Chamomilla with teething problems

The teeth are a significant step in the development of a child. But often the kids then suffer from teething problems and the parents are given the advice to give their baby a few pellets of chamomilla. This can work wonders, but what happens if the remedy Chamomilla does not fit the symptoms?

Chamomilla has helped so many babies to get their teeth without pain, fever, diarrhea, that has gotten around everywhere. A few globules Chamomilla, many think then, that can not hurt. But sometimes it happens that the babies scream even more, turn very red, sometimes develop the typical symptom that one cheek turns red, the other is pale.

They are even less soothing than they were before treatment with Chamomilla and are now completely unappealing and touch-sensitive. Why is that? Chamomilla is by far not the appropriate remedy as it is given. It can only work if it fits.

Chamomilla with teething problems

In the following constellation, you can give your baby Chamomilla: Extremely bad-tempered, nothing can do him right, it demands a lot and throws it away when it is given to him, it is only calm if it is worn all the time, if at all. It may have a fever with a red face or a red and a pale cheek, has greenish diarrhea with undigested food particles that smell like rotten eggs.

If this applies to your child, you and your child may soon experience relief, but be careful and give the remedy once in potency C 30. Overdosing may increase the condition because your child then overreacts to the remedy , Only when the remedy has really helped, but the effect wears off again, you can repeat it again.

When will Chamomilla not help?

If the child is irritable, but other symptoms occur, such. As photosensitivity and restlessness, which may also speak for a remedy such as Belladonna or if the diarrhea smells sour, which speaks again for other remedies, eg. Rheum, for example, or chewing on hard objects like crazy, which might be Phytolacca's word.

Creosotum is also often confused with Chamomilla because its irritability is so high, but here all excrements such as tears, saliva, urine are very corrosive. There are still many remedies that often help with teeth such as Apis, Mercurius, Ferrum phosphoricum u. v. a.


The teeth are a big step in the development of your child. This step may be accompanied by symptoms that affect not only the gums, but the whole being with mental symptoms such as irritability and physical symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, eye irritation, cough, insomnia and rashes.

Therefore, you should take the teething problems of your child seriously and support it with the appropriate homeopathic remedies and not without checking whether it fits, administer Chamomilla. However, the appropriate remedy can greatly help your child to take his steps towards independence.

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