How to find the right one

It is possible to seek the help of a recruitment consultant when looking for a job or applying for a job – and not only if you are looked after by a transfer company or an outplacement company.

To make the cooperation between applicant and consultant productive and mutually agreeable, there is a lot to consider. Not only the professional aptitude of the consultant and his respectability should be given in each case, also the interpersonal basis between you and your advisor must be right.

So you can find recruitment consultants

If you are looked after by an outplacement company or a transfer company, you will be assigned a personal adviser, so that at least in this case, a time-consuming search for suitable personnel consultants is unnecessary. Most transfer companies and outplacement companies have multiple advisers, so switching should be easy if you and your advisor should not come to a common denominator for whatever reason.

Recruitment companies often advertise job advertisements on behalf of corporate clients so that they can also make contact. Unfortunately, however, it is often to be observed that these are fictitious offers, which merely serve to fill one's own candidate pool with good candidates in order to be better at negotiating with potential new corporate clients.

Some recruitment companies do not respond, even if you send several applications for advertisements that interest you, indicating that the company already has your application documents from another application process.

Also, a look at the Internet or the Yellow Pages allows you to find recruitment and recruitment companies in your area. In the run-up, try to find out about their way of working and seriousness through friends, acquaintances, colleagues etc. in order to avoid unpleasant surprises from the outset.

Prerequisites for productive cooperation with a personnel consultant

Which includes:

  • Mutual sympathy. If you can not stand your adviser, cooperation and cooperation are extremely difficult and usually do not lead to satisfactory results. Often the antipathy has nothing to do with the professional aptitude of the adviser, in many cases effects of transference and countertransference (for example, your counselor reminds you of your unloved uncle Harald or your bitchy primary school teacher) also play a role. Of course, the same applies analogously for the consultant, so that it is better to work with a professional colleague under these circumstances.
  • Seriousness. Reputable consultants recognize that you bill on an hourly basis and do not charge a lump sum in advance, no matter how many counseling hours you have actually taken.
  • Clarification of your qualifications, wishes and preferences. A consultant is especially serious, if he wants to impart you not only hell-bent on any company that fits so halfway to your previous career, but with you discuss which companies and / or areas of activity for you not in principle Question come.
  • If he forwards your profile to interested corporate customers, a reputable consultant will show you the short profile in advance, so that you can also receive interesting feedback from the specialist and may even ask for corrections and corrections if, in your opinion, the facts are not completely correct ,

You should avoid these recruiters

  • The counselor is disagreeable to you for any reason (see above).
  • You will not receive an answer to your application, even for a specific position.
  • The consultant wants to make you break the mold in companies, even if you have objections to mediation in a particular company, for example because you know from media reports or testimonials from former employees that there are deficits in terms of pay, corporate culture and / or working atmosphere gives. Some consultants even go so far as to admit in conversation that the company for some reason does not enjoy the best reputation, yet they want to convey you without batting an eyebrow.
  • If your advisor wants to push you into a certain path, for example, under the motto "once secretariat – always secretariat". For example, suppose you create gardens in your spare time, and have already been priced by journalists or local press with positive coverage, and now express the desire to make your hobby a career. If your advisor dismisses your wish by saying that you could continue to do so as a hobby and yet are much better off as a team assistant instead of looking together with you for opportunities to realize your career aspirations, you can not recommend the cooperation.
  • If your adviser claims to have a placement rate of 100% and that there has never been a client who could not find a job. Even good and committed consultants only have a success rate of between 70 and 86%, although this ratio also depends on further framework conditions (labor market and industry situation, your active involvement, etc.).
  • If everything about you is questioned or even negatively assessed – visited (high) schools and training centers, study and vocational qualifications, previous employers, career successes, your expertise in one or more areas, etc. To value positive is constructive criticism, for example if the counselor suggests that you are always losing in interviews because you have bad breath or wear very transparent clothing. However, if the conversation has nothing to do with factual criticism and valuable tips, but rather gives the impression that everything about you is wrong – your character, your previous employers, your shyness or your unconventional manner, etc. – this has nothing to do more with serious, constructive personnel consulting, but rather with a personal attack. You can always counter such arguments with the argument that there has obviously been one or more employers in your life who have hired you despite – or perhaps because of – your supposed shortcomings, sometimes for several years.
  • If you are a woman of childbearing age: If your adviser is still openly advocating the world view, women will sooner or later have children anyway, and thus are no longer actively available to the labor market, and you therefore fail to meet your needs and qualifications Job search supported.

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