Funny games in the snow

When it's snowing outside, it does not keep the children's birthday guests indoors. You do not need much preparation for these fun games in the snow. Just make sure that all children wear warm clothes. And in between there is a hot cocoa or children's punch to warm up.

Snowball target throw

Paint a target or figure in the snow. The children throw snowballs at the target.

Alternative: Blow up a balloon and hang it in a tree. First choose a long distance to the target, which steadily decreases until a child hits the balloon.

Betting slip

Divide the children into groups. Each group receives a plastic garbage bag. One child sits down on the sack, the others pull. Which group will make the selected route the fastest?

snow angels

A classic: The kids fall backwards in pristine snow. With the outstretched arms from top to bottom press the snow like angel wings. Which angel is the most beautiful?

obstacle course

  • Men's rubber boots
  • carriage
  • rope

The children overcome an obstacle course. All children run individually, time is stopped. After the start the child slips into big rubber boots. The stations: slalom course, target throwing, sitting on the sledge pulling on a rope for a certain distance, crawling under sledges, jumping over snowdrifts.

Snow dodgeball

Divide the children into two groups. Mark three playing fields in the snow. The two groups face each other and in the middle field are one or two balloons. The children try to blow the balloon with snowballs into the field of their opponents.

Snowball Season

Divide the children into two groups. Set a route with start and finish. The children are distributed along the route. After the start whistle, the starting players form a snowball. The children have to transport them to the finish by throwing. If the snowball falls apart or on the ground, the children start from the beginning.

Sled fight

Two children face each other on the sledge. By puffing yourself with the pillows, they try to shove each other off the sled. Whoever falls first has lost.

Hide in the snow

Hide white objects in the snow on a certain area. Who finds most things.

Snowglobe betting rolls

All children start with a fist-sized snowglobe at the same time. You have a minute. Which child has the biggest ball?

Snowbound attack

Divide the children into two groups. Each group has five minutes to build a snow castle in the form of a wall or a snow hill. The castles face each other. Behind the snow castle the children distribute burning tealights. Behind it stands the team of the respective Schneeburg. The children try each other to throw out the tealights with snowballs. This game is very funny and atmospheric in the dark.

Classic for the snow

Never go out of style these games:

  • Snowball fight,
  • Snowman,
  • Building snow monsters or snow animals,
  • sledding,
  • Build an igloo.

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