Good deal: Acer Nitro 5, Core i5, GeForce GTX1050 at 499 €

Good deal: Acer Nitro 5, Core i5, GeForce GTX1050 at 499 €

The Acer Nitro 5 is a gaming oriented notebook. It has a 15.6-inch Full HD display with IPS LCD technology. The technical sheet is solid for a price below 500 €. There is a fourth-generation Intel® Core i5-7300HQ processor (2.5 GHz / 3.5 GHz Turbo), combined with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2 GB graphics card, backed up by 6 GB of memory. fast DDR4 and 1TB of storage.

If you want to do virtual reality, know that it is certified "GeForce GTX VR Ready". Finally, it is equipped with 2 Dolby Audio speakers and full connectivity with HDMI port, USB Type-C / 3.0, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth. The proposed version is delivered without operating system /

If you are interested in Gamer PC, Acer Nitro 5 to 499 €, click on the link below to access the offer.

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Amazon is getting tired of selling cheap things because it does not get profit

Amazon, a company that was valued at a billion dollars a few days ago, is tired of selling you trinkets because you can not make money with them.

According to him Wall Street Journal, the giant of electronic commerce is moving away from the sale of certain products known internally as "CRaP", from "Can not Realize a Profit". These products are priced at $ 15 or less and include snacks and bottled beverages, according to the newspaper. Citing sources familiar with the subject, the Wall Street Journal says the company has been pushing brands to check their packaging, and raise prices to increase their (already large) income:

As Amazon focuses on the final balance of its accounts, beyond fast growth, CRaP products are more in question, according to executives of major brands and people familiar with the operation of the company. In recent months, Amazon has eliminated unprofitable items and pressuring manufacturers to optimize their packaging to sell online, according to the brands they sell on Amazon and the consultants who work with them.

Items categorized as "CRaP", reports the Journal, they are usually "heavy or bulky and, therefore, expensive to send, characteristics that generate small or non-existent margins". A brand that is mentioned as part of this group of products is Coca-Cola, which, according to the newspaper, will start sending Smartwater packages from its own warehouses instead of Amazon at the company's request. It's a move that will save Jeff Bezos' business and "something that Amazon has asked more brands to do to reduce their own costs," the Journal explains.

Amazon said to Gizmodo He had not changed his way of operating, but added that he could eliminate products that are not profitable over time. In some cases, the company said, it transfers products to programs such as Prime Pantry, which allows users to fill a box with smaller items.

The fact that Amazon is looking for new ways to improve its bottom line could surprise you, since the company reached a billion-dollar valuation a few days ago, on the heels of its big rival, Apple. As the Journal, this is something that Amazon achieved in part because of the huge market share that monopolizes its platform. While it may ultimately cost brands money, Amazon has the power to dictate the terms of sales on its website.

And while the company focuses on increasing its incredible finale results, its own employees continue to protest about working conditions.

Nintendo: end of production for retro consoles "Classic Mini"

Nintendo: end of production for retro consoles

Clamp of end for the Nintendo Classic Mini consoles. The Japanese firm has announced the discontinuation of production of two models that are currently available commercially – the Super Nintendo and the NES. If you want to buy it is the moment or never. Nintendo of America has confirmed the information to The Hollywood Reporter: "these products will be available during the holidays and once stocks are sold, they will disappear from the catalog. And that's all."

For the moment, there is no indication that a new retro-gaming console is in development at Nintendo. Some rumors mention the arrival of a Nintendo 64 Mini, but if it is not there for Christmas 2018, there is little chance that it will arrive before next autumn … if it arrives someday. Because in reality, the firm seems rather want to make the Switch its retrogaming platform.

The firm specifies that it is possible to play retro titles through the online service of the Switch. "We have just released three new games (Ninja Gaiden, Wario's Woods and Adventures of Lolo) of the NES generation on this platform. We consider this the main way for consumers to access this heritage content"…

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So you can use the iPad Pro as an external monitor

The new iPad Pro Apple not only abandoned the start button, but also switched from the company's Lightning connector to the USB-C connector, which is much more common. Through that USB-C connection, you can use a wide range of accessories and peripherals with the iPad, including external monitors.

This was something that Apple talked about during the announcement of the iPad Pro. The thing is that it is not as simple as one would think.

Watch this:

Unboxing: iPad Pro (2018) of 12.9 inches and Apple Pencil …


It's not exactly a new feature

The ability to mirror the screen of your iPad to an external monitor has been possible for years through an HDMI adapter (30-pin or Lightning).

The new iPad Pro makes it easier to do, as we will see, thanks to its USB-C port. It also allows you to work with monitors that have a resolution of up to 5K.

What you are going to need

Not all USB-C connections are the same. For example, the iPad Pro does not support Thunderbolt 3 displays, even though the connector looks the same as the USB-C connector.

The iPad Pro uses the DisplayPort standard, but requires a high-speed cable to broadcast in 5K resolutions. Apple suggests the Belkin USB-C to USB-C cable or Apple's Thunderbolt 3 USB-C as a means to unlock total performance.

This is a good example of how confusing it is to navigate what will work and when: the LG UltraFine 4K screen is compatible with a USB-C connection and works with the iPad Pro without any additional adapter. LG's UltraFine 5K screen, on the other hand, is based on Thunderbolt 3 and will not work with the iPad Pro.

Let me try to explain this and make it easy.

  • If the monitor has a USB-C to USB-C connection, you can directly connect the iPad Pro, probably with the included monitor cable.
  • For all other monitors, you will need the appropriate adapter (USB-C to HDMI, USB-C to DisplayPort, etc.).
  • Some monitors will also provide power to the iPad Pro, charging it as it is used.
  • Some do not charge, so you'll need an adapter like the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter or your iPad will run out of battery.

How apps behave

iPad Pro iMovie External Display Button

Jason Cipriani / CNET

For the most part, connecting the iPad Pro to a monitor will simply reflect the screen of your iPad. What you see on the iPad is what you see on the monitor. Some applications, however, can do more with the second screen.

When using iMovie, for example, you can either make the edit screen show on the monitor or you can choose to have the project output displayed on the screen by selecting the external display button. In Photos, the images are shown with a black background on the external monitor, and when a video is played it is shown only on the monitor.

Other applications, such as Adobe's Lightroom, do not give you the option to select what is shown where. Instead, it shows the photo edited on the external screen at all times.

Screen configuration

iPad Pro External Display Settings "data-original =" 4225-9076-0308d586abd7.png

Jason Cipriani / CNET

In the application Configuration There are some options in case you have problems with the quality of the output that is displayed on a monitor or TV.

Opens Settings> Display and brightness and then select the screen that is currently connected. Once there, you can adjust the brightness of the external monitor and adapt the output of the iPad Pro.

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"Donald" makes a notable entry in the list of the worst passwords of the year 2018

As every year at this time, the time has come to take stock of the worst passwords that are used. To establish its ranking, the American company SplashData relies on data recovered during several hacks. In total, five million passwords.

Despite the recommendations of IT security professionals, the eternal "123456" comes first, followed by the inevitable "password" and the complex "123456789" – a beautiful trio of head … We also note the entry noticed in the Top10 of "iloveyou" or "sunshine" and "princess". But the best is coming with a little "donald" which obviously refers to US President Donald Trump.

The Top 10 Worst Passwords :

  • 123456
  • password
  • 123456789
  • 12345678
  • 12345
  • 111111
  • 1234567
  • sunshine
  • qwerty
  • iloveyou

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With these tricks, you are teasing YouTube completely

The video platform YouTube I use more and more often. 3 tips that I personally use frequently on YouTube, I present them in this post.

YouTube is a source of fun, interesting and helpful information. To pass the time, I find here music and movies.

And if I get stuck in a crafting problem, I often find helpful videos here. With a few tricks, the video variety can get even better control.

Tip 1: Mark YouTube videos to watch later

Often it happens that you find an interesting video on YouTube, but this time for reasons not or can look to the end.

So that an exciting clip does not sink in the mass of the videos, I recommend you mark this for later viewing.

  1. Watch a video that you want to watch later.
  2. Click "+ Add" below the video. In the drop-down menu, check the option "Watch Later".

You can later find videos tagged this way by clicking the menu button in the upper-left corner of the YouTube interface.

In the pop-up menu, you then decide on the entry "Watch Later".

Tip 2: To share videos with a specific starting point

I like to forward interesting YouTube videos to friends and acquaintances. But it often happens that the clips are only really exciting in the middle of it.

With a little trick, you determine exactly when a video should start at the receiver before forwarding.

  1. Start a video and stop it at the point where it becomes exciting for the recipient.
  2. Then click "Share" below the video.
  3. Decide on the icons over which channel you want to share the video. Activate the option "Start at" with a mouse click.

The timestamp on which you have stopped the video is automatically taken over here as the start marker. If necessary, you can adjust the setting manually.

Tip 3: To find videos watched during YouTube

It often happens to me that I jump from video to video on Youtube. Afterwards I would like to look at a clip again, but I will not find it again. If you find yourself in such a situation, the progress of the video platform will help.

  1. Scroll down the YouTube homepage. Click on "History" on the right side of the interface.
  2. The following page gives you an overview of all the videos you viewed last.

My advice: Under the "Search history" tab, you can also see the terms you last searched the video platform for.

Picture credits: phasin /

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An archaeologist discovers a version of an ancient board game more than 4,000 years ago

Image: Walter Crist

A series of irregular marks found on the floor of an old cattle shelter in Azerbaijan seems to be an example of Dogs and Jackals, one of the most famous board games of antiquity.

As ABC reports, archaeologist Walter Crist of the American Museum of Natural History (and author of a book on Egyptian board games) discovered it after the locals did not know what those strange brands really meant.

Dogs and Jackals, also known as 58 Holes, is an ancient game that was incredibly popular throughout Egypt and Mesopotamia, so much so that it appears in the famous movie The ten Commandments of 1956.

Frame of The ten Commandments.

This discovery is the first one that has been made in the region, since there was no proof that it had been played there. It seems that the local farmers had contact with traders in the Middle East, who knew the game and might even have brought copies with them.

What archeologists do not know is how the game really works; although we can assume that it is a kind of precursor of backgammon and cribbage, but nobody made a 23 minute YouTube video explaining it or left a pdf with the rules, so it is something we will never know for sure.

Good plan: a noise-canceling Bluetooth headset with 25 hours of autonomy at 41,99 €

Good plan: a noise-canceling Bluetooth headset with 25 hours of autonomy at 41,99 €

When it comes to enjoying audio in some noisy environments, it is mostly the external settings that define the quality of listening. Noise reduction helmets improve comfort under these circumstances.

This is the case of the one proposed today with a discount code exclusive to our readers. In addition to noise canceling technology thanks to a cVc 6.0 microphone that isolates the user from external sounds, the headset adapts to most body types thanks to its adjustable headband and articulated ear cups with comfortable ear cushions. .

The headset comes with a cable for unlimited listening but offers 25 hours of battery life when connected in Bluetooth. The audio quality is not put aside by its two 40mm wide-band speakers.

Package Contents "width =" "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "height =" "align =" bottom

Usually offered at 59.99 euros a discount code allows you to benefit from 30% discount or 41.99 euros. To benefit from it click on the link below and copy the code 5KYW2277 to enter when choosing the method of payment. You have until December 6.

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Review: Rome by Alfonso Cuarón is a tribute to women of their memories


An image of Rome, by Alfonso Cuarón.

Courtesy of TIFF

Every time I try to remind myself of moments of Rome, the masterpiece of Alfonso Cuarón, I end up sunk in my own memories, searching in the deepest part of my memory for the dates and faces that shaped my childhood in a suburb of Mexico City.

Rome is will premiere in theaters on November 21 and on Netflix on December 14. Here you can see his official trailer.

This reaction is a tribute and recognition for the most recent creation of the director of Gravity (2013). Since I saw her, I have not been able to stop thinking about her or my own memories.

Cuarón said he waited for the moment to be emotionally ready to film Rome, and I think I understand what you mean. A film of that nature, made by an immature director, would have been a collage of clichés, excesses and impetuosity. But Rome It is an exercise in humanity, which takes time to show us the most significant moments in the life of a family from the Roma neighborhood in Mexico City, with great compassion, detail and respect to each one of them. However, the real protagonist of the film is Cleo, the Mixteca nana that throws the family on her shoulders, even in times of greatest personal crisis. Cuarón has dedicated the film to his own nanny, Libo, in whom the character of Cleo is inspired.

My nanny was called Mari and I worked with my grandmother. Mari made me a special lemon pie every time I visited, and a dedicated pozole in which she cleaned each grain of cacahuazintle by hand to remove its black spot. Mari lost three fingers of the hand – I do not remember if from the left or the right – in two separate accidents: with scissors and with fireworks. I do not remember his last name either, although I did get to know his town of origin, in the State of Mexico, when he was already an adult.

When I try to remember the many women who worked in my house, I do not (according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico, of the 2.48 million domestic workers in the country, 90 percent are women). One of the biggest lies told by the Mexican middle class when it talks about domestic workers is that they "are like family". They are not, but that does not prevent us from lying to ourselves. Those who know the truth are them: women from distant towns who come to Mexico City to work for six days a week, at least in 12-hour days, in which they have to pretend to be from those families … without being.

In The Labyrinth of Solitude, Octavio Paz describes a scene where he hears a noise and asks "Who goes around?" And the worker of the house "just arrived from his town" answers: "It's nobody, sir, it's me". Paz calls that "ninguneo," and explains that someone who does not despise others also neglects himself. Rome is an effort to achieve the opposite: stop anybody who was ignored in childhood.

In Rome, that person is Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio, fantastic), who with the other worker of the house, Adela (Nancy García García), speaks a language that baffles the children of the house. "Do not talk funny anymore," they say. At times, Cleo seems to arrive from another planet, a superior being that always manages to place herself above those she has chosen to protect: a delicate family whose core disintegrates when the father decides to flee, very macho style of disappearing without leaving a trace and leaving that the mother of the house (Marina de Tavira, excellent) solves an uncertain future that nobody told her was feasible.

These are the principles of the 70s in a country that recently organized an Olympic Games and a World Cup. But it is also a convulsed nation, which does not just decide whether to be part of modernity or if it prefers to continue living in the past. On a large scale, this tension is reflected in the students' demands: after a massacre that momentarily silenced them in 1968, in 1971 the government will give them a lunge with the Halconazo, the strong repression of protests organized by sponsored paramilitaries by the government known as the hawks.

roma-2018-trailer "height =" 0 "width =" 570 "data-original =" a2eb-0e617b993052 / roma-2018-trailer.jpg "/></span><noscript><span><img src=

'Roma', the new film by Alfonso Cuarón, will be released in cinemas and on Netflix at the end of 2018.

Screenshot by Gonzalo Jiménez / CNET

On a smaller scale, in the microcosm of the Roma colony and this middle class family, the tension comes from the historical schism between the many Mexicos and their many protagonists. (In Battles in the desert, by José Emilio Pacheco, the author describes the Roma colony of the 50s as the "atom of the immense world, ready many years before my birth as a stage for my representation". The novel, which is also an exercise in memory, begins with "Recuerdo, no recuerdo," is also an essay on "the essential Mexican middle class" who lived in La Roma.

In the middle class dynamics described by Cuarón, the only one who knows and accepts her role is Cleo, who will give her hand to each member of the family to take them to a better port, even willing to risk their lives at sea, despite of not knowing how to swim.

But on the way, Cleo will run into the multiple realities that Mexico offers – one more cruel than the previous one – and will have to face a personal crisis and the national crisis at the same time, in a glorious, intense and harrowing sequence of 20 minutes in which Cuarón does not save anything and does not give a break to the spectator, whom he forces to take Cleo by the hand, and maybe wipe a little of the tears. And even though we do not know her last name (like the family midwife, who does not know how to give Cleo's full name when she is in the hospital) now we know why Cleo matters so much to us: because her vast humanity will save our lives.

Rome it is a succession of vignettes, each direct from the director's memoirs. Cuarón has the credit of director, screenwriter, producer, editor and cinematographer, a role he has not fulfilled in a project since 1990, according to the IMDB. Despite having worked with the very talented Emmanuel Lubezki (three times Oscar winner, including Gravity) in all his previous films, Cuarón takes control of the camera (who else could faithfully stamp his memories?) and sports a talent that we did not know him, unfolding again that patience, intelligence, rhythm and clarity that make Rome a work of art.

But more than a painting, the work of Cuarón – in all its phases, from the direction to the cinematography – refers me more to a sculpture: In each shot, in each sequence, in each frame you can see the meticulous impact of the chisel that was shaping him during the years that the creator had the film in his head. Even, you can see all the omissions: everything that was left out based on chiselling thanks to that maturity that permeates Rome whole, full of sound decisions.

Among them stand out an accurate and reliable representation of the author's memories and those of anyone who lived in Mexico City in the 70s: the vendors outside the vast cinemas of the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods, the parking lots crowded Where did not fit the giant cars of American brands of the time, the parties of the petty bourgeoisie on the brink of the coven, the television comedies with their simple humor, the improvised trips to the beach … In addition to the visual precision, in a production design by Eugenio Caballero – who won the Oscar for his work in The Pan's Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro – the audio design makes it another character. In the end, Cuarón points the camera at the sky and patiently lets us listen – and see from a distance – the passage of one plane after another in the sky of the big city. It is a very familiar sound for any inhabitant of a city.

I had the fortune to see Rome in an impeccable room of the Dolby company that allowed me to enjoy in its maximum splendor the auditory and visual qualities of the film. The irony that Netflix is ​​behind the movie is that many people will see it on their television or, even worse, on a computer or phone, which I find tragic. Cuarón has a diverse filmography that includes Children of Men (2006), And Your Mother Too (2001) and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, among other. Interestingly, I was able to see his first feature, the comedy Only with your partner (1991) in a room similar to those that appear in Rome, the Cine Plaza in the Condesa neighborhood, one of those immense cinemas that are disappearing in Mexico City.

When I interviewed Cuarón at the beginning of the century, I asked him about his most personal film. He told me it was The Little Princess (1995) – I do not remember with what arguments. But I have no doubt that it is impossible to be more personal than with a tape like Rome. And for the viewer, what more personal can a film be than one that unleashes a cascade of memories?

Because if something was clear to me from Rome I want to see her again, because I want to remember again.