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Too slow, too immobile, too few! Increasingly, the fertility of men is an issue in fertility couples. The spermiogram provides information about sperm quality, number and lifetime. If the sperm are too slow or immobile and too few fertilization is unlikely. But what can be done to improve the spermiogram?

Doctors are often at a loss when no organic causes are found. The hormone therapies for men are immature and still in the experimental phase and the tips that can be found in forums and on websites, not all men help. If the spermiogram is bad, good advice is needed.

What can you do if you have a bad spermogram?

In holistic medicine, we not only consider the function of a single body part, but the entire organism. The quality and quantity of sperm are closely related to the hormonal balance and the hormones always have a close connection to the psyche. If the testosterone is too low, then the sperm are worse.

But why is there a low testosterone level? High levels of prolactin (the lactating hormone) also lead to poor sperm. But why is a prolactin level too high? As a rule, these questions are not asked by the medical profession and no answers are available.

Testosterone and Yang deficiency

In Chinese medicine one would usually speak of a yang deficiency. Yang means to be full of self-confidence and creative with male energy in the world. These Yang qualities are hard for many men today. On the one hand, you should be male, but on the other hand also "understanding women", to act gently, calmly and thoughtfully. When our ancestors still had to stand with swords their man, there was certainly less testosterone deficiency.

Fear of failure and stress hormones

The stress of calendar sex "always ready" and to be efficient, the sperm is even more. Because the stress hormone cortisol inhibits the fertility of men.

And soon fears or fears come up, as one fails. Even stress at work, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and especially drugs harm the sperm. If then the diet is bad or a previous illness such as mumps or undescended testicles is found, often seems to come only artificial insemination or ICSI in question.

Treatment of bad spermiogram

In order to improve the spermiogram, you have to take at least three months, because so long does the sperm need to mature. A longer treatment time is useful. During this time, the topics of nutrition, detoxification, stress reduction and mental stress should be addressed concretely. Homeopathic treatment can not only boost sperm quality but also reduce the psychological pressure to perform. Fertility massages also have a supportive effect.

Homeopathic fertility program for men

In a homoeopathic fertility program for men, the homeopathic remedies are individually tailored to the physical and psychological issues of the man. Thus, the sperm motility or number can be specifically promoted. Stress through calendar sex can be broken down more easily. The pressure to perform or the fear of failure are also dealt with. Hereditary stress and / or pre-existing conditions are treated with special miasmatic agents.

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