For these 5 reasons your cell phone reception could be a problem

Despite ever better mobile phone technology and a progressive supply of transmission towers, problems with telephony or wireless data use are still a common topic. Sometimes the problems are caused by very simple causes, which can be remedied quickly and easily.

Here are the five most common reasons for inadequate or missed cell phone reception.

1. Insufficient network coverage

Despite the progressing state of expansion, not all regions of Germany promise undisturbed cell phone reception. In particular, rural areas with sparse population or individual farms in remote areas miss a strong send and receive signal. If you constantly have a poor mobile phone reception in places where you regularly visit, you should check the network coverage in the affected area.

On the Internet there are good search options for this, with which you can determine which network is available in which strength at the respective location. If it appears that your network is shown to be moderate or inadequate, you should consider switching providers and using a network with better reception in the affected area. Since a number portability should hardly be a problem, the associated effort keeps within narrow limits.

2. Structural disabilities

Reinforced concrete, thick walls, basement floors – in many areas of buildings the mobile phone reception is often bad. Since the radio waves are very difficult to penetrate massive walls and are also distracted and disturbed by steel beams, veneering materials and other insulation materials, it is not unusual in such objects to disconnections. Telephone calls are only in poor quality or not possible. It is therefore best to search the entrance or outdoor area to make calls or use the mobile Internet. Sometimes it is enough to stand close to a window. Here you should perceive a much better reception.

3. Disturbing radio waves of another kind

In modern households, commercial premises and also in public institutions, more and more WLAN networks are being set up. There are also radio frequencies from security and janitorial services, the police, the fire brigade and internal service teams. All these systems are connected to a more or less strong transmitting device whose radiated signals can disrupt normal mobile phone reception in some cases massively. Here as well, if you want to use your mobile phone or smartphone undisturbed, try to find a place outdoors (eg on a terrace) or close to the window.

4. Insufficient battery power

For a trouble-free and sufficiently good mobile phone reception is possible, enough energy must be available. Mobile phones require significantly more power to set up a phone call than in standby or while using simple apps. If a lot of energy has already been consumed by many phone calls or intensive data usage, the still available battery power may not be sufficient to make a call without interference.

You should therefore always pay attention to the best possible charge of your cell phone battery. If you are traveling a lot, it is advisable to bring a battery pack for quick charging. Alternatively, you can also use the increasingly available charging options in trains or restaurants to keep the battery of your cell phone always at a high level.

5. System problems in the device

Often forgotten but also an important reason for reduced or even completely disturbed mobile phone reception are system problems in your device. Internal malfunctions, such as an app that has hung up or due to a short power interruption, can cause malfunctions that interfere with or completely prevent the transmission of transmission signals. It is therefore advisable in case of poor or non-existent reception first always a complete restart of the affected phones. In not a few cases, the existing problem can be solved quickly and easily.

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