Even in the case of black ice safely through the winter

Not only does winter have its charming sides with landscapes of snow-capped fir-tops, but it also shows its uncomfortable face when it covers the streets and sidewalks with black ice, turning it into real slides. How to properly protect yourself even in the case of black ice.

Especially after a sudden onset of winter with black ice and snow, the potential for danger in road traffic increases rapidly. There are still some who are traveling without winter tires, and others underestimate snow conditions and weather conditions. Therefore, especially now increased caution is announced.

Caution – not only with black ice

One of the top responsibilities of tenants and owners in the event of snow and ice is to clear the sidewalk from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. With several tenants a plan for the clearing service should be created, because an accident happens on the not cleared sidewalk, the owner or the responsible tenant is liable.

For your own protection you should provide suitable shoes with coarse-profile soles, as these provide better traction in wintry weather conditions.

Black ice and road traffic

In order to get safely through the traffic even with black ice, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Have the winter tires been reared or did my all-season tires have the identification m + s (mud and snow) or the symbol of the snowflake?
  • Are all discs free of ice before the ride, so I have a complete all-round view in the vehicle?
  • Is there enough antifreeze in the windscreen wiper system and in the radiator? Otherwise, cleaning the windows at arctic temperatures could be a nasty surprise.

Avoid unnecessary trips in case of black ice

One of the safest ways to get through the cold season safely on slippery ice is to avoid unnecessary rides. Is it absolutely necessary to be the car on the way to the bakery, if you can do the route without much effort on foot? If a ride can not be avoided, pay attention to a speed which is appropriate to the weather conditions and to sufficient distance from the vehicle in front.

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