PS5: 10 things I want to see in the next Sony console

Josh Miller / CNET

The PS4 is my favorite console. It has the best games, is where I have more virtual friends and where I can see content in 4K (although the Xbox One X has native 4K, but I do not).

At home I have the Pro version and the Playstation VR for when-from time to time-we see an interesting virtual reality game. My console takes less time in the market than the original PS4, but still the PS4 is more than five years old and although it does not feel old, much less, I am ready for its successor.

In my opinion, the PS4 It is the most complete console currently and the space to improve is very small, but there are certain specific things that I would like to see.

PS5 – A list of wishes and things I expect from the next Sony console:

  1. Compatibility with previous console games:
    Microsoft offers it on the Xbox and allows nostalgic gamers to have access to all the games that Sony – and third-party distributors – have released for the PS4, PS3, PS2 and even for the original PS.
  2. Multiplatform gaming
    The holy grail of video games has always been that an Xbox player can compete against one on Playstation, or vice versa. So far few games allow it -Fortnite, for example- but I think Sony can do its bit to make this a possibility in more games like Red Dead Redemption, FIFA or Call of Duty.
  3. A redesign to make a console more "compressed"
    The PS4 is very big and although there is a Slim version, it could be a smaller console that does not fall into the portable as the Nintendo Switch, but that is easier to transport.
  4. A version without entry for physical games
    I do not remember the last time I bought a physical game for my PS4; almost all the games I have for that console, for Switch and for Xbox, I bought and downloaded them online, so I'd like to see the next PS5 come without a CD entry or at least a console version without this feature.
  5. Better connectivity with external storage units
    My PS4 at home has 1TB of storage and I reached its maximum capacity to the point that I had to eliminate some games and applications to save space.
    The console allows to connect an external storage unit, but I would like to see a better handling in the connectivity of these units to be able to connect a 3-5TB and be able to install some games (and even all the operating system and recent apps) and distribute the load between the internal and external unit.
  6. Possibility of configuring
    A PS5 in black, white, gray, blue or even in a green shade of camouflage? Of course! I would love Sony to sell different configurations of the console not only in internal storage size versions, but also in options to configure the external paint or whether or not I want the input for physical disks (point 4).
  7. Integrate VR functions in the console
    I have the PlayStation VR for some augmented reality games, but the glasses need a small processing box that goes to the side of the Playstation needed to run the content and connect the glasses. I would like to see that the next generation already includes this box (or at least its components) within the Playstation to avoid having another device on my console shelf.
  8. 4K (or 8K) native
    A console can, as a rule, last on the market for 5 years or more (the current PS4 has already been on the market that time). Integrating a native 4K to 60fps will allow the console to ensure many years of durability and ready to endure the future. The 8K is not necessary, but I think Sony can place it to make sure that the players will have a console that can last for many years.
  9. Wireless charging of the controls
    I hate wires because my house is full of them – and the less I have to maneuver with them and have to entangle and untangle them, for me, the better.
    I hope that the controls of the PS5 – DualShock 5 (or whatever they are called) – can be loaded on the surface of the PS5 so that at the end of my game sessions I can place them on the console and go quietly to continue my life knowing that Your battery will be charged for when you return.
  10. A price of no more than US $ 500
    Microsoft offers its best console – the Xbox One X – for less than US $ 500 and even gives away a game with that price. I hope that Sony can offer at least just the console for $ 500 or less, and I'm not asking for a game in the box … because if Sony wants to give something away, I'm delighted.

And you, what would you ask Sony for the PS5? Tell me in the comments what you would remove -or put on this list.

Black Friday: the mechanical keyboard Corsair STRAFE RGB Silent at 100 € instead of 170 €

Black Friday: the mechanical keyboard Corsair STRAFE RGB Silent at 100 € instead of 170 €

For its Black Friday, Amazon gives the very solid mechanical keyboard Corsair 99.99 € instead of 169.99 €. The RGB Silent Strafe is a safe bet on the market of high-end mechanical keyboards with excellent ergonomics and Cherry MX Silent keys which remain the reference in terms of silence and typing comfort. It has an excellent finish and the weight of the beast, 1.5 kg, is reassuring. Two tabs allow you to adjust the tilt and keyboard height, which provide ideal convenience and RGB backlighting such as the ability to program all keys should speak to the players.

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Have you been given new gadgets for Christmas? Surely they are charged through a USB-C cable.

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Fortnite runs at 60 fps on the new iPhone XS, XR and XS Max

The Fortnite phenomenon game runs at 60 frames per second on the new iPhone XS, XR and XS Max. What benefit from a much better fluidity.

Fortnite runs at 60 fps on the new iPhone XS, XR and XS Max

People who have invested in an iPhone XS, XR or XS Max can enjoy the Fortnite game at 60 frames per second. This is new in version 6.31. You can now install it on your smartphone and make the change in the game settings, tab "video". Recall that the classic version of Fortnite runs at 30 frames per second, whether on Android, iPad (even the new Pro version) or Switch. It is therefore a great step forward that should improve the fluidity of the game It is simply regrettable that older generations of iPhone are not concerned including the iPhone X.

Epic Games, Fortnite's publisher took the opportunity to reveal some figures. The number of players has increased by more than 60% since June, for a total of 200 million users. The madness does not seem to fall, as it may have been the case with other popular titles.

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The Honor View20 is now official: it includes nano texture and new colors


The new Honor View20 takes full advantage of the front thanks to its perforated screen system.


In the final stretch to end 2018 the Chinese company, Honor, has left us one last gift. This is his new flagship phone, the Honor View20, a phone that all the rumors indicated as the first of the company to apply a system of perforated camera on the screen to take advantage of the front.

Well, the rumors were true and after receiving official information from Huawei we know that the Honor View 20, which was officially presented on Monday in China, has the screen perforated but also a lot of powerful features that make it, without a doubt , in the star of the current Honor catalog. Let's see them

Technical characteristics

  • Screen: 6.4 inches 19.25: 9 with FullHD resolution + 2,310×1,080
  • Processor: Kirin 980
  • RAM: 6GB / 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB with expansion using NanoSD
  • Rear camera: 48 megapixels
  • Front camera: 25 megapixels
  • Drums: 4,000 mAh with SuperCharge fast charging system
  • OS: Android 9 Foot under EMUI
  • Connectivity: 4G, WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, USB type C, GPS + GLONASS

As we see in the list of specifications, the Honor View20 is a phone that arrives well armed to compete in the current market. Two of its most striking features are its screen and camera, but also a nano technology included in the case, which will give a new texture presented by the company.

In the case of the screen we talk about a panel without notch 6.4 inches, an aspect ratio of 19.25: 9 and resolution of 2,310 x 1,080 pixels that is punctuated by a small hole that embeds the front camera.

This decision of Honor is the same as we saw in the Huawei Nova 4, decision that allows the manufacturer to take full advantage of the phone's screen.

We said that the camera is also an element that catches our attention on this phone. Why? Because the company forgets to add multiple sensors and bets on a single 48-megapixel signed by Sony. In the case of the front camera we also find a unitary sensor in this case of 25 megapixels.


The Honor V20 camera is 45 megapixels.


The power of this phone is responsible for a Kirin 980 processor accompanied by a Mali G76 MP10 GPU, 6 or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage that we can expand with a nanoSD card, Huawei's unique format (nothing of microSD at least in this model). All this comes powered by a 4,000mAh battery with fast charging system.

Price and availability

The phone is available in two options of RAM and one of storage in China, although rumors indicate that there will be a new version when it reaches the rest of the territories.

Regarding the price, the Honor View20 of 6GB of RAM is 2,999 yuan (US $ 430) and the 8GB version will cost 3,499 yuan (about $ US500).

Editor's note: Updated on Dec 26 2018 2:13 PM UTC with information via official Huawei release.

Watch this:

Honor Play: First look at the phone for gamers


China develops a "non-lethal" laser gun … that can literally ignite you

A Chinese company has developed a laser gun that is able to burn its target.

China develops a laser gun

According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese researchers have developed a prototype laser assault rifle, dubbed the ZKZM-500. He would be able to burn a person at a distance of about 800 meters. The rifle can ignite the clothes, and if the clothes are flammable the target can even take fire consequently … The weapon weighs about 3 kilos and it is fed by rechargeable lithium batteries which allow 1000 "shots" of a duration of 2 seconds.

Despite this information, it is described as "non-lethal" in a document published last month on the Chinese government's public service platform. The ZKZM-500 would be ready for mass production, but only for the Chinese army and police. According to the South China Morning Post, the manufacturer ZKZM Laser has not yet found an authorized partner.

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Everything that the Americans entered in the rectum in 2018, according to the emergency records

The day has arrived. It seemed like it was never going to come. Gather your loved ones, prepare a good coffee or a hot chocolate and enjoy a moment of healthy humor and reflection with the list of things that people get into their body orifices and then can not get without medical help.

All data has been compiled into a list by the American Product Safety Commission and comes from descriptions made by doctors or by patients themselves during emergency room visits. As always, the list is organized by body orifices and we start at the top to go down to the south.


  • A necklace
  • A wax pencil inserted there for a bet
  • "I got bored and I got part of a pencil"
  • A drain screw
  • A match
  • The end of a comb
  • "You always put toilet paper in your ears to shower, but now you can not take it out"
  • Craft Clay Floam
  • A tapioca ball
  • A toy mouse
  • Popcorn corn in both ears. "I fed them to my ears because they were hungry"
  • A tree leaf
  • A hygienic tampon
  • An adhesive mobile eye
  • A fluorescent stick
  • "A gelatinous toy fragment that expands with water"
  • A bead
  • Several pearls
  • A car key
  • An insect
  • "He applied bleach on a cotton swab to wipe his ear. Chemical burns "
  • "He was cleaning his ear with a swab. Accidentally he tripped on a wall and embedded it "



  • An elastic band
  • A butterfly
  • Painting
  • A pink vitamin pill
  • A cotton ball
  • An unidentified walnut type
  • "He sneezed and a keyboard key was fired. He sneezed again and another was halfway out "
  • Bubble gum
  • Chewing gum wrap
  • Chewing gum with its wrapper
  • Sex toy
  • Pool float
  • A piece of steak


  • A banana
  • A plastic banana
  • "He had his wife's earring in his mouth and accidentally swallowed it."
  • A branch of a Christmas tree
  • A toy horn
  • Salt from a salt lamp
  • Vegetable bark for gardening
  • "He was drinking coffee from a container of potato chips when he noticed that a fragment of the plastic seal came off and ended up in his throat"
  • A candy for the sore throat still in the wrapping of the blister
  • A small radio
  • A ring with a stone that changes color
  • Steel wool
  • "I swallowed a coin while eating peanuts"


  • A pipe cleaner
  • A straw (vegetable)
  • A piece of domino
  • A small electrified rod
  • "A small piece of hard plastic that broke while working on crafts"
  • The back of a remote control
  • A metal clip for paper
  • Nail
  • Toilet paper
  • A ballpoint pen
  • From 6 to 7 Airsoft balls
  • "He put soap in an electric cable. Inserted the electric cable into the penis "
  • A crack pot
  • Crafts rope
  • A fork, a ballpoint pen and silicone wrap
  • A chain
  • Pieces of a plastic hanger
  • A 3M Command adhesive hanger


  • A small toy
  • A trick of self-defense
  • A colored pencil
  • "He inserted a wax pencil into her vagina and does not remember if it came out"
  • Multiple cotton balls
  • The lid of a deodorant can
  • A piece of domino
  • Ballpoint pen pieces
  • A weight for glass paper
  • "An egg-type vibrator broke inside leaving fragments and five batteries"
  • A false fingernail
  • A makeup brush
  • A plastic banana
  • A ring for the penis
  • "She slipped on the wet floor and had a sex toy stuck in her vagina for 8 months"



  • A Christmas tree ball
  • A billiard ball
  • A nail file
  • A glass of shot
  • Crack and sex toys
  • An SD card
  • "She jumped on the bed and embedded a toothbrush that was on it"
  • "He jumped on the sofa and accidentally sat on a pen that was embedded in his rectum"
  • A pencil case
  • A highlighter to underline
  • A green wax pencil
  • An iPad stylus
  • A tube of lubricant complete with the lid on
  • The leg of a telescope
  • A plastic tube for cigars
  • "He used a lighter to put drugs in his rectum. He was able to recover the drugs but he believes that the lighter is still there "
  • A pot of plastic pills
  • A travel-size mouthwash bottle
  • A small bottle of shampoo
  • A shampoo bottle of normal size
  • A spray can
  • A golf ball
  • Two golf balls in a bag
  • "He introduced a bottle of soda mixed with Fireball whiskey in the rectum and squeezed the bottle"
  • A pot of plastic pills
  • A 7 ounce beer bottle (20 Cl)
  • A tablet of soap
  • A candle in a condom
  • "A mixture of water and bleach was introduced into the rectum to prevent AIDS"
  • A light bulb
  • The stick of a broom
  • A mobile
  • A keychain with flashlight and its corresponding battery
  • "He introduced a vibrator and could not remove it so he tried to extract it with a screwdriver. Lacerations in the rectum. Vibrator now stuck in the colon "
  • Important amounts of rope

Black Friday: Sony Dolby Atmos Soundbar HT-ZF9 at 299 € instead of 799 €

Black Friday: Sony Dolby Atmos Soundbar HT-ZF9 at 299 € instead of 799 €

The price war is in full swing and his new victim is the bar of his Sony HT-ZF9, whose price has just been completely broken by the Japanese manufacturer. While it was launched at 799 euros and is currently 699 euros on Amazon, the brand has published a double refund offer (ODR) to reduce the bill of 400 euros.

In fact, Sony had launched a refund offer of 200 euros on this bar sound, but on the occasion of Black Friday, the Japanese firm has decided to double it, which gives us a HT-ZF9 only 299 euros, probably the biggest reduction we've seen so far audio side. As a reminder, the HT-ZF9 is a very nice sound bar compatible Dolby Atmos and DTS-X, very dynamic and powerful.

  • The refund offer of 400 euros is valid for any purchase made between 19 and 26 November 2018 at a distributor displaying the transaction.
  • To take advantage of it, you have to buy the TV (we recommend Amazon) and then fill out a registration form to the ODR that you will send to Sony (you have the link to the terms of the offer and the entry form on Amazon)

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Do not you want that Christmas gift? You can sell, trade or donate

It is likely that this year (as insurance has happened to you before), you receive one or two gifts that make you wonder: "what were you thinking?". You know it's something you're never going to use and they leave you with the question of what to do with it.

Well, do not let the gift in question stay in your closet collecting dust and, above all, do not throw it away. Turn that unwanted gift into something really useful, either in cash or a gift card. Here are some different ways you can deal with a gift you hate.


Gift cards.

Sell ​​physical goods

Selling a gift is an excellent way to turn it into cash. Craigslist, eBay and Amazon are very good places where you can do this.

When you sell on Craigslist, you want to make sure that the product looks great in the ad. You'll also want to be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers and make sure you keep your safety in mind.

Selling on eBay will allow your item to be seen by more people, which can lead to a better selling price. On the other hand, it is an auction site, and depending on when your article was included, the duration of the auction and numerous other variables, the final sale price may be lower than what was expected.

Before listing an item on eBay, be sure to check the amount of dollars similar auctions have won. This will help you determine if it's going to be worthwhile to put your item on sale.

If you are looking to sell a smart phone or a smart watch that you will not use, you can sell it in Swappa with relative ease. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Swappa mobile applications (in iOS and Android) to check the current market value and get a good idea of ​​what your device is worth and if it is worth selling it.

Amazon is another option to sell your item. You can sign up quickly with an individual merchant account and list your product in just a few minutes. The rate for sale on Amazon is determined by the category of whatever you're selling. Keep in mind that buyers come to Amazon looking for the lowest prices on the Internet. So if you're hoping to make a fortune, you may want to look elsewhere.

In addition, you can always exchange it on Amazon and you will receive a gift card for the site in return. From my experience with this type of trade, you will get between 10 and 20 percent of what you would get if you sell it on Craigslist, but you will not have to do much. You just have to send the item and wait for the payment.

One of the benefits of selling Craigslist on eBay or Amazon is the lack of fees or fees. Since you will be doing the job of selling on Craigslist, you do not have to share your earnings. With eBay, you should expect to pay commission to both eBay and PayPal (in case you use it to process the payment).

Gift cards

What to do with a gift card that you will not use? Sell ​​it! This is possible at sites like CardPool that offer a percentage of their purchase value. If you received a Visa prepaid card, for example, you can always use a Square reader to pay the remaining balance.

For more options and services, make sure you read our guide to exchange or sell gift cards you do not want.

Give it back

One of the easiest ways to deal with an unwanted gift is to simply return it. Most points of sale will accept returns without a receipt, providing you with store credit (read: a gift card). Then you can use that gift card and buy something in the same place of sale or sell it.

It is a good idea to do a little research before returning an item to a store. The first thing you need to know is where the product was purchased. The easiest way to determine that is to ask the person who gave it to you. Now that if you are afraid of offending someone, just look for the product on the website of the store. If you can not find it on the site, try calling the store to verify it. Sometimes the articles are available in some stores although they are not added to your website.

Walmart's return policy for an item without a receipt is the issuance of store credit for items over $ 25. The Target policy says that customers will receive a gift card from the establishment. Practically most sellers publish the return policy on their website, the link is usually found at the bottom of each page.

Donate it

Giving a gift you do not want to someone who will use it is always a good option. Not only do you release that long-awaited space in your closet, but you also help others in the process. Depending on the product, you will want to find a service or an appropriate place to donate it. Make sure the product will be used. It is easy to get the Christmas spirit and donate things without rhyme or reason.

Do you have some ideal products for the classroom? Call the school district in your area or the local bookstore and ask if they accept donations. Is it a duvet or a coat? Search the churches in the area and other places that help the homeless; all accept donations.

At the end of the day, the gift you are donating does not cost you anything, but it can be everything for someone else.

Do you have other methods to deal with a gift you hate? If so, tell us in the comments.

Do not forget to check our Christmas Shopping Guide for the best gift suggestions for 2018.

Editor's note: This article was updated on December 10, 2018.

What happens to your body during a 'cleansing' or a 'detox' diet

Diets 'detox' with fruit, with juices, without sugar … we have all seen some of these things, but do they really work? What are they supposed to get? Let's see how much science is behind these fashions.

Cleanings and the famous 'detox' diets promise to eliminate bad toxins from your body and make you healthier. It's not little. That's why we decided to talk with the dietitian Andy Bellatti, the nutrition researcher Kamal Patel and the writer and scientist Beth Skwarecki to see if what these diets achieve is up to what they promise.

What promises cleanings and diets 'detox'

There are millions of different products to cleanse yourself or follow a 'detox' diet. For the most part, a cleansing and a detox diet are the same thing. Normally they are used interchangeably and pursue the same objectives: eliminate "harmful" things from your body. Sometimes, they point to a specific organ such as the liver or colon and, presumably, that 'detoxification' will make you feel better.

There is no specific definition of what a detox cleansing or diet is, but they often involve things like just feeding on squeezed juice, avoiding certain types of foods or drinking a juicing mix that supposedly It will rid your body of toxins. We rarely describe exactly which toxins we are talking about, but terms such as "poisons" or "contaminants" are generally used. In the field of medicine, toxins can refer to almost anything, from alcohol, to food, or even to medicines.

There are a lot of these detox cleanups and diets, but with a simple Google search you can get an idea of ​​what they are. As an example, take Master Cleanse, one of the oldest and most popular 'detox' diets available. This is an excerpt from the book that explains how Master Cleanse works:

Cleaning has to start with an herbal laxative tea both in the morning and at night. If this is not enough to clean the intestinal tract, it is advisable to wash it with salt water. These steps are necessary to eliminate the toxins that helps to release the lemon juice.

I drank between six and twelve glasses of lemonade, which consisted of lemon and maple syrup mixed with a small amount of cayenne to eliminate the mucous that came off the cleaning.

It sounds disgusting, right? Well, maybe it's worth it if you believe the promises of the creator of Master Cleanse, Stanley Burroughs:

Both for the advanced student and for the beginner, cleaning is the basis to eliminate all types of diseases. The purpose of this book is to simplify the cause and correction of all these disorders, regardless of what they are. As we eliminate an illness, we correct all of them, since each disease is corrected by that same cleansing process and the development of good health.

This hyperbole continues, but with this you can make the idea. This is how Kamal Patel sums up most of the cleanups:

What unites these diets is a double objective: weight loss plus the notion that we have accumulated toxins in the body that are possibly killing us. Therefore, a cleaning, makes your intestines instead of taking care of digestion and absorption take care of "eliminate toxins from your body." That's where you think the benefits are, but it's not really like that.

Most cleanings have similar promises and claim that taking some type of juice (or another specific product) can rid your body of these harmful toxins.

What happens to your body when you do one of these cleanings

We are all aware that fruits and vegetables are good for us, so follow a diet of fruits and vegetables must be very healthy, right?

No. If you do not drink anything but juice for a week, you will lose weight, but it is because you are not eating, not because your body is "detoxifying". Water is stored along with glycogen in your muscles. When you eat a low-calorie diet, you consume those glycogen stores and you lose the weight of the water. That's why as soon as you return to your normal diet, you will regain your weight. You are also losing other vital nutrients such as fat, fiber and proteins. In fact, some of these diets suggest that you avoid exercising when you are doing them, because your caloric intake is very low and you may suffer from fatigue and dizziness.

After a few days, your body has nowhere to get energy, and without protein, your body could begin to break down muscle tissue. Similarly, the lack of fiber in your diet can affect the function of the large intestine, which could explain why people tend to describe the effect of these cleanings as something similar to a stomach flu.

What you have to be clear about is that a juice-based cleaning does nothing that your body does not do on its own. Andy Bellatti reminds us that our bodies are specialists in eliminating toxins. If they were not, and we needed an annual "detoxification", we would probably already be all dead:

Drinking nothing but juice for three or five days will take you directly to the hospital or will it have irreversible negative consequences? No, but it is completely unnecessary. Our bodies eliminate toxins daily thanks to the kidneys, lungs and liver. The goal of going to the bathroom is to eliminate some of those toxins!

Beth Skwarecki adds that although most of these cleanings and detoxification are not dangerous, they can cause some problems. Since juices do not have a lot of fiber, the body ends up absorbing more fructose, and that's not good:

Those that consist mainly of sugar (such as those that contain many fruit juices or lemonade) can nullify the possible positive effects of fasting.

The good news of deciding to stop eating for a few days is that it will take months to have a serious vitamin deficiency. Most of these cleanses or detox diets are stupid but not really harmful (if all you're doing is eating less for a few days). As for claims about eliminating toxins, not only do they not explain to which toxins they refer, but there is no evidence that they actually occur.

This last point raised by Skwarecki is key: most 'detox' diets do not explain to which toxin they are directed. And even when they do, they do not provide evidence of whether they work. If they did, we could prove the effectiveness of what they promise. In a 2009 survey conducted by Sense about Science, they studied 15 of these detox products and found that none were able to name a toxin, or agree on a definition of what detox is or provide any evidence to support their detoxification. affirmations.

So the only thing these "cleanings" really do is cause you to be hungry and to lack nutrients for a few days.

Alternatives to 'detox' diets

That these cleanups or 'detox' diets are useless does not mean you can not do other things to improve your health.

In fact, the idea of ​​a cleanup is basically that you restart your diet, with which Bellatti agrees:

Going back to the basic principles of healthy eating (especially eating natural foods, minimally processed and especially vegetables) helps to adapt the taste buds to more subtle tastes. But this should not be confused with a cleaning.

It also adds:

In nutrition and health, we have to see the whole picture. What you do for five or seven days compared to a year is quite inconsequential.

Instead of worrying about that "detoxification", people should think about eating nutritious foods that are healthy. Things like green leaves, beans, whole fruits, nuts and seeds. The idea that you can remedy six months of bad food by just drinking juice for 72 hours, there is no where to take it.

In the same way, fasting, that is, drinking only water, can be useful according to some research. Patel explains:

Cleanings sometimes involve fasting or almost fasting, and that may have benefits, unless advised by your doctor or for a long time. There is extensive research that demonstrates the effect of fasting on longevity; Fasting promotes autophagy, reduces mitochondrial oxidative stress, decreases the signs associated with aging and helps prevent and treat chronic diseases. "Intermittent fasting" may be a viable option for those seeking specific cleaning diets. Basically, what you have to do is limit the meals to a few hours a day (usually around 8). That's a simple and sustainable way to eat, and it does not involve buying 'detox' products.

Health and nutrition may seem very confusing, but a healthy diet is really all you need. No cleanings or juice-based diets, just say goodbye to junk food and start eating healthy.