Creative handling of old mistakes – example: Christmas

Often a stale feeling remains when Christmas is over – and you're no longer a child. The consolation: Immediately after New Year's Eve a fresh new year begins with new opportunities. They could easily ignore this diffuse sense of anger and disappointment. Then it is relatively certain that it will come again in the coming year. So you better watch – exactly and creatively.

Since our poor, troubled head is usually too full to pick up all the important thoughts, you should grab a pen or keyboard to record your insights into Christmas. By hand this works well with the help of a cluster. And that goes like this:

How to later objectively analyze all Christmas frustration with a cluster

  1. On a large sheet of paper, write the word "Christmas" in the middle. Ring it.
  2. From this central word, let go of lines that lead to associations in the form of new, circled words, such as the words: gifts, food and drink, quarrels, feelings, guests, games, relaxation.
  3. Create further branches for these terms. For example, the word feelings could be: disappointment, anger, grief, joy, hope, love, overwork, boredom.
  4. Go on. For example, take a closer look at the disappointment. What is behind it? Were you not gifted at all or loveless? Would you have hoped for more help with the preparation of the feast, cooking, cleaning or dispute resolution? From who? How exactly? Did you have time for yourself and for your recovery?

Creative solutions for a nice Christmas next year

In this way, you get closer to the causes of that shell feeling step by step. If you know what has most disappointed or annoyed you this year, the creative part of the work comes. Look for new solutions that come from within yourself. What use is a "best bet …" if this advice does not suit you? What is your Christmas happiness?

Imagine you were going to strike for Christmas and just do nothing!

Take another example. Let's say you were the most annoyed that you were in demand as a working woman with your housewife virtues and felt exploited. Describe on a sheet of paper just how it has gone. What did you do?

Imagine what would happen if you did not do anything (!) Next year. They would not shop, make beds, cook anything, not cover the table, get no presents, so do not pack, house or apartment clean neither house nor remember your husband to get the Christmas tree. – Oh, horrible! That would be unimaginable chaos? No matter. Enjoy everything.

solution ideas

Think about it: What do you personally need to feel comfortable for Christmas? Find creative solutions that can help you achieve this desired state of affairs. Let's say you definitely need a clean apartment. Household structures that have been practiced for years can not easily be knocked over – that's for sure. But you have a whole year to prepare for change. Here are a few ideas:

  • A maid must come from.
  • From January, there is a home work plan for the whole family – with "contractual penalties".
  • In November, the Christmas meal is pre-cooked and frozen.
  • You get two move boxes, into which you can throw everything into what lies around and does not belong to you in no time at all.

And now it's your turn. Ideas? Get creative! It's about your well-being at Christmas!

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