Homeopathy in babies: flatulence and colic

Flatulence and colic are not always the cause of crying in babies. Unrest, loud TV or music, bright light and bright colors can prevent a baby from falling asleep. But even if the caregivers are very nervous and bitchy, this translates to the child. Often, this is the cause of the evening screaming, which is confused with flatulence.

Some babies just always want to be with mom and scream as soon as you put them away. For such children, a sling is recommended. So you can do work or go for a walk. The baby always feels secure, hears the heartbeat of the mother and is shielded from the stimuli of the environment.

So everyone is satisfied. But there are also babies who just want to have their peace to sleep and prefer to lie in their bed. With empathy and by tasting you will certainly be able to recognize these causes.

Causes of babies for flatulence and colic: Fixed lactation

The causes of true colic were previously thought to be irregular breastfeeding because breast milk takes some time to be digested. Fresh milk was suspected to cause fermentation along with the half-thawed milk, and the interval between breastfeeding was set at two to three hours. This information is outdated.

Recent research has shown that babies know when they need something and that infants who are breastfed as needed have better digestion and less bloating. In addition, the crying over hunger is also added to the firm breastfeeding. Just give it a try, you'll probably quickly find out what works best for you.

Diet for flatulence and colic

The mother should eat healthy, varied and wholesome while breastfeeding. Alcohol, smoking and junk food are out of place here. Because these pollutants, but also bulking substances enter the breast milk. But one thing to reassure: many bottle children also suffer from massive flatulence and colic.

So it's not just the mother's diet that can lead to bloating. In principle, you should omit everything from which you get bloating yourself. These are often legumes such as beans, peas and lentils, cabbages, garlic and onions. Spicy spices, yeast pastries or tropical fruits can also complicate the digestion of the baby. In many cases, it can also be cow's milk or dairy products that the baby can not tolerate.

Leave all dairy products for a week or two and see if the child's behavior changes. After three to four months, the period of bloating is over with many babies, the digestive system is mature and you can reintroduce previously avoided foods carefully.

Causes of colic and flatulence in bottle children

Often the cause of flatulence in bottle children is the wrong teat hole. So the baby swallows too much air. Before drinking, the vial should stand for a while, as shaken up, small bubbles are shaken into the milk.

Too much lime in tap water is rather unfavorable for babies. Use filtered water or baby water. A very light fennel tea as the basis for the bottle food can also help to avoid the bloating. By switching to protein hydrolates, the colic improves in some cases.

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