the weight. For example, with the Express the cost per shipment is US $ 19.95, while the Ecoexpress service has an initial cost of US $ 14.95. However, you should keep in mind that there are export taxes, which depend on the value of the package you want to send.

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PoBOX Mexico

Like other services, PoBox is an option for people in Mexico who want to buy merchandise in the United States or China.

In the case of PoBOX you can choose between a free registration that includes an address in the United States to send your purchases, a free photograph of each package and free storage for seven days.

There is also the PoBox Premium option that costs US $ 599 per year and is recommended for people who constantly order products from the United States and China. By hiring this service you save 40 percent on your shipments, it offers you an address in the United States and Europe, it offers you three photographs of each package, free storage for 30 days and you can order several packages at the same time.

PoBOX Mexico accepts different forms of payment, the shipment is a maximum of 10 days and the shipment is calculated by the weight of the package.

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