How to activate Google Maps incognito mode so nobody knows where you're going


Screenshot: Google

A few weeks after its launch on Android, Google Maps incognito mode is now also available on iOS. Activating it prevents the application from storing the places you are looking for or visiting, preventing them from being reflected in your search, navigation and location histories, in your phone notifications or in the phones of the people with whom you share location.

To use incognito mode:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps installed, either in Google Play wave App Store.
  2. Open the "Explore" tab and click on the icon your photo in the upper right corner of the app.
  3. Touch "Activate incognito mode".

Incognito mode will remain active even if you close Google Maps. To deactivate it, press on the glasses and the hat in the upper right corner of the screen and touch “Deactivate incognito mode”. It works just like the incognito mode of Google Chrome with which we are most familiar.

Like occurs in Google Chrome, activating Google Maps incognito mode will not prevent your internet provider or the applications you have given location permissions from getting your moves. Technically, Google will also know where you are, but it will not store that data or use it to personalize your Google Maps experience. Normally, Google uses that data to show more relevant results and general information such as traffic, available parking and schedules with greater influx.

If what you want is to delete a series of locations that you have searched or visited in the past, you can now delete them in batch, both in “Your chronology” and in the visited sites tab. You can also deactivate your location history permanently by going to Settings> Location history and selecting “Pause location history”.