CES 2019: Sharp unveils an affordable 8K camera, but at (too small) Micro 4/3 sensor

CES 2019: Sharp unveils an 8K camera

8K TVs are ubiquitous at CES in Las Vegas. A trend that affects the entire industry and is expected to increase in the coming years. But for the moment the available contents are limited, only one channel in the world diffuse in 8K and few recordings are made in this format.

At the same time, cameras capable of filming in this definition are very expensive and do not run the streets. Obviously, Sharp wants to change that. At the CES in Las Vegas, the Japanese firm has unveiled a prototype compact 8K camcorder (it looks like a camera) that should sell under the 5000 dollars according to the information of Dave Altizer (Kinotika), a first. For the moment, the brand has just "Tease" its device, the exact characteristics and the name of the products are still unknown. We should have more details about him at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference which will be held from April 6 to 11.

Too many pixels for the sensor

In any case the camera will be able to film with a definition of 7630 x 4320 pixels and at 30 fps (an 8K version at 60 fps would also be in development). The Olympus lens used also suggests that the camcorder will ship a CMOS sensor in Micro 4/3 format, which may be too fair for the 8K. Indeed, to reach this definition, the sensor must have a minimum of 33 Mpx, gold on a Micro 4/3 sensor that would give very small pixels of 2.25 microns, as on smartphones or compact input of range. In short, there are chances that this camera is bad enough in high sensitivities (in low light, therefore), unless Sharp has found a parade …

The codec used would be H.265. The storage part should be done by SD card, so UHS-II class V60 at least to have the 8K. We also note the presence of a 5-inch rotating screen, enough to delight YouTubers and other vloggers. Connectivity is also quite complete since there are HDMI ports, USB-C, a headphone output, a microphone input jack and even a mini-XLR input. In view of these characteristics, it seems that this device is intended for use "Prosumer". See you in April to find out more.

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