Gift ideas for Valentine's Day: heart design

Two loving hearts or a single heart are often used as a symbol of Valentine's Day. There are many ways to shape or deliver hearts. Are you also looking for ideas for the love symbol? You will find suggestions and tips, gift ideas and design suggestions in the article. Continue reading.

To make hearts of paper or cardboard for Valentine's Day

The easiest way to make pretty Valentine hearts is to make paper and napkin, cardboard or cardboard shapes.

  • The surprise starts already at the table cover. Heart-folded napkins or motif napkins with hearts are the perfect accompaniment to a festive breakfast, a dinner for two or an invitation to a romantic dinner in your own home.
  • Greeting cards as heart or with heart also offer several ways to bring your attention to Valentine's Day. Cut a folded sheet of paper into a heart and label it with a poem, personal words. Additional instructions for your own greeting cards for Valentine's Day can be found in the article "Valentine's Day: Tips and Ideas".
  • For people with little time: Free samples for downloading and printing Valentine's Day cards with hearts can be found on the website
  • As a gift idea is a self-designed cardboard heart box; decorated with napkin technique, decoupage paper, acrylic paints or with a collage. Read about how napkin technology or decoupage technology works. You will also find instructions in the portal ꞌꞌShaping and Decoratingꞌꞌ. Collagen chocolate boxes in heart shape provide an ideal base.

How to shape hearts from Styrofoam, acrylic or sticks for Valentine's Day

For Styrofoam hearts there are design options with sequins, fabric, lace and colors, while you can decorate a heart of sticking mass very well with plant parts and flowers. Acrylic hearts are suitable for filling.

  • As a decoration for Valentine's Day, decorate styrofoam hearts with red sequins from crafting supplies. The sequins are stuck with short pins. Make the hearts hanging or digging. A rectangular glass with colored sand is suitable for this purpose. For a suspension, pin narrow satin ribbon to both hearts at each of the top 2 halves.
  • Another alternative is when you paint the Styrofoam hearts with acrylic paint in red, pink or pink.
    After drying, take red or white ruffled Tip and pin them around the outer edge of the two hearts with pins. For pink and pink are also tips in turquoise.
  • For a gift idea, use a styrofoam heart tin and decorate it with sequins. Read about the sequin technique also ꞌꞌNew Trend: Making and shaping with sequinsꞌꞌ.
  • Acrylic hearts fill with colorful ribbons, pearl necklaces, scattered pieces or sweets. Use acrylic hearts that are divisible in the middle for this purpose.
  • Small hearts or other favorite flowers are suitable for a heart with sticky mass. For live flowers, take flower pops as wet plug foam. For artificial flowers and straw flowers dry Steckmasse is suitable.

You can get even more tips here.

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