Cocoa gives strength, concentration and is an aphrodisiac

The cocoa tree was already worshiped by the Aztecs as a gift from the gods. The chocolate, as we know it today, did not develop much later. You can eat chocolate in a healthy or unhealthy way. Read my 4 tips for the healthy chocolate version here:

A little story about the cocoa origin in advance

Cocoa has played a sacred role in Aztec culture. The cocoa tree was worshiped there and the cocoa bean has often been referred to as food of the gods.

The cocoa beans were not only worshiped, but also used as a means of payment. The original chocolate drink has little in common with today's version. In addition to the cocoa bean, the mixture consisted of bitter spices, chili or cayenne pepper. This chocolate mix was then boiled and z. For example, before a battle (or before the chief entered his harem).

The cocoa calories were certainly not counted. With the subjugation of Mexico by the Spaniards, the cocoa bean came to Europe. Here, for the first time, it was refined with sugar and milk, and over the years it has become the cocoa drink and chocolate we know today.

My 4 chocolate tips for you:

  1. You've probably heard this tip many times: If you eat chocolate, rather choose the dark chocolate with a high cocoa content.
  2. Buy a pack of pure cocoa powder (the one that is also used for baking). Pure cocoa powder is nowadays sometimes also in raw food quality to buy. This means that all healthy ingredients of the cocoa bean are still largely contained. Cook these cocoa powders briefly with milk or soy milk and sweeten it with a little honey. A large glass of this homemade cocoa makes you healthier than a bar of chocolate and if you still spice it with chilli or cayenne pepper, it comes very close to the original version of cocoa.
  3. Some readers may already have heard this suggestion: Try the real raw cocoa bean, dunk it in honey or agave nectar and eat it directly. The raw cocoa beans are readily available in specialty stores, sometimes in teas or on the internet. At first, raw cocoa beans are still getting used to. However, they still contain all the ingredients and taste a bit bitter. But there are also raw cocoa beans to buy, which are coated with some of the dried pulp from the cocoa pod. This tastes a bit sweet and makes the cocoa bean tastier.
  4. My recipe for a lucky shake:

The raw cocoa smoothie

Grind a handful of raw cocoa beans in a coffee grinder. Mix the cocoa powder (containing all the healthy ingredients) with 3-4 dates of soaked dates, 1-2 tablespoons of almond paste, a banana and a glass of water until it becomes creamy. The water can be warm (not hot) or cold.

And finally a Hindu wisdom:

Even nectar becomes a poison when overdosed.

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