Formulate a cancellation in style

If you have to formulate a cancellation, it is important to convey that the invitee, such as your boss, reluctant to stay away from the event. We have a few tips for you on how your rejection leaves a good impression.

Cancellation: Fast and suitable

  • Send a cancellation not at the last moment, but as quickly as possible.
  • Choose a medium that complies with the invitation: You can not cancel an official invitation letter with an e-mail. Choose a reply card or write a letter.
  • Also: give the reason for the cancellation. Best true – and if that is not possible, at least very credible.

Wording tips for a cancellation

  • Thank you for the invitation:
    "I am very honored that you chose me as a keynote speaker for …"
  • Appreciate the occasion:
    "I always enjoyed participating in your events. An invitation from you has always guaranteed a stimulating and entertaining evening. "
  • Express regret:
    "I've tried everything, but unfortunately my appointment in Berlin can not be postponed."
  • Do not forget good wishes:
    "A wonderful celebration wishes you …"

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