Chrome ads blocker extended worldwide in July

Chrome ads blocker extended worldwide in July

Google has announced that as of July 9, its Chrome browser will protect users against intrusive ads in any country. This is an extension of a feature launched in February of last year that was initially focused on sites hosted in North America and Europe.

The blocker is designed to deter web publishers from using unwanted ad formats as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads consortium that Google has joined. The Internet giant browses the sites and warns those who display too intrusive ads that they will be added to a blacklist if they do not change their practices.

Starting this week, publishers around the world can use the Ad Experience Report tool to check whether or not they are in compliance. Coalition for Better Ads has defined four types of unwanted ad formats on desktop and eight for mobile.

The initiative has already been successful. In the United States, Canada, and Europe, Google says that two-thirds of all publishers that did not comply previously are now in good standing. In addition, less than 1% of websites have had their ads filtered among the millions of sites reviewed by the company.

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