For 30 years of the Web, surf the sites and navigators of the 90's

For 30 years of the Web, surf the sites and navigators of the 90's

As the web celebrates its 30th birthday, the "Oldweb Today" website allows browsing through the ages and discovering what the first mainstream Internet browsers looked like. If it is not the first website to offer this type of experience, we think in particular Wayback Machine that can explore Web pages saved over time, Oldweb however brings a small originality.

It is possible to choose a browser of the time to really realize the browsing experience, from the start of the browser to the loading of the web page. To feed web archives, relies on the project Internet Archive which proposes its famous Wayback Machine. Load to the framework to emulate the environments and browsers of yesteryear like here the site of Apple in 1997 since Netscape 3.04.

Back to RTC

And at the end of the 90's, it was a test of patience to load a web page. The era was at the RTC, analog modems at
plug into his phone jack (delivering a sweet melody that
will delight the nostalgic) and ensuring speeds of 14.4 Kb / s or even
better 56 Kb / s. It took more than 3 minutes to load 1 MB … If the loading time of the pages has been considerably reduced with ADSL then fiber, at the same time the web pages have also considerably increased with the weight of images, advertising always more intrusive and greedy resource and different tracking scripts.

From the very first cross-platform consumer browser, NCSA Mosaic, developed in 1992 to the various versions of Internet Explorer (including version 4 of 1997), Netscape Navigator (from version 3.4 to 3.4) or Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome, Oldweb offers a real dive into the past that should speak to the old and let the youngest discover this time. The opportunity also to discover CNET France in 2005.

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