Homeopathic children's remedies: When does potassium carbonicum help?

Potassium carbonicum is prescribed less frequently in children than in adults. Maybe because it is not so easy to recognize. If the entire remedy is correct, potassium carbonicum can help with asthma, chronic bronchitis or rheumatic pain. In which cases potassium carbonicum can help your child, read here.

The mental picture of potassium carbonicum children

Potassium children make a sober, tidy and calm impression. You do not want to attract attention, and maybe that's why the remedy is not so easy to spot in practice. These kids like to do practical things and enjoy what they do. At school they are ambitious, they have good grades and at home they like to help. Conscientiousness means that when they are a little older.

Rules give security

They require, similar to Calcarea carbonicum, a safe basis. A healthy family to grow up with. They love rules, norms and generally accepted behaviors. They stick to it themselves and also make sure others follow it as much as possible. Things are black or white to them. Right or wrong. Grays do not know them.

In practice, a child once gave the following indication of potassium carbonicum as an agent:

Child: The Max always makes such stupid pranks. The once wanted to play a trick on the police that should pay the 1000 euros. And in the sports lesson they are quite loud.
naturopath: What's the problem with that?
Child: You just do not do that. I do not like it. I tell him: You should not do that, because that's not good.

Here we see how important rules are for the potassium carbonicum child. That the kids are just fun with the police, can not understand.

Asthma – the typical potassium carbonicum problem

Yes, such a child would like many. If it were not for the asthma … It may start with recurring bronchitis. An irritating cough that may also be allergic. The asthma develops slowly: It occurs around 3 o'clock at night, but that is not a must. It can also come at other times of the day.

Add to that stinging pain. These can also occur in ear infections. "Like an arrow, as if that were something …" the child may report. A red, warm ear is also typical of these children and may indicate a tendency to ear infections. Lower back pain is a rare finding in children.

The feeling of suffocation is typical for asthma but can also occur if swallowed. In general, the children of potassium carbonicum shiver and are sensitive to weather changes. Overall, potassium carbonicum children are sensitive. Both mentally and physically. They are ticklish and do not like the cold stethoscope on their chest.

Conclusion: If total carbon potassium fits the child, it can do wonders. Asthma disappears and the children become more flexible and feel safer.

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