Homeopathic remedy for infertility: Asarum europaeum

Asarum europaeum: In the homeopathic treatment, many different remedies for infertility can be used. Sepia, Pulsatilla or Folliculinum are indicated again and again. Also homeopathic remedies from the sea such as Calcarea or other mussels have a lot to do with fertility and having children.

Asarum europaeum in infertility

However, less commonly used homeopathic remedies can also help with male and female infertility. An example of this is the agent Asarum europaeum, the hazel. It was formerly used in veterinary medicine for cows who did not become pregnant. In the herbal medicine, it is now prohibited because it has been proven to cause breast cancer.

Infertility remedies: Symptoms of Asarum europaeum

Most noticeable in an Asarum patient is its incredible sensitivity to noise. The rustling of paper, a scraping on silk or similar sounds are unbearable to him. Characteristically, these people are very rational and factual and can often become stubborn or opinionated. They are very mind-oriented and may seem cold.

The timing of falling asleep is sometimes associated with unpleasant feelings such as flying and slumping or sinking. This can also be expressed in a fear of flying or fear of the elevator.

Infertility Remedies: Physical Symptoms of Asarum europaeum

These patients have hormonal imbalances or a hormone deficiency. In men, the testicles can be too small and the development is not timely, they appear physically immature.

Asarum has a craving for nuts and hazelnuts also in the form of nougat chocolate or Nutella. Mostly the patient is cold and the menses can be too early and too long lasting. The women often have severe pain in the back.

Conclusion: Small remedies do not exist in homeopathy. Even though a remedy is rarely used, it can be as profound and healing as a polychrest. Homeopaths need a lot of work and dedication to get to know and differentiate these many means.

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