Cyber ​​Monday: still active VPN promos

Cyber ​​Monday: still active VPN promos

After your hardware purchases, did you also think about online services during these few days of promotion? Providers of VPN solutions, never stingy in exceptional offers, were obviously at the rendezvous and some offers are still in place for this Cyber ​​Monday. The opportunity to provide you with extra security and / or ways to access your favorite services by unlocking geographical restrictions.

What's the point of a VPN?

For those who do not yet know the value of having a VPN subscription, here is a little reminder. A VPN for "Virtual Private Network" or "Virtual Private Network" is primarily a solution to strengthen the security of your connection. By encrypting your connection you prevent a potential hacker from intercepting your connection. This is valid at home but also and especially when you connect to a public Wifi network outside.

The other advantage of VPN is that it replaces your IP with one's own when you surf the web or connect to online services. On the one hand you anonymize your IP address but you also bypass any restrictions on blocked sites. It also allows you to take advantage of certain services abroad by choosing at any time an IP address of a server located abroad.

All VPN providers selected here offer this type of use but also software and applications to set up the VPN on your hardware very easily. Whether you are on Windows, Mac, Linux or from an iOS or Android smartphone or even a connected TV, solutions are available, just find the offer that suits you.

The Cyber ​​Monday VPN offers


NordVPN is the most popular VPN and it obviously meets this. With 59 countries covered and more than 5000 servers including 2400 in Europe it offers an impressive connection strength and allows you to connect with 6 different devices simultaneously.

Important Tip NordVPN : Select Guadeloupe or another country than France to save 20% VAT when you buy.

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Cyberghost is also a heavyweight of the VPN with 5700 servers in 90 countries, especially it offers the possibility to its subscribers to connect with 7 different devices simultaneously. It obviously offers all the necessary applications to secure your connections, to do streaming, peer-to-peer etc.

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The reputation of ExpressVPN is not to discuss, it comes out regularly first in the tests of speed. Present in 94 countries it ensures your anonymity while allowing the use of the most bandwidth intensive services on 5 devices simultaneously.

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PureVPN highlights its compatibility with many services and its presence in 140 countries around the world. Already known for being one of the best market services, he obviously hits hard for this Black Friday.

  • Best offer: € 0.99 / month over 5 years (offer € 1.18 / month, find the offer at € 0.99 by pointing your mouse to the top of the page)

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