Funny Easter Quiz with puzzle questions for children

Funny Easter Quiz with puzzle questions for children2 min read

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Test the knowledge of your child with the Easter quiz

1. Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

A: Because winter is finally over.
B: Because cars are allowed to use summer tires again.
C: Because Jesus rose from death.

2. Easter can only take place in two months of the year. Which months are these?

A: February and March
B: March and April
C: April and May

3. What is the 40-day Lent before Easter?

A: Ramadan
B: Passion time
C: Spring

4. When does Lent begin?

A: Ash Wednesday
B: Palm Sunday
C: spring beginning

5. What do you call the Thursday before Easter?

A: Passion Thursday
B: Maundy Thursday
C: Holy Thursday

6. What is the name of the Easter bunny?

A: Master lamp
B: Master Isegrimm
C: Master Langohr

7. In Australia the Easterbilby brings Easter eggs.

A: The Easterbilby is a rabbit's nose bagger.
B: The Easterbilby is a platypus.
C: The Easterbilby is the kangaroo and it carries the eggs in its bag.

8. There is a practical reason why Easter eggs are colored.

A: Colorful Easter eggs are easier to spot in grasslands.
B: Colorful colored boiled eggs are easier to distinguish from unpainted uncooked eggs.
C: The color keeps the eggs longer.

9. Both the Easter bunny and the Easter eggs are symbolic of …

A: Spring
B: Health
C: fertility

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10. The Dutch Admiral Jakob Roggeveen discovered Easter Island in 1722 on Easter Sunday. What is this island famous for?

A: For a complicated maze.
B: For his huge stone sculptures.
C: For the mass distribution of rabbits.

11. What is celebrated 50 days after Easter?

A: Pentecost
B: Christmas
C: Ascension

12. Russian emperors in particular left precious Easter eggs made of gold and precious stones
finished. What's your name?

A: faience eggs
B: Tiffany eggs
C: Fabergé eggs

13. Where does the Pope Easter Sunday in Rome hold the Easter Mass?

A: In St. Peter's Basilica
B: On St. Peter's Square
C: In the Pantheon

14. In the Middle Ages the egg was not only a food but also …

A: means of payment
B: juggling ball
C: paperweight

15. Before the Easter bunny could prevail, brought what other animals
Easter eggs?

A: Cuckoo, cock, stork
B: squirrel, marten, mouse
C: pig, cat, eagle


1C, 2B, 3B, 4A, 5B, 6A, 7A, 8B, 9C, 10B, 11A, 12C, 13B, 14A, 15A

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