Disney + will land in France on March 31

Disney + will land in France on March 31

We now know how long it will take to wait before we can
    discover in France the new series

Star Wars The Mandalorian
created specifically for

Disney +
. The Walt Disney Company has just announced that its video service at the
    Request streaming will be available in France, Germany, Spain,
    Italy and the United Kingdom from 31 March 2020. Until then, the completeness
    of The Mandalorian season 1 will have been aired
    overseas. Remember that Disney + will be available in the United States,
    Canada and the Netherlands starting next week, November 12

Disney Plus is perhaps the most iconic example of the
    reorientation of Hollywood to streaming video against Netflix, Amazon and
    soon Apple. With technology giants investing in
    billions of dollars in their own movies and series and attract the
    consumers far from traditional pay television, the
    Mickey decided to remove all of his content from other services for
    gather on its own streaming platform with new programs
    original and exclusive.

In the United States, Disney + will cost $ 7 a month. The price in euros is not
    not yet known, but rumors suggest a price of 6.99 euros for the



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