Super NES Classic Mini: there is no stock, but this is not the fault of Nintendo



                                                     Super NES Classic Mini: there is no stock, but this is not the fault of Nintendo


After the supply problems of the NES Classic Mini, Nintendo could have corrected the shot for Super NES. Unfortunately the observation is tragic: it is not frankly easier to find the new console of retro gaming. To the extent that some accused Nintendo of knowingly maintaining the lack to push for purchase at the slightest reassortment.

Que nenni, answers Reggie Fils-Aimé, president of Nintendo of America in an interview granted to the Financial Times. According to him, these difficulties are not the result of Nintendo, but multiple "bottlenecks" that he refuses to detail, while partly rejecting the fault on the dealers who have not ordered enough machines. It is "outside the control" of Nintendo which, according to him, has planned "millions" of units.

If he concedes that production may be less than demand, he still recommends not to turn to auction sites or auctions like eBay to get hold of the SNES Classic Mini . The console is sold for 79.99 euros, and you should not have to pay more to get it from September 29th.




Apple Music already has more than 30 million subscribers


Apple Music running on an iPhone. The service already has more than 30 million subscribers

                                                    Oscar Gutiérrez / CNET

On Thursday it was announced that the music service for streaming already exceeds 30 million subscribers, according to a report in the magazine specialized in music Billboard .

The updated figure comes almost four months after – in June – the Cupertino firm reported that Apple Music already had 27 million subscribers.

Despite this growth, Apple Music is still behind Spotify. The European service, leader in the music segment by streaming has more than 100 million users (which combines users of the free version and paid subscribers), although 60 million of these are pay users.



The growth in the number of subscribers of Apple Music is important and it should be noted that, in just over two years of existence, Apple Music already has half of subscribers than Spotify, a platform that surpasses it in combined users , has been operating for more than 10 years



Unlike Spotify, Apple Music has focused on offering a service with no option for a free version (although the company does offer three months free for new users). In the case of Spotify, the company offers a free version but with advertising and with low quality audio.

The similarity between both platforms, besides a similar catalog of 40 million songs, is that they have diversified to try to offer more than songs. Both Spotify and Apple Music offer videos like documentaries or series, and Spotify has podcasts.




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You can not tweeter anything, Trump yes


                                                     You can not tweeter anything, Trump yes


This Monday, Twitter explained why the tweet of Donald Trump interpreted by North Korea as a "declaration of war" has not been removed. The President of the United States tweeted this weekend: "I have just learned that the North Korean foreign minister was speaking at the United Nations. If it echoes the ideas of the little rocket man, they will not be long! ".

"Some of you have asked us why we have not suppressed the tweet" exacerbating tensions with North Korea, writes the company before continuing with a storm of tweets: "All accounts are subject to the same rules, and we take into account various factors to determine whether or not a tweet violates our rules . In other words, the "leader of the free world" is entitled to special treatment on Twitter, even though the company claimed otherwise two months ago (note that Donald Trump tweete from his personal account, not from the official government account, @Potus). ]

Responsibility of the President

"The rules are the rules, and they apply to everyone in the same way" assured Del Harvey, team leader ] "Confidence and Security" of Twitter, to the press last July. Except that … not really actually. And this disturbed, even angered many observers, who say that the president's attitude could encourage some of its 39.3 million followers to also adopt inappropriate behavior.

"The role of president gives an influence that few people possess" recalls Karen North of the University of Southern California who thinks Donald Trump's tweets push freedom of expression in its last entrenchments. "Part of the problem is that we think the standards should be higher for the president, so it shakes when we hear words that seem to violate our social norms" she adds.

Where is the limit for others?

So what about the 328 million other Twitter users? Do we know where the limit is? The company refuses to indicate how many accounts have been banned since its inception, but some stories give us some elements of response. (19459009)

Image credit: Rosaura Ochoa – flickr

Last year, the account of the singer Azealia Banks was suspended for racist remarks against the pop star Zayn Malik. Also in 2016, the provocative conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter because of his racist and misogynist messages about Leslie Jones. This had prompted his followers to do the same.


The company to the blue bird ensures to make progress in its fight against the inappropriate behaviors. Twitter pins 10 times more abusive tweets than last year, and limits or suspends thousands of additional accounts each day. But again: the platform gives no exact figure.

"It's a good thing" for Brianna Wu, a victim of harassment during #GamerGate misogynist campaigns, although she would like Twitter to be more active about Donald Trump's tweets. "Because of their inactivity, more people, from all political backgrounds, will continue to behave abusively" she explains. "If they do not affirm their positions, we will see our political standards collapse even more."

But the task is far from obvious for Twitter. In June, the White House said that Donald Trump's tweets were to be considered as "official statements" and the last thing the microblogging platform wants is to censor official statements of

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Spotify on Xbox One allows to control music from its smartphone



                                                     Spotify on Xbox One allows to control music from its smartphone


(09/08/2017: update with official info) Since last week the rumors were going well: Spotify would be invited soon on the game consoles Microsoft Xbox One . Today an application has appeared in the Windows Store as well as a dedicated page on the site of the service, confirming the rumors.

Neither Spotify nor Microsoft had yet officially communicated on arrival of the music streaming service but the presence of a record in the Windows Store and a special Xbox page on the site Spotify officializes the news. Players have the ability to listen to music in the background while playing games. The captures show an interface obviously adapted for use by the joysticks. It offers a black and green metallic appearance with large headings
to browse songs, artists or albums, and another for
music, and personal playlists.

Console owners can use the service for free like other users or by subscribing to the same rates, which frees them from advertising. With Spotify Connect, they also have the ability to control song playback from the Spotify app for smartphones and tablets. To do this, they must connect their two devices to the same Wi-Fi network and select the available devices that appear in the same section.

The application is announced as only compatible with the Xbox One and not as a universal application. This means that Spotify has chosen to make separate applications for other devices. Before that they had indeed released an application for PC Windows 10 using the converter "Microsoft Desktop Bridge". Creating a universal application compatible with all devices would have required a longer development work.




We are raffling a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and more


If you were thinking of releasing a cell phone, you're in luck. CNET en Español is raffling the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and a second winner can take the Galaxy S8 both unlocked. ]




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Our editors put a rating of 8.9 to Note 8 and the conclusion is that "it is an improved version of the Galaxy S8, and it is without a doubt the best phone from Samsung and the best Android phone of the moment. uploading the excellent photographic level of Samsung and its new features make this phone the most complete of the moment, but its high price does not make it ideal for everyone. We invite you to read our complete review to discover all specifications of this phone.




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How can you enter our raffle? Just fill out the form below, accept the and remember that you have to be a legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico to participate. And do not forget that you can increase your chance to win by sharing the link you will receive at the end of your registration. You can get up to 10 extra tickets for each of your friends to sign up for the raffle using your link. Best of luck!





Samsung: price and availability for the HD player



                                                     Samsung: price and availability for the HD player


At the CES 2016 Panasonic, Samsung and Philips announced their Ultra HD Blu-ray players. Since Sony has also confirmed the arrival of a model. On the occasion of its annual event in Monaco, the Korean manufacturer gives details on its UBD-K8500 reader capable of reading Ultra HD / 4K physical media. It will be marketed in France between the end of March and the beginning of April to 499 euros.

Ultra HD Blu-ray drive from Samsung UBD-K8500 advances the BD Profile 6.0, upscaling Ultra HD / 4K, WiFi Direct, Miracast, support for various formats (MKV, MPEG4, MPEG2, DivX, WMV, JPEG, MP3, FLAC … It will serve as Smart Hub and offers 2 HDMI 2.0a jacks, an optical audio jack, USB and Ethernet.

The opportunity for the manufacturer to unveil a partnership with the studio 20th Century Fox The UHD / 4K of Samsung will come with a title: "Alone on Mars".

Remember that the CES marked the official launch of UHD / 4K physical support with Ultra HD Blu-ray. titles will also be available towards the end of March with a price turning around 30 euros An offer that should be enriched throughout the year with 200 titles announced s by the end of the year.