How to find your yoga style

It is popular and everyone has heard about it: Yoga is on everyone's lips. Someone who does not do yoga is now almost a minority. How do you find the right yoga direction, if you want to start with yoga or z. B. is new to the city? Here are some tips on how to find your yoga style.

Yoga can mean something completely different for everyone. There are
many different styles of yoga – sometimes with their teachings even contrary
to stand by each other.

How do you like the style of yoga that suits you?

1. Choose the right yoga style

Although Hatha Yoga is the basis for all modern yoga styles
(This is mainly about poses, stretching, breathing exercises and relaxation), but also Hatha Yoga exists in many different orientations, with different goals and target groups. Choose the right yoga style (s) for you. Ask yourself what you expect from yoga and what it should bring you.

Here is a brief insight:

  • Bikram Yoga: For people who want to sweat at 40 degrees through a set sequence of exercises.
  • Aerial Yoga: for people who want to combine yoga in the air with acrobatics. It's fun and awakens the inner child.
  • Restorative Yoga: for people who want more relaxation or z. B. are injured and want to practice a safe Yogaform
  • Pregnancy Yoga: Are you pregnant?
  • Ashtanga Yoga: for people who want to discipline their body. It is physically demanding and demanding.
  • Jivamukti Yoga: for people who are interested in vegetarianism, yoga philosophy and mantras in addition to a fluent yoga style.

In the studio or at home?

After finding a suitable yoga style, ask
Whether you prefer to train in the studio or a practice on your own
want to develop at home.

Do it yourself

If you are more independent, you may become one
develop your own practice for the home. Maybe you do not have time to
to follow the schedules of a yoga studio. It works
but only if you already have yoga experience and know what you are
get involved. Then you can practice the yoga style that you enjoy.

Buy books, CDs and DVDs. Take a look at the yoga sections of bookstores or the Internet. If you do not have yoga experience yet, it helps to start working with a personal yoga coach who comes to your home.

What you need to think about when choosing a yoga studio that suits you

When the right yoga shape is found and you are
have decided to do yoga in a studio, then comes the question: which studio suits you. The atmosphere in the yoga studio and inspiring yoga teachers are crucial to staying there. Exaggerated: Do you want yoga with "upscale class" or reach a stone floor in the factory building.

The right yoga teacher

Each teacher brings his life story and experiences. One was introduced to yoga as a child with hippie parents, traveled the world as a teenager, and completed yoga in India with various masters. Another yoga teacher may have worked as a bank clerk for the last few years, and besides his job, gives yoga classes just for fun. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Which variation suits you?

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