Free or RED SFR: what is the best fiber internet offer this week?

Free or RED SFR: what is the best fiber internet offer this week?

Until Monday, November 12, the Freebox mini 4K Free is offered at 14.99 euros per month for one year instead of 34.99 euros. A particularly attractive offer given the many benefits it has but beside, the RED Box at 22 euros per month for life ahead of serious arguments especially as it is still accompanied by the options Debit Plus 1 Gb / s and unlimited calls to mobile at no extra cost. The SFR proposal will also end on Monday, November 12, the opportunity to compare these two offers that are among the most attractive market.

Duration of promos

There is no no condition of duration on the fiber offer of RED by SFR. This RED Box without commitment will be charged 22 euros per month for the duration of your subscription and you will be able to enjoy free Debit Plus and unlimited mobile calls until the termination of your contract.

Opposite, Free's promo has an end date. It will cost you 14.99 euros per month for one year then 34.99 euros per month. In addition, it imposes a commitment of 12 months is the duration of the promotion.

Advantage RED by SFR

What flows?

Out of promotion, the RED Box displays a download speed of 200 Mb / s and a send speed of 50 Mb / s. Except that currently, the option Flow Plus is offered, usually it is charged 5 euros. It allows you to enjoy a downward flow of 1 Gb / s theoretical and upward flow of 400 Mb / s. On the side of Free, its Freebox mini 4K is able to reach theoretical downward flow up to 1 Gb / s and upflow up 600 Mb / s against 400 Mb / s just a few months ago.

Free Advantage

On the side of the unlimited

With the option offered unlimited calls to mobile (usually charged 5 euros) RED by SFR takes the advantage on the calls. For calls to landlines, the two proposals are equivalent, to landlines in France and to more than 100 destinations from the RED Box fiber and to landlines and more than 110 destinations since the Mini 4K.

Advantage RED by SFR

What to watch on TV?

At RED, there are two options with decoder included in 2 and 4 euros per month who understand 35 and 100 channels. The point goes to Free since more than 220 channels are accessible without additional cost with Freebox TV on his mini 4K.

Free advantage

Who is the best equipped?

The fiber box of RED by SFR presents a recent technical sheet with the Wifi AC 5Ghz with 3×3 antennas (1300 Mbps theoretical), 4 Ethernet ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. The decoder (from 2 euros / month) is compatible UHD / 4K and accompanied by an "omnidirectional remote control with integrated QWERTY keyboard". It can record up to 8h of TV content in the cloud.

On Free's Free Server Server, Wifi is limited to 802.11n 2.4GHz (theoretical 450 Mbps). It has 4 Ethernet ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. Compatible UHD / 4K, the Freebox Player runs on Android TV.

For the internet part, the box RED by SFR is more interesting with particular a much faster Wi-Fi.

Advantage RED by SFR

What we think

By selecting the TV 100 channels option at 4 euros per month, the RED by SFR fiber box comes back to 624 euros after two years. For the same subscription period, the Freebox mini 4K will make you spend a total of 599.76 euros. Rates close enough but the box of Free is hampered by its Wifi 802.11n server and its Wi-Fi speeds much lower than the box SFR. And since the Debit Plus option is now available at RED, its fiber box proposal appears to be the most attractive this week.

And on the competition side?

Regardless of this face to face between the two operators who are the most aggressive on prices, and to go further, you can also check our selection of the best fiber offers. This comparison is updated with the latest offers, promotions or additional services: