Coppola attacks against Marvel movies: "they are despicable"

Martin Scorsese was only the first in criticizing Marvel movies and superhero movies. Now, the legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, has also given his opinion, calling the movie based on heroic comics characters "despicable."

Coppola is the director and the mastermind behind great works like The Godfather, The Godfather II, Apocalypse Now Y Dracula, among many others. He recently received the Prix Lumière award from the Lumière Film Festival in France, which four years ago also received Scorsese. After the ceremony, the filmmaker took the opportunity to comment on his colleague's statements about cinema being superheroes, as reported France24:

“When Martin Scorsese says that Marvel movies are not cinema, he is right, because we hope to get something from the cinema, some reflection, some knowledge or some inspiration. I don't think anyone gets anything from watching the same movie over and over again. ”

Francis Ford Coppola in 2016.
Photo: Michael Campanella (Getty Images)

In other words, Coppola ensures that each of the Marvel superhero movies are the same, and "leave nothing" to the audience, no reflection, social criticism or moral. Coppola goes further and even says that, in fact, Scorsese was not hard enough to talk about Marvel movies:

“Martin was kind in saying that they are not movies. He didn't say that movies are despicable, something I will say. ”

Coppola and Scorsese are two of the most recognized filmmakers in history. His works have received an avalanche of awards and countless awards worldwide, so no one questions his wisdom and knowledge. But nevertheless, as Robert Downey Jr. said well, it is very different to say that you don't like superhero or comic films, to ensure that they are not movies. The latter makes no sense, as the actor mentions. On the other hand, James Gunn, director and screenwriter of Guardians of the Galaxy Y The Suicide Squad, too a commented subtly on Instagram About the statements of Coppola and Scorsese:

“Some superhero movies are terrible, some are beautiful. As happened with the western and gangster movies (in the past), not everyone will be able to appreciate them, not even some geniuses. And that's fine. "

Yes, the Marvel and DC movies are cinema, only another type of cinema, different from those made by these two brilliant directors, one that for many is clearly based on entertainment and creating a connected franchise between dozens of different works, something that until now had not been done. In addition, there are also interesting stories in the comic film that can attract the most veteran directors, after all, even Scorsese considered make the Joker movie. (via France24 / Variety / The Hollywood Reporter)