Facebook: Safety Check installs permanently



                                                     Facebook: Safety Check installs itself permanently


As new attacks hit Spain and Russia a few days ago, Facebook announces Monday August 21 that its Safety Check will soon become more accessible. This allows users to report safely or to ask for news of their loved ones in the event of a crisis.

Previously, Facebook activated Safety Check periodically when global crisis reporting agencies informed it of an ongoing disaster or attack. The device then became visible to the people in the area. It will now be integrated into the social network (web site and mobile application) permanently via a specific button in the main menu of favorites.

The operation remains the same, but users will have access to an additional feature allowing them to know at any time when the device was recently activated, that in order to offer their help.

The deployment of the new button is progressive, concludes the social network. "The information they need", adds Facebook without specifying their nature. For the moment, it has not yet made its appearance in France.