Are you going to sell your old iPhone? Avoid being a victim of fraud


However, personal sales of items like the iPhone can be somewhat dangerous and you've probably heard stories about it. of someone who was a victim of fraud or theft by selling a cell phone.

According to Brian Morris, the website, which serves to compare the resale value of mobile phones, you always get better value when selling the cell between users. This is a better option than selling it to a website. However, Morris adds that Gazelle and Nextworth typically pay 30 percent more than phone company programs.

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There is a big difference between what you can get by a phone on eBay, Let Go and other resale websites. As of September 22, Flipsy reported that a 128GB iPhone 7 could sell for $ 508. However, resell websites pay $ 391 for the same device. This means that telephone companies only pay US $ 273.



According to these numbers, it's better if you sell the phone yourself, especially if the iPhone X costs $ 1,000. However, selling your cell phone can take time and can be dangerous. On Craigslist, there are people who never make it to the agreed date, even when you've been trading the price per message for hours. There are also criminals. There are people who have been mugged while meeting with the buyer and others who have received false money.

What to do? Exchanging your cell phone in Apple, some other Web site or telephone company is the safest. But if you really want to sell the phone to get more money, we give you some recommendations not to be a victim of theft. If you find someone on Craigslist, Facebook, eBay or any app like OfferUp or LetGo:

  • Check out the social networks of the

  • If something seems suspicious, let the offer pass.
  • Check the buyer's reviews to see if it has a history of successful sales and transactions.

Let it be a public place

  • Meet the buyer in a well-lit public place.
  • If the police department in your city has safe places for online sales, use it. You can see a list of these sites at: Safe Deal Zone website
  • Do not go alone. Take a companion to serve as a witness in case something goes wrong.
  • Meet during the day and not at night.
        • Never let you get paid with a check, as it can be fake or have no funds.
        • Check the money before you deliver the phone. You can buy a pencil to detect if the money is false. These pencils cost less than $ 5 on Amazon.

        Avoid using PayPal

        PayPal can be very useful for the buyer, but not for the seller. If a problem occurs during the sale, PayPal tends to favor the buyer and allows you to challenge the charges. There are people who abuse this.

        If someone buys your device and comes to pick it up in person, you can send a complaint saying that you never received the item. If you have no proof that you turned it in, you can not discuss the claim. For this reason it is better to get paid in cash.

        Even if you send the phone by UPS or FedEx, the buyer can say that the cell arrived damaged or never arrived. If you definitely have to use PayPal, be sure to send the phone to secure addresses, do not deliver the item in person, request a signature for the receipt and describe in detail what you are selling.

        You still do not know what to do?

        If you are still not sure which is the best option, you should compare different resale sites.



        "It's important to compare," suggests Yanyan Ji, vice president of marketing at Gazelle. Using reseller sites services has several benefits. For example, Gazelle respects the price of a device for 30 days and now has a promotion that extends it to 45. Thus your device does not lose value even if another version of the phone has been announced.

        We recommend you evaluate the risks of selling your device on sites such as Facebook and Craigslist and choose the method that best suits you to get the best price for your old iPhone.




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Facebook: Safety Check installs permanently



                                                     Facebook: Safety Check installs itself permanently


As new attacks hit Spain and Russia a few days ago, Facebook announces Monday August 21 that its Safety Check will soon become more accessible. This allows users to report safely or to ask for news of their loved ones in the event of a crisis.

Previously, Facebook activated Safety Check periodically when global crisis reporting agencies informed it of an ongoing disaster or attack. The device then became visible to the people in the area. It will now be integrated into the social network (web site and mobile application) permanently via a specific button in the main menu of favorites.

The operation remains the same, but users will have access to an additional feature allowing them to know at any time when the device was recently activated, that in order to offer their help.

The deployment of the new button is progressive, concludes the social network. "The information they need", adds Facebook without specifying their nature. For the moment, it has not yet made its appearance in France.




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A Canadian model demonstrates what can go wrong when tattooing an eye

Over the last few years, eye tattoos have become the new trend of the moment. These tattoos consist of several injections of pigment into the eyeball of the eye, beneath the thin membrane that covers it. Tattoos can be made in various colors, such as blue, green, red and black and are supposed to add "a little fancy to the day to day".

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I think I do not go wrong if I say that the conversations between men about the fracture of …

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For the Catt Gallinger model, tattooing the eye was not about creating a fantasy, but about expressing its personality. Gallinger already has 25 tattoos on various parts of his body and admits that body modification is a big part of his life (he has a forked tongue). Gallinger says he had been interested in eye tattoos after seeing how they had been left in the eyes of his friends. He decided that he wanted his sclera, the white part of his eye, to be purple to contrast with his green eyes.

The young woman then allowed her boyfriend, an artist who specialized in body modification, to do so the tattoo. While he was doing the tattoo, Gallinger began to have doubts. Her boyfriend was using an oversized needle (which he thought had penetrated the eye too much) and instead of introducing the pigment with several injections, he did so with only one.

"That night my eye swelled and closed, "Gallinger told Time magazine. "All the people I knew had recovered in at most one week. I was still bad and it was the third week. I thought, 'This is not right.' "

Gallinger had to go to the hospital, where he was given antibiotics and special eye drops. She then decided to post her Facebook experience as a warning to others interested in eye tattoos along with photos of her swollen eye. In his publication, which has been shared more than 3,000 times, Gallinger comments that it is important to investigate the person who performs the tattoo and also know the procedure well.


The young woman states that they have blurred vision and sometimes she sees double. In its publication, it affirms that it is possible that it is totally blind due to the procedure.

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According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, there are several risks associated with tattooing the eye. You can lose your whole eye, experience loss of vision, total blindness, infections and sensitivity to light.

"You can not use a laser to remove it as it does on the skin," said Dr. Setareh Ziai, a professor of ophthalmology at Global News. "No doctor in his right mind would recommend it."

[Time y KDVR]