Homeopathy for cats: loss of appetite

When cats suffer from loss of appetite, this can be due to a variety of causes that homeopathy can help cats. Chronic disorders of the liver or kidneys may be involved as well as psychological causes or vermilion. It is important to alleviate the loss of appetite as cats are not allowed to go hungry for long periods.

Homeopathy for cats: loss of appetite – causes

First, one should try to find the causes of the cat's appetite. Sometimes it's just one-sided feedings that the cat uses to eat certain foods, such as B. tuna was specialized. Here it helps to mix new types of feed in the smallest quantities under the known food, so that the cat accepts a new feed.

But if liver disorders or kidney disease could be involved, this should be clarified by the veterinarian. If it becomes clear that liver problems exist or the kidneys are not working properly, a homeopathic treatment can make a lot of sense. Homeopathy offers homeopathic remedies known as liver and kidney care products.

Homeopathy for cats: loss of appetite – Lycopodium

In kidney and liver diseases often helps Lycopodium the animal, if it is a chronic disorder. Often, liver damage can not even be assessed by examination. The cat, which needs Lycopodium, often goes to the feed and is also excited about the food preparation, as soon as you put the food in your nose, but it eats only a few chunks and goes away in disgust. This behavior almost always indicates Lycopodium.

In the evening, then a little appetite and the cat eats a bit. You should try the remedy depending on the period of application in the D 6 or C 30. The deeper potency D 6 can be given several times a day for some time. As a cure for a week and then as needed always for a few days should be enough. The C 30 potency should only be given once a day for 2-3 days and then as needed for 1-2 days, once a month.

Homeopathy for cats: loss of appetite – China

But if the cat develops appetite while it is eating, which it has refused, it can China help against the loss of appetite. Since the China drug picture and flatulence are indicated, they can also lead to a feeling of fullness, which can deter from eating.

China is a remedy used for juice loss. This can be caused by diarrhea or suppuration. Again, the lower the potency is used, the more often the remedy can be given. The higher the potency, the less often you should use the remedy.

Homeopathy for cats: loss of appetite – Abrotanum

Often, however, a vermilion is the cause of a loss of appetite. Then the cat should be dewormed and given Abrotanum as a preventive measure. This remedy can counteract a new vermilion.

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